#DisneyKids: Kilimanjaro Safaris Offers Lion’s Share of Fun for Little Ones

(adventurous music) – [Children] We’re going on a safari! – Oh, I think there’s animals! – [Children] Whoa! – I really like the safari. – Lions are my favorite! – Yeah, there must be lions here! – We saw lions (roars) – (roars) – (roars) (children roaring) – I saw a giraffe. – Yes, giraffes! I can see them! – I like the giraffes
because they have long necks. It’s so close to me! – Oh man, see, we got hippos. And that one is so adorable! I told you, there was a horned animal! – The watusi has big horns. Mommy, it’s the biggest. Whoa, elephants! – Elephant! – Oh, look at his tiny horns! They must be a baby! (elephant trumpets) – (mimics elephant trumpet) – [Child] There’s a flamingo! – I had fun, fun, fun! (drumming) – Lions are my favorite. Are lions your favorite? (children cheering) (lion roars)

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