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– [Mako] Today I’m going to show you three different accessories
that are super easy to make and look extremely cute. You can wear them yourself
or give them to someone else. And since Valentine’s
Day is coming up soon, they are perfect as small
gifts for your friends, family or someone special. (soft music) For the pearl bow you will need silver plated wire beads, or pearls in size
and color of your choice, hot glue and hairband or hair ties. Cut off 40 to 50 centimeters
wire and fold it in half so you know where the
center of the wire is. Then start adding beads to
one of the sides you got by folding the wire. I use 13 beads, but
you can decide how many you would like to use. The more beads you use,
the bigger the bow will be. If you that, fold the
wire to get a bead loop and then secure it by folding it up or twisting the wire around the center. Repeat the same steps with
the other side of the wire, and you get a bow. To cover up the center of it, we’ll have to add another bead. Therefore, thread the
bead by putting the wire through the bead hole from each side. Pull the wires taut and twist the ends through the other side and secure it. (soft music) If you want to enhance the
bow by adding the ends, you can use the left over wire. I threaded five beads, but you can decide how many you would like to have. If you have that, twist
around the end of the wire with round-nose pliers to get a loop and if you don’t have any,
you can use Q-tip sticks, or something similar. And then twist the wire around
the loop you just created. Repeat the same steps with the other side and the bow is finished. This bow, you can attach
to everything you want. You can glue it on to a
hair tie, or hairband. You can even glue it on to a broach. There are lots of possibilities
and it’s super easy. This bow accessory looks very simple, but it will enhance every outfit. For the bow necklace you
will need wire again. I chose gold plated wire this time. You will also need round-nose pliers, small beads in color of your choice, a chain or a necklace, and eye pins or head pins. Twist the end of the wire to get a loop. After that, start bending
the wire like that. Bend it a bit to get a small hill, leave a bit of space and
then bend the wire again so it looks like as if you folded it. Hold the center you just created and then keep bending the
wire to the other side. And we just created two loops. Now twist the end of the
wire you were just using around the center of
the loops to secure it. Twice is enough. Then, just cut out the
wire to get the same length of the end as the other side and twist it, and you get a cute bow. Since I didn’t have eye
pins, I cut off the head of my head pins and used that instead. Put 1/3 of the pin between
the round-nose pliers and bend it down and twist it. This way we get a loop. And then twist the small
end around the loop and the long end, like this. If it’s too difficult for you, you can leave out this step
and just create normal loops. Add the bead and then just
attach this to the necklace. Repeat the same steps with
the other side of the bow. And we are almost done. Now we just need to attach
our bow charm to the chain with some jump rings and the
bow necklace is finished. This necklace is super easy to make and it almost looks like
as if you have bought it in the jewelry store. It look super cute and it’s
perfect as a gift, as well. For the bracelet, you will
need some old bracelets, bead garland you might
have left after Christmas, yarn or other thick threads. First, you will have to tie
up the thread to the bracelet. Then, put the garland on
top and twist the thread around the bracelet and the
garland about four times. This way you fill in the
gaps between the beads of the garland and secure it as well. If you want to change colors, tie up the thread of your
choice, cut off the old thread, and then repeat the same steps but now you have to wrap it around the end of the old thread as well. This way we get a nice transition
between the two colors. (soft music) Repeat the steps until you
are happy with the design. Secure the end by making a small knot, and you are finished. You can create any color pattern you want and it’s super easy. (soft music) And that’s it. Three accessories that are not only cute, but also super easy to make. If you recreate these accessories,
I would love to see them. So, please share them with me
through Twitter or Facebook. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun creating. (soft music)

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  1. These were all so cute and creative!! I definitely want to make some! Also can I just mention how GORGEOUS your hair is <3333

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  3. Hi! I just found your channel and love your videos. The quality of the editing is so good, do you use a special photography light or was it filmed in daylight? The ribbon necklace is my favourite. Incidentally all the models from the newest 2014 Dior Couture Show were wearing ribbon necklaces! (Someone told me this on FB since I also make bracelets with ribbons on them)

  4. I really love ur videos and I'm kinda new to your channel. I mostly liked the back lace but I don't have the stuff ( wire ) !!! 🙁

  5. I subscribed your channel. You upload awsome video's love them❤ I want that u upload som more video's Pls!! ❤

  6. I'm not kidding when I say I really love your DIYs. Even when one of your DIYs isn't my favorite, I still think it's pretty cute! I'll be making the pearl bow for sure!

  7. hi i'm airam and i am just a kid i love all of your videos and i do the bow like what you did i'm your subscriber

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    You have BIG support from Croatia!❤️❤️❤️

    Love you!!!!

  9. hi makoccino! i really like your wonderful and amazing DIYs. your such acreative person i raelly learned many DIYs from your videos!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

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