Diwali Childhood v/s Bachelor life | Chai Bisket | #Diwali

Hit the Bell icon beside the subscribe button to receive notifications for our videos. Dear God! Please let the day go by fast. I want to burst all my crackers today only. Dad, it’s afternoon already. Please give me one or two crackers to burst. I’ll give you one tight slap! Go have your lunch and wait. You can burst all the crackers in the evening. OK Hello… (Mother over the phone)
What are you doing? Did you take a shower in the morning? Yes mom. Mother: Hmmm. Did you have your lunch? (Yawning)Yes. I ate long back. What did you eat? Ladies finger (Bhindi) fry. You could have come home for Diwali. Would have been nice to see you. (Pch) Actually….I’m too busy with office work nowadays. That’s why I couldn’t make it this time. Don’t worry I’ll come soon. Ok. Take care dear. Ok mom. You take care. (exhales) Why do they keep nagging me to come home for every festival? Didn’t I just go home for Dasara? Festivals during month end is a torture. The damn travel tickets will cost a fortune. Anyway, what’s the scene for Lunch? I’ll take care of the rice. You pick up some curries from the shop. I want an Egg Fry! All right you lazy fellow! Get a fry curry, sambar, dal… Bro! Don’t forget to bring curd. Just one more. When will it be evening man? I’m waiting since morning Do you know, my Dad bought two 1000 wala crackers for me! My Dad bought me 10 big rockets! Guys, come lets play cricket for a while.
I’m batting first. I’m batting first. Didn’t I tell you not to hit the ball into that house?! Who is going to fetch the ball? Siva, go fetch the ball this one time! Why do you guys always send me for things like this?! Dude! What a movie man!!! Even Hollywood doesn’t stand a chance dude! Just look at his body man! Guys! Who is going to clean up this mess? Siva…! What?! Please clean this bro! I cleaned up on 18th didn’t I? What day of the week was 18th again? Some 18th dude! Now don’t prolong the dialogue. Viewers might forward to the next scene if there is too much lag. Why do you guys always make me only to do stuff like this?! Bro. Please get me some water also while you are at it. (in his mind)
These guys are pushing me around too much! Stop talking in your mind voice. Didn’t I tell you about the Lag? Mom. I just bathed and put on my new clothes. Now can I go burst the crackers? Let your dad also get ready. We can all go burst the crackers after the Pooja! ok! Coach…! Yeah! Lift…! Bullshit! Dude, everyone is celebrating Diwali, except us! It’s not going to happen anyway. Someone please go bring cigarettes Jai Balayya! Oi! Go get some cigarettes dude! Coach…! One more! COACH! Get a half packet of Goldflake Kings! Just stop it! Dude, what is happening here? Do you even know what Diwali means? How can you forget our culture and traditions? Can you tell me what is the meaning of Diwali? Hmmmm… Festival of Lights! Then why were you bringing Kings? Go get Lights cigarettes. I think you are not supposed to light three cigarettes. There’s four of us here you moron! Ok! Happy Diwali To All The Bachelors!

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  1. bro…champesaru…
    me gang choostante as it is ma room mates lane vundhi..
    super bro…I was also reading ur articles in FB u guys are really doing well….

  2. last lo cigerate patukuni happy diwali chapadam baldu samskruthi ki padaga laki viluva ni evandi mee vedios nak chala ishtam but this is the best chetha vedio I ever see Adi koda end valey

  3. baga sink aindi bayya naku… especially lunch episode… every day ade happen in my room..
    and last to light's…😉

  4. What is the movie name of that song? "Aa gale lag ja…" I want the Abbas version one 😛 that ridiculously funny sad song 😀

  5. Festival of lights kabati lights aa Holi iythe festival of colours Mari appudu… Anyways childhood lo Diwali anedhi andriki fav festival… Superbbbb

  6. 7:18 how many of you notice that from Sandeep bro. Sandeep bhayya nuvvu kekka nuvvokkadive kaadhu anna meerandharu keka. You guys are rocking.

  7. anna inka kochamu interst ga chesuntha bagundadhi naku nachaledu ee videoo…plz ela mataram tiamakandi me talent wast cheiikandi inka kuchamu perfrmance ichunta bagudadhi …. Ipudu tisindhi maku timepass matram avledu ..edo meru time wast chesinatu vundhii plz ardam chesukonii kocham better ga tiandi😊

  8. Deepavali ante entra
    Festival of lights…
    Mari kings enduku lights ae teeskuraa…..!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Gets me every time

  9. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee was my time of year for our first semester amp now it’s been two weeks since I’ve got something else done today but I’ll be happy when we get home from

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