Dissertation defense celebration: Dr. Therron Rogers

[Dr. DJ Mitchell]
I’d like to introduce you to the newest PhD in the world… [Laughter] Dr. Therron “T. Jai” Rogers has successfully defended his dissertation. [Applause] He persevered through this process. I also liked how he highlighted swag in his study. [Laughter] We’re always talking about swag. The participants talk about swag. But we just joked about it throughout the process. And then this is special because I never thought I would chair an African-American male dissertation. He’s my first of many to come because Bellarmine is so, so diverse in our doctoral programs. [Applause] [Dr. Rogers]
He told us all that he wanted us all to be doctors, and originally I thought that was a medical doctor. I was like, ‘I ain’t going–I’m not doing that.’ [Laughter] And as I grew academically I learned that he just wanted me to go as far as I possibly could. And so for him I did this. I mean, I’ll have the benefits that I can reap from it, but I definitely share this with him.

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