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home holiday event wedding in the air weather for today I’m going to show you
how to make an 80s or 90s party centerpiece and setup here we go eighty or nice party centerpiece and
it’s going to be a boombox I have no idea what I’m doing I’ve never tried
this before but I was sitting there was just like hey look maybe I can make a
boom box out of picture frames so if it turns out you’re definitely gonna see
this if not next I love these I was a teen in
the nineties and I’m the best time and I hope you translate in this whole setup
all right guys let’s get started the very first thing I’m going to do is
paint my 11 by 14 in Tolle multi portal frame with a fluorescent pink spray
paint so I have never ever worked with arrested spray paint feet for and he has
to be a challenge guys it has gonna challenge it works nothing like the
other pace that I work with other spray paints which are you know the typical
spray paint it doesn’t work anything like it at all it is very thin and you
kind of if you’re gonna spray paint over the black or wood any color you have to
spray paint it with white so he can come out ah so you can so you’re able to see
the color other than that you’re not going to be able to see it on the glass
I had to spray over and over and over and you have to do it evenly and you
know at a distance because if you do it too close you get spots everywhere
so yeah trial and error but this looks very nice so make sure that if you are
going to use the spray-paint you are going to use white
underneath on your rings especially if they’re not white so make sure to do
that no need to do it with the glass if you want to you can you probably will
waste less paint doing it that way but I decided not to because then you’ll
see the white on the other side because I’m going to use the glass on painted
side for the outside of the boom box so yeah so it was a challenge and he leaves
a powdery residue that is all over the place so I had a lot of Lee not to do so
be aware of that so make sure that you have my left some papers and lots of a
sheet or something because it’s a longer the way alright guys so let’s move on to
the next step oh one more thing yes also be aware of this I use gloss
white on this frame and I ran out so I the next you know the next white I had
was a matte white so the Pink’s look different totally different amis it was
still work it’s still gonna go pretty actually like in the didn’t turn out the
exact color but totally different if you are going to use two different types of
textures so if you’re gonna stick to gloss stick to gloss if you’re gonna
stick to Matt stick to Mac because then the colors are not going to match oh
it’s not that bad and yeah and even the smaller frames here totally different
colors so I have three different types of pink I’m gonna make it work you know
I’m not into perfect so let’s do this alright so you’re gonna turn in your
friends over and you are going to remove all the tabs from the frame so you’re
gonna bend them back into place and then you are going to pull them out carefully and you are going to leave the unpainted
glass to the outside okay so this will be nice and smooth in the outside and
the painted side will be in the inside well first you got to add your permanent
glue and I’m loving this go to glue that I found at Home Depot because it bonds
in half an hour you can also use e6000 whatever you loving these your hot glue
to the corners I left some ring in the corners so I can
add the hot glue so the hot glue can keep the pictures together or another
pictures the glass together while they go to glue dry go ahead and do the same
to all the other frames before I put the box together I’m gonna make the face of
diplom box and I’m going to start with the speaker’s I found this on Flipboard
from Dollar Tree is a plastic clipboard and I’m going to make speakers out of
these because of the pattern isn’t it cool and I’m going to use this coaster
to cut two circles now I’m going to make two smaller
circles with this holographic sheet I’m just going to turn it over and I’m using
whatever I have laying around the house so you can just use anything you have
and it’s gonna look something like this and these are going to serve as you know
the middle part of this speaker and I’m also going to add some tulle over it so
this one be so bare okay so I’m going to place the speakers
right here do them with hot glue now I’m going to use this black glitter
foam which is self-adhesive to make the back of the cassette dispenser I don’t
know what will you call that Lord where the cassette goes how about that
so something right about here just a quarter of an inch just to give it a
little highlight or a little background and then I’m going to place it right on
here she’s gonna pull the back off I’m gonna try to pull off this to clear
things that hold the cassette inside so I can place it right here and I’m gonna
use some pliers and try to be as careful as possible because I can break it okay
so they barely made it I kind of have to hot glue a little
piece right here together there’s um two cassettes in a pack I got it from
Walmart so I kind of went through both of them and this is what I got so I’m
gonna have to use it just the way it is and now I’m going to place the little
plastic things I’m gonna put them inside our there so he can look like it’s
inside of a cassette player add a little glue and it looks something like this so far
pretty neat now I’m going to pull apart the cassette case and I’m going to use
this part and then I’m going to place it right on here there you go
next I’m going to use a couple of strips of glitter phone to add around the
borders of the cassette I cut an inch and a quarter of this whole side of the
phone and then I’m going to just measure and cut what I need on each side and
place accordingly now I’m going to add thinner strips to
the top of the cassette so it can look like it’s inside the dispenser and there
it is or you can just wrap the box that he came with with the glitter foam that
would have been so much easier but yeah you live and you learn for my place stop
fast-forward and rewind buttons I’m going to use these mounting pads
