DISNEYLAND PARIS JAN’20 VLOG 1 | Eurotunnel, Annette’s Diner & Frozen Celebration! AD-Gifted

Hi guys and welcome to our brand-new
Disneyland Paris vlog series. Helloooo! So we are starting this a little bit
later than we normally do. We normally document like driving into the
Eurotunnel and getting our croissant and stuff but there was a road closure.
Which meant tha.. That was really dramatic.
– There was, which meant we went just around the houses and we had to use your phone
to like get a live sort of route otherwise the sat-nav in the car was
just gonna keep taking me onto the road that was closed. So we were actually
late for the Eurotunnel that we were meant to get but the person was very
nice and said, oh you’re a little bit late and then said the next one leaves in
half an hour, you can just drive straight through and get on that one.
– So we’re waiting for it now, waiting to board but if you want to see kind of like travelling on the Eurotunnel and stuff
I’m gonna put a link to our first vlog of our last series if you haven’t
watched it because we show in detail like leading onto the Eurotunnel and stuff like that but as you know we’re getting the Eurotunnel. We were planning to get the Eurostar,
I’ll also pop this video in the description box as well but we planned to
get the Eurostar. We had the French rail strikes which meant our train got
cancelled about 4 days before we were meant to travel and the lovely
people at Eurotunnel saved the day and they offered us a gifted trip on the
Eurotunnel making this trip possible. I’m so excited.
– Yeah we are about to get on and I might recline my chair and
have a little snooze. It’s still really early. Right now it is 5:54. So we’re only delayed half an hour, behind schedule but
we’re still gonna be getting to the parks pretty early aren’t we. We still need
to do some planning. It feels bit surreal doesn’t it?
– Oh those cars are going so I think it’s gonna be our turn shortly. [Music] So this is what we tend to do at the
Eurotunnel, we tend to download something to watch. So we’ve actually downloaded
a couple of episodes of Modern Family which is one of our favourites isn’t it?
– This is the perfect length as well as the Eurotunnel is about half an hour. So if you download like a half an hour episode, that’s the whole Eurotunnel. Are you cosy there?
– Yeah, I’m tired. That was super quick mini mini mini snooze. And we are, I think we’re like the third or fourth car to get off the Eurotunnel, like right at the front.
We’re keen, well actually we were late. But that was super fast and… You ready? You ready for it guys? We’re in France! Every time.
– That was weird that one. I went really high. You went really high.
– Every time. It’s still dark. Is it always this dark? No. Weird. So yeah, we are in France and we’re gonna head quickly to the services because we haven’t stopped yet since leaving the house because we went
straight on the Eurotunnel. So we’re gonna quickly stop off there, I might see
if I can pick up a croissant on because when in France and then we are gonna drive not to the
hotel, to Disney and then I’m gonna have a little snooze in the car.
– You’re gonna have to put the tunes on for me. I know, and then I’m also gonna have a quick
look at the times depending on what time you get there, we’re kind of thinking
that tonight we’re gonna head to Disneyland Park first. Get
some stuff done there but then we’re thinking of going to do the studios for the evening
and watching and the new Star Wars night show because it’s slightly
earlier we think than illuminations. So we’re thinking we might watch that one
tonight so that we can get slightly earlier night tonight. But yeah, lots to do. It is
only, oh all the clocks have change now, gone an hour forward. Yeah, it’s 8
o’clock. I’ve already got my welcome to France text message there.
– I can’t believe we’re here. I can’t believe we’re here.
It feels really surreal. I think as well because it is so early my mind hasn’t
really caught up at the fact that I’m in France. Helena: So if you need like a little
services straight after the Eurotunnel, this is the one which we stop at.
– La Croissanterie. Helena: Oh that sounds up my street. But it’s literally as you come out of the Eurotunnel straight away so if you need anything before you start your drive you can get it. So I’ve got my tea and we got some croissants but this is how tired I was,
so I was holding our travel money card in my hand while searching in my purse for it,
thinking I’d lost it and I was holding it. Oh I don’t know, don’t know what happened there but I’m gonna enjoy this tea and have our croissants and then head to Disney! Martyn: Whoop whoop. Helena: Whoop whoop!
– Whoop whoop! [MUSIC] So according to the sat-nav we are 10
minutes away. I think we’ve nested term panic at the Yay! I think we’ve listed to Panic at the Disco’s version of into the unknown like three times. Yeah, it has been on quite a lot yeah.
