Diving for Dinner! (LGF EP06 w/Subtitles)

Okay, CJ what’s the game plan–what are you going for? CJ: Anything I can eat ლ(´ڡ`ლ) Nik: Anything you can eat? Nik: Try grab one Big Mac for me down there (っ˘ڡ˘ς) Nik: And a coke
CJ: With fries? Nik: Nice one, brah! CJ: I’ll just add these to my collection of scars CJ: This one is wana CJ: This one is reef Nik: We gotta get you some dive pants Nik: 50,000 likes and we’ll get you a spear gun CJ, talking about his Nenue he missed Midori: So (the fish) has a scratch?
CJ: Yeah because I hit it from the top, cuz I was like (visuals) OHWAIT! Nik: How was it down there? CJ: Awesome, brah Nik: What’s the difference between down here and all the way down at the beginning? CJ: Much deeper and get choke more fish CJ: I definitely want to come out here again but it’s always rough out this side, so… Today was a nice day Cool points for you if you speak Japanese LOL

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