DIY 3D gifts, card for birthday (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #110

Hi. Today I will show you
how to make greeting card with 3D presents inside. We need: …2 colored paper sheets (1 should be slightly bigger)… …paper knife… …ruler… …scissors… …craft glue… …ribbons… …pencil… …decorative paper… …and glue gun. Fold the smaller paper sheet in a half. Now measuring. I do it from the bend side. Measure 2 cm from the bottom. Draw a square the size of 4 cm. Make 1.5 cm space. Draw a square the size of 3 cm. Make 1.5 cm space again. Draw a square the size of 2 cm. Make a incisions on 2 opposite sides of each square. Now cut rectangles from decorative paper.
First: 2 x 4 cm. Second: 3 x 6 cm. Third: 4 x 8 cm. Fold them in a half. And now unfold. Glue them to the marked places. Now decorating. Glue the ribbon bows to the presents. Glue the smaller paper sheet to the bigger one.
Do it very carefully because the paper may wrinkle. Finally, fold the presents in opposite side than the card. And it’s done. This card is perfect for birthdays, name-days, Christmas etc. It’s simple and also attractive. Please give a like to this video
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Thanks for watching! Bye bye!

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  1. Kocham Twój kanał! Najbardziej wyczekiwane filmiki na Youtube 🙂 Jesteś niesamowita! Jak dla mnie mogłabyś dodawać nawet po kilka dziennie 🙂

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