– I love it. It’s that beginning bit.
– Yeahhh! So yep, as you know we’re heading
straight to the parks and yeah, we’re gonna go straight in. I think we’re both
very peckish so I think first things first is that we are going to go get
some food in the parks. We think that the new Coco restaurant is open.
It’s never been opened before though when we’ve been there. It’s the one opposite
Big Thunder Mountain, so we’re gonna go see if we can eat there and then if not
we’ll find somewhere else but I’m so excited. I was just saying to Martyn it just feels
like I’ve come home. I don’t know, I just get that really like content feeling,
I’m just like, I’m just going home. I just can’t wait to like be back at the Disney bubble.
– I’m just popping in. [MUSIC] So I’ve got my Annual Pass ready, ready to use to get into the car park. This is so exciting. Martyn: # There is the entrance Helena: Yay!
– [High Pitched] Disneyland! Martyn: There is a special about driving in.
– There is, it’s seeing the signs isn’t it? And then like seeing this big Disneyland.
It reminds me of our first trip, we stayed in Davy Crockett
Ranch for our first trip wasn’t it and we used to drive into the park every day and it was so exciting. [MUSIC] Yay, we’re in. There’s the Frozen festival. Now this is
where we see how busy it is. Oh it’s really empty. Isn’t it funny cause the last
time we were here, we went and saw the preview for Frozen 2 and now we’re going to the festival.
– All the Frozen. Very quick turnaround isn’t it from it going out to having a show. Yeah, cause I think the show has a lot of Frozen 2 in it doesn’t it?
– Yeah, it’s called Frozen 2 the one outside. I love Frozen 2. Controversial but I think I preferred Frozen 2 to Frozen. You’ve said it. You’ve said it now.
– I’ve said it but I think I did. So these walkways are never on but then
I saw on DLP report was it? Their twitter, that they were working the
other day but the only thing is it’s not that busy they might not put them on because it
might be a waste of energy. Oh some people have been asking me what DLP report is. It’s just an account on Twitter that, they just know everything related to Disney.
– Yeah it’s really good if you want live update so like say you’re
going on in Disneyland Paris trip, follow them on Twitter and turn on the
notifications for their tweets because they do live updates from the parks,
so if something specials going on or a rare characters out, they’ll be sure to
put it on their Twitter so it’s a really good one to follow and it’s good one to
follow anyway even if you’re not at Disney, just to hear about everything that’s happening. It’s really not busy guys, look. Yay! Considering it’s like past midday, amazing.
– Where shall I risk it? Shall I try Bambi? Yeah, try B. It is raining a bit.
We’re attempting to get into A. We’ve never ever done it before.
– I’m trying to get. as close as possible. Helena: Although I think
we’re gonna park in a but further down unless there’s…go in the next one. A6.
Yes we did it. We found a place in A. We’ve never been in A before. I really hope
that’s a good sign for wait times. Oh boy. You said Indiana Jones was
five minutes last time you checked. I know. Martyn: Look! Look! It’s on.
– I thought you were gonna do this. Do you remember this from last time. I know, somebody made up a name for that dance.
I can’t remember what it was. Hats are on guys cause it’s cold. The wind is strong. Hoping shows are on and Indiana Jones keeps running. Frozen is appropriate.
– It is yeah. I also forgot to buy some new gloves. I lost my gloves and so my Hot Hands are just gonna sit… … they are already open.
– Already cracked them open. Warming up in our pockets.
– They’re inside my pocket so I’ll just have to have my hands in my pockets.
I can’t believe it. There’s Celebration, Frozen and then
Legends of the Force. Two! Two at the same time. That’s too much for one brain to handle. It’s a rainy day in paradise but that’s what it is. Oh no! I’m gonna fly away. [MUSIC] It’s been a long time since we grabbed a map but…
– It’s a program. Oh yeah the program, sorry. But we wanted
to get them because they’ve got the different… …covers on them.
[Laughter] What? What are you laughing at?
– You said that really weird with a massive gap. I’m off on my own. See you later. It is so unusual to see it sort of empty but
also to see it without any decorations. So much room.
– Aw I love it. Not very busy as well.
– Now you said that the Phantom Manor book might be in the Storybook store.
– Do you want to quickly have a look? Shall we quickly have a look? What up Tiggs? Have you saved me the Phantom Manor book? Okay, I understand it’s hush hush. Is that what it is?
