Diversity Matters: Hispanic Heritage Celebration 2019

(Mariachi music!) Mariachi music in the Mexican tradition… compliments of J-P Elder Middle School. There’s the violin, that I play. There is vijuela, guitar, trumpet and sometimes flute. My family is from Mexico, so it helps me connect with my culture. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the cultures and contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from Mexico, Spain, Central and South America and the Caribbean. The vejigantes come from way, way back from the 16th, 17th century, and it was brought to Puerto Rico by Spain. Vejigantes are mischievous characters that go around haunting people. But not in a horror way, right? But, very playful. Employees serving on the Hispanic Heritage
Celebration and Diversity and Inclusion committees also introduced us to the taste of agua fresca.
Mmm. Mmm. And volunteers showed everyone how to make papel picado and decorate sugar skulls. Hispanic Heritage Month—part of our diverse
Fort Worth community.

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