Disneyland Resort 50th Anniversary Homecoming Television Commercial (2005)

[music]>>Goofy: Humm…>>Lago: You should have turned left at the pyramid. [sfx: motorcycle] Hey, we’re going to miss the anniversary.
maybe we should dog paddling.>>Goofy: wow.>>Mickey Mouse: Sure you got everything?>>Goofy: Ready! [sfx: tires screeching]>>Donald Duck: Come on, move it!>>Lago: Hold your horses, I almost fell off that time. Say this herds moving kind of slowing, hey? [laughing]>>Goofy: We’re almost there, golly.>>Mickey Mouse: Go left?>>Goofy: No, left is right.>>Lago: No, I don’t have any quarters.>>Announcer: It’s our biggest celebration in 50 years and everybody is going to be there. The only one missing, is you. Log on to find out more about all the new attractions coming this year to the Happiest Celebration on Earth.

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  1. Awesome commercial!
    I remember going to Disneyland's 50th Anniversary (back in July, 2005 (when I was 10-years-old))!

  2. This is the version of Your Morning Show on CTV & Disneyland The Happiest Homecoming on Earth Instant Win Game Commercial (2020)

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