– Oh is that the Pirates of the Caribbean one? I don’t know. I don’t believe it. Tigger let me down.
He didn’t save me the book. Apparently the Pirates of the Caribbean one is in there.
Bit there was no Phantom Manor one. We’ll keep an eye out though.
Might be in a different store. All the shop windows are different as well.
Have to look at everything. How you been New Guy Ralph?
– New Guy Ralph, got some fans now haven’t you? Helena: He’s staring at me.
– He’s happy. He looks happy to see me right?
– Yeah, because he’s like he always gets the attention. Martyn: Look at how clear it is.
Not the weather. Helena: It still looks pretty. Helena was right. So I thought that they kept the Coco stuff all the time but they don’t. They take it down. You were right.
– I miss it. Yeah, it’s a nice addition to round here isn’t it?
– It adds a lot of colour. Excuse my hair guys, I’ve had to push my fringe to the side cause we got caught in the rain. But everywhere was so buys because Cafe Hyperion was closed we think. So we came to Disney Village and we have come to Annettes Diner for the first time ever. What you gonna have? Rock N Rolle burger I think.
– I think I’m gonna try the avocado burger. So I got Martyn this pin for Christmas.
– Rob Yeo Design. Yeah, it looks good.
– Yeah it’s brilliant. I love it. Phantom Manor one. Martyn: Here’s the Rock N Roll burger
and what’s yours again? Avocado burger.
– Oh yeah. Avocado burger. Nice. Okay so we just had Annettes Diner.
I really enjoyed that burger. Yeah, it was the first time ever.
– Yeah, some people on Instagram said for us to try the hash browns
but we’d already ordered, so sorry about that. We’ll have to go back.
– That’s one for another trip. I had the Avocado Burger and you had?
– The Rock N Roll, but you can use your annual pass in there. What was it you just said? My hot hands have reached their optimum heat. If
anyone has used hot hands before they’re really really comfortable and then they
get to like the burning heat. Where it like hurts to hold them. The actual phrase Helena used was, they’ve actually got
to the optimum level, they’re too hot to handle. Martyn: So this is take two. The first time we went in
today we didn’t do anything, we just walked around in the lap. Got a fast pass and came out.
– That’s productive. Helena was just saying cause we were so tired when we first arrived and we hadn’t eaten anything… I feel a lot brighter now we’ve eaten. We felt a bit all over the place and it sort of
feels like we’ve, it’s a new trip. It feels like I’ve entered the park for the first time this trip again. It’s weird. It’s like that first time didn’t happen. Martyn: We we’re just saying how we like these
lights but we can’t figure out if they’re actual flames or whether they’re
bits of…oh no they are, they’re flames. Yeah they are. They’re flames and you can feel the
warmth coming off of them. Should we go and see our landlord. The Phantom.
– I knew this would be the first ride that we did. I just can’t help myself. I love it so much. And somebody on Instagram told us while
we were eaten that it was a 5 minute wait. [MUSIC] Phantom: …tour begins here.
– Are you scared? It’s Vincent. [GHOSTLY MUSIC] Phantom: Perhaps you sense a disquieting
metamorphosis. Martyn: Someone playing the piano.
– Oh that’s cool. Creatures of fright, we summon you now to dance through the night. [GHOSTLY MUSIC] Martyn: Phantom, I’ve got you on my lanyard.
– Look he’s happy, he’s smiling. He finds it funny. Martyn: It’s good isn’t it? Helena: This creepy dog. Martyn: It scares me every time. [MUSIC: GRIM GRINNING GHOSTS] Martyn: I’ll pick up the keys on Monday.
I don’t think he believed me. First ride done.
– He liked your pin. He did like the pin. He was laughing a lot. It’s funny
because we were actually comparing it a lot to…we watched the Haunted
Mansion film the other day didn’t we with Eddie Murphy. There are quite similar bits.
– Yeah, well there’s bits taken from the Haunted Mansion ride I think that then inserted in to Phantom Manor but
we watched also a special feature and it was the guy that created the ghosts
dancing in the big ballroom and he said that he mucked it up, and that the women
were actually leading the men. Yeah when they reversed it or something.
– Yeah with the Pepper’s Ghost effect. And I think it’s the same. I might be wrong. Yeah we were trying to figure that out. But it also felt a lot slower, our group was smaller, I think we were just able to see a lot more.
