DIY 1st BIRTHDAY Chalkboard: Easy & Cheap!

Hey guys! It’s Amy. Recently I made this super cute birthday chalkboard for Natalie’s 1st birthday party. And I was actually inspired by all
these other boards I saw on Pinterest and Etsy. It’s actually really easy to
make and super inexpensive with a black foam board that you can get from the dollar
store and some metallic markers. A lot of people asked me about it so i thought I’d share with you how I made it. So to start off I wanted Natalie’s name
to be big and bold so I found a font that I liked my computer and printed it
out on two separate sheets. The font that I’m using is the one called Little Bird in 400 point size. Arrange the name you printed on your board and then with
a pencil, I’m basically going to trace each letter with a little pressure
so that I can see a slight indentation of the letters once I remove the paper.
you can also cut out each letter individually, arrange it on your board
and trace around it with a pencil and then with my metallic markers, I’m going to trace the
outline of the letters that I just made and I like to go over everything twice
just to make it extra bold. So as you can see, I first used the silver color to trace the outline of the letters and then I’m going back again with a pink metallic marker to
trace the inside of the letters as well as filling in all the empty spaces. you
can do this however way you want this is just what I did so the rest of this project is pretty
much free handing, but it really helps if before you start to look at other
birthday boards on Pinterest for inspiration and then sketching out a draft. I usually start each section by very
lightly drawing out my outline with a pencil and then going over twice with
my metallic markers. Here I’m just doing the birthday scroll where you can
add the year you’re celebrating. now that I have the top section done I’m
going to draw the lines to section off the different parts of my board so that I
can see how much room I have for each part. You can do as many sections as you want
depending on what you want to write about your baby. This can include special
milestones, favorite foods, first words and of course her height and weight. Now you can fill in each section. I like to alternate each phrase between print and
cursive fonts to get that cool subway effect. you might want to look at a few
examples online for different variations and changing up the colors as you go. I
made some words small and some words big for variety. there is a right or wrong way to do it so have fun with it Some other ideas are adding your baby’s favorite toy or the name of her favorite song or any favorite book And lastly go ahead and decorate and add some embellishments to spice up your board. I also drew some simple pictures of some of her favorite things and it really tied
it all together and that’s it I really love how this
turned out it was so fun and so simple to make and I’ll probably end up making
one for her every year

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