and I’m going to be using my Sharpie to color the borders of it in black and
then I’m going to use my holographic paper to make squares to place right on
top of it so it won’t look so blah I’m going to use one of the extra pads to
make up for squares now I’m going to place the pads right at the bottom under
the tape and in their self adhesive so just go ahead and place them at the
bottom of that then you’re going to take the paper off from the top and then you
are going to add the holographic paper right on top of it I’m going to move on to the top of my
boom box and I’m going to be making this station dial here and I’m going to use a
clear ruler from Dollar Tree but before I place the ruler on here I’m going to
use glitter foam as background for this and it’s going to look something like
that so I had to cut two strips the main one right here this is as long as the
glitter paper is and then I had to add a little extension here this little piece
to make it a little longer and you want it to be about a quarter of an inch
wider on all the sides I’m going to use this red paint marker to make a line on
top of the ruler which will be as if it was the red dial for the station alright
so I had to draw the line off-camera because I cannot draw a straight line to
save my life he’s not straight and definitely not
straight because the ruler is not flat so I kind of let me see here’s a
close-up so that’s what it looks like and that’s as good as it’s going to get
now I’m going to go ahead and glue the frames together the whole boom box
together I kind of feel like I need something right here in the middle but I
will figure that out later here I have my tall multi photo frame
and I’m going to turn this one over and I’m going to add go to glue to most of
the frame here in the middle and then I’m going to add hot glue to the corners I’m going to be doing the same process
for the top of the boom box but I’m going to be placing it in
between these two frames so you’re gonna have to hold it for a bit until the hot
glue dries to keep it up there and probably place something here in the
middle to hold it up until the glue dries for about an hour and here’s what
we have so far and I do have to tell you about a change I made this little piece
right here I made it one piece instead of having four little pieces together I
didn’t like the way that he looked and it was bothering me so I ended up just
you know cutting out the shape of the cassette on the phone and then I cut out
the middle part and then I just place it right on top of there and now it looks
much neater and it looks polished I decided to cut out a little piece of
holographic sheet to add to the middle of the boom box right here this little
spot that was bothering me and I’m gonna go ahead and glue it with some go to
blue so now I’m going to work on this side of the boom box and what I’m going
to do here is repurpose the carton that came with the picture frame and I’m
going to cut out this shape here and then I’m going to cover that up we have
the perfect sheets and I’m just going to measure the inside of here and it might
be different for you know for you but right now oh my god I can keep anything
straight alright now it looks like seven and three-quarters here is a little
before eleven inches so yeah I’m going to make those measurements on top of the
cardboard and that’s perfect now I’m going to measure and cut the holographic
paper on it and that’s gonna be it I stopped right now I’m just going to be
placing the cardboard on here I’m not going to glue it down because I’m
thinking that it will be so neat to play some type of lighting in here
just don’t know if I have anything that’s going to be bright enough to make
some type of effect but I will try but yeah so just leaving it right on there
it snug enough to stand by itself and yeah I think that’s perfect you don’t
need to glue it down and you can always place whatever you will like in here to
make some nice nice nice lighting effect for your centerpiece to make the boom
box handle I’m going to use a five by seven picture frame I’m going to take
this part off and I’m going to cut off a little bit of this side frames and then
I’m going to glue it right on top of here and now I’m going to take off or
sawed off with my saw here I’m going to take about let’s see I’m going to make
it four inches long right here on the side so I’m going to be taking about
three inches off on both sides I’m going to add a little bit of the
go-to glue and some hot glue as well I’m going to use this 3/8 inch dowel to make
an old-school antenna the antennas usually come with this thing II right on
top I don’t know how you call it but it usually has this brown thing at the end
of the antenna and I’m going to make that with my hot
glue gun with hot glue as you say so I’m just going to apply hot glue to the tip
of my dowel and then I’m just gonna keep turning it until I get the shape that I
want and I’m going to apply a little more to make it a little bigger just a
tiny bit more and there it is now I’m gonna go ahead and paint it to silver
here’s the antenna and I’m not sure if I want to put it on so what do you guys
think antenna no antenna antenna no actually
like it yeah I’m gonna place it right here alright guys this is Edie this is
my 80s or 90s party centerpiece boom box and I think it’s absolutely awesome I
love it I love it now because if I’m going to be honest here at one point I
didn’t think that it was going to work out and I was so like ah and my husband
had to talk me back into finishing it and I’m glad I did and as you can see I
placed lighting inside the centerpiece I place to push lights inside the boom box
and oh my god did that make it go to another level I
love it I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please make sure to give
it a thumbs up and you can have it subscribe to my channel yet do it right
now you don’t want to miss the next project also leave me a comment
and you know what you put on my centerpiece and let me know what you
were up to in the 80s and 90s give me all the juicy details I want to know
alright guys until next time

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