– Anyway we’ve got to rush. We’ve got to rush, Frozen starts in about five minutes. So the Frozen 2 show they
come in on a float I think from over there, from it’s A Small World and then
they perform on these bits. Oh something’s happening. Someone’s lost their balloon. [UPBEAT MUSIC: ALL IS FOUND] [MUSIC: INTO THE UNKNOWN] [MUSIC: ALL IS FOUND] [MUSIC: WHEN I AM OLDER] [MUSIC: LOST IN THE WOODS] [MUSIC: SHOW YOURSELF] [MUSIC: INTO THE UNKNOWN] So we just watched the Frozen 2, what’s the official name? AH AH AH AHHHHHH!
– That was high. I got it, you’ve been after me to do that.
– You did hit it. It’s like the Frozen 2 parade show outside of the castle and at we rocked up like a two minutes to go, managed to get quite a good spot actually.
– You pretty much see it from everywhere really. Yeah, so the parade starts
from where the festival of fantasy parade starts then it goes all the way
round the centre bit and then they come out of like the parade formation
and then they go up on like all the platforms where all the Christmas decorations
and flowers normally are, and it really cute, it was really good. It was about twenty minutes maybe? Yeah I think so.
– It had all the Frozen 2 songs and yeah, it was good.
– Sven was my favourite. Sven was so good.
– He was proper bopping along to Into the Unknown. It was really really good.
So now we’re going to go to Star Tours. Then after the show Lauren came up and said hi to
us so thank you so much for stopping us and saying hi and we got a photo. And I think
today was your last day and you’re heading home later today but you’ve been
here since Sunday. Yes weather gods had been with you, there’d been no rain. So I’m hoping that’s the last of the rain for us but thank you so much for stopping and saying hi.
– And you said you also got one of our badges as well so thank you so much. Helena: Ten minutes for Star Tours. Let’s do it.
– There is a new scene. New scene added. Will we get it? Yeah I think it’s like they did for the Last Jedi
when they put that scene in. I think they’ve done another scene for Return of
the Skywalker. I haven’t seen that one.
– You haven’t but you’ve seen all of the original trilogy. I know all the characters. Apart from the new ones. Your favourite is still Chewie.
– Yeah and the Ewoks. I like the animals. Martyn: We always miss these but they’re always looking down at us. [Music] Robot: I would like to thank you all for your co-operation but since your co-operation is mandatory, no thanks seems necessary. Keep it moving. [MUSIC] This could get dangerous, it’s the shop. Can dress up an an Ewok.
– Dress my future child as an Ewok. Oh it’s really cosy.
– You’ll get no complaints from me. Or you can have your own Ewok.
– No I like this. Does it have a hood? You’ve got a thing that’s like a bear haven’t that you wear that makes you look a bit like an Ewok. There is.
– Oh yeah, with a hood. Martyn: There’s a classic mug here. It’s very good and
it’s all coming out of the mug as well. Bit of a 3d effect. How much is it? 12.99.
I also kind of like this Chewie cap. Helena: I like these. Chewie slippers. This Chewie cap is 24.99. Chewie slippers. You know what this means now. I’m so happy.
– We need them. Martyn: I love you. I know. Weren’t you like, rude.
– Yeah, like that’s rude. Martyn: Just found the spirit Jersey and I
didn’t even know this was the front of it. Helena: This is the one you want and you wouldn’t believe me when I said it’s the one. I thought that was the front.
– Oh no, but it’s a spirit jersey. So that’s the back yeah. Right then.
Do I get it now or later? Up to you. If I get it now I’m gonna have to carry it around so I’ll wait. Helena: Yeah we’ll get it from Disney Village. At least we know it’s here. Martyn: I like that on the front though, the lightsabers. So we just did Star Tours, really good combination but it’s a combination that you could remember one of them but you couldn’t remember
the other one. I could remember the first one but I couldn’t remember the second one. The first bit we were on the Wookie planet and then the
second one, actually that fit in really well because you just watched Return the
Jedi and it had that feel. Yeah I recognised that scene. And then also like the one where we are in
amongst all the flying cars. Yeah, that was good that one and it’s like you’re falling. So I don’t think that was the new one
that they put in. So we have to ride it again.
– Yeah. So we think we’re gonna leave this vlog
here and then the next vlog will pick up with our evening in the park. So thanks so much for watching our first vlog and we will see you in the next one. Bye.

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