DIY Backdrop Tutorial|Graduation and Party Ideas

Hi, everyone. Would you like to take your next party to
the next level? Let me show you how to create this easy DIY
backdrop. Now we’re doing this for a graduation today. But you can also use this for any type of
party that you’re having. And you can also apply the same concept and
create a nice backdrop for a photo area. So let’s go ahead and let’s get started. So let’s start with the base of our backdrop. I have two base plates here. And they’re 15 pounds each. I also have two poles that I’m using and also
a rod. Now let me just give you a special tip. If you’re doing this for family and friends
in the comfort of your own home, you may not need to go this commercial. You can buy a backdrop kit from Amazon. But we do backdrops more on a commercial level. So we have to cover ourselves by making sure
we have commercial products. The base plates are 15 pounds each and we
also, if needed, if we’re outside and it’s windy, we weight them down with sand bags. And I love these poles because you can create
the backdrop at your height or on your level. And then you can adjust them if you need them
to go up higher. But like I said, you don’t have to spend a
fortune if you’re just doing it within the comforts of your own home. Look for that kit, but just take into the
consideration the weights of the panel that you’re gonna put on your backdrop kit if you
order it from somewhere like Amazon. Now I will make sure that I provide the lengths
to all of the products that I am using here. So just in case you’re interested, you can
definitely click on the link. But basically, all you do is you put your
… First we’re gonna put our poles on. And I just start off just with it at a reasonable
distance. But as you are putting everything together,
you can definitely adjust it with no problem at all once you have everything set up. So we’re just doing our base here. But like right here if I need to spread it
out or distance it a little bit more, you’re able to do so. Next we’re gonna place our banner in the middle. And I just ordered this off Etsy. You can go to a graphic designer, tell them
your requirements. But make sure you tell them the size of the
banner that you need so that when you get it printed, like at your local print shop,
it will not come out blurry. Make sure you tell them the size. This is a four by four. But if you would like a photo backdrop, you
would need a eight by eight and you need to specify that. So really quick, when you’re getting your
banner printed, you also want to make sure that you get the pole pockets at the top. This is about a four inch, three or four inch
pole pocket so that you can slide it onto the banner. Okay, so next we have our panels. And these are glitter panels that I got off
Amazon. And I’ll make sure that I link them below. You will need to order them based on the height
and the width that you want your backdrop. But if you don’t take away anything else,
take away this one tip. You want your backdrop to be full. You don’t want it to look stretched. And if you don’t want the glittery material,
they also have just regular solid colored panels. And I’ll make sure that I link that below. But you just want everything to look nice
and neat. And not really stretched. Okay, so next we are gonna need the zip ties. And the zip ties is so that we can cover up
those poles that we put together on our base. And I’ll show you how to do that in just a
second. Okay, so the first thing we want to do is
we want to go ahead and center our backdrop. So the reason that I like this backdrop kit
is because it’s very easy to work with. Like I said in the beginning, you can do it
at your height. And you’re just gonna slide it on. And basically you can lift one pole and slide
everything. And so you want to get your main banner, you
want to go ahead and get that centered as much as you can. But just remember at the end, you can do as
many adjustments as you want to before you lift it up if that’s what you decide to do. Just depending on the height. So next we’re gonna start with our panels. And you can do it in whatever color combination
that you want. And I like to work from side to side. So I put a panel on one side and then I’ll
go to the other side and put another panel on. And just adjust it and see how I like it. But I’ve known some people to just start at
one end and just thread their backdrop on one end and then make the adjustments there. So it’s just totally up to you and your preference
on how you want to put the backdrop together. This is where the zip ties come into place. You will need to, for each pole, you definitely
want to cover those poles up. Do not leave those exposed. That is definitely an eye sore. But all you’re doing is threading the zip
ties from one end of the panel to the next. And you’re gonna shear it. And shear it enough to go over the poles so
that they’re not too lose and then they’re not too tight where they won’t go on. So let me demonstrate to you really quick
how to thread those zip ties. And you just put it straight through the fabric. And you just start shearing the fabric. But the one thing you don’t want to do is
let go of that end piece and then you’ll have to start all over again. So you definitely have to find your rhythm
with this. I’m not saying that it’s easy because I feel
like the wider the fabric is, the more fabric you’ll have to put in your hand and continue
to shear. But the main point is just do not let that
in that you begin with, do not let that go. And then you’ll do your measurements and just
adjust it accordingly. And just make sure that it fits snug over
that pole. Okay, so here is our base for our backdrop. And we have our panels on there. And they are nice and shear. Remember you don’t want it to look all spaced
our where you need more panels or more panels on there. You just don’t want to space it out. And so like we did with the zip ties after
you have everything there, it should be pretty easy. You just place those end panels over the poles. You do not want to leave those poles exposed. I cannot stress that enough. And I’m doing a little bit of adjusting now. But just say, for instance, that you were
raising this up, you can do adjustments then. But another thing is you don’t want to leave
exposed. The reason why I’m doing a lot of adjustments,
you don’t want to expose the base plate that I showed you earlier. You just want everything to just flow. So it looks so much better with those end
caps. I call them end caps. It looks better with that. Just don’t leave the poles exposed. If you take nothing else from this video,
do not leave those poles exposed. I just want to show you really quickly how
easy this kit is when you can raise and lower it. Now it’s best that you have two people. But you just raise it little by little on
each side. Because you have to be careful. If you raise it too much, everything will
just go down. As you see, even it’s here, it will just all
go down. But you still can do it by yourself. So if you have a photo backdrop, you can raise
this up a little bit higher. And everyone can enjoy and take pictures. But this one is specifically for a food table. So I’m gonna lower it back down. But right here, you do your adjustments. And make sure you hide the poles if you don’t
do anything else. And you’ll just have to make some adjustments
and stand back and look. For me, it takes time because I want things
to be looking really, really nice. Okay, so I want to give you another tip. Like I said earlier, this is for a food table. So if you’re able to, depending on where you’re
gonna have your party, go ahead and make little labels and do an example of where everything
goes. So right here I have little sticky notes and
I have one plate, one dessert plate, one cup. So that if you have people that are willing
to help or just want to help, you don’t have to keep stopping and telling them. Everything will be labeled. And it’ll make the party go so much easier
so everyone can enjoy themselves. So as always, thank you so much for watching
this video. And if you’re new to our channel, welcome
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  1. Thank you so much for watching. Are you having a party? Let me know in the comments below if you will be including a backdrop in your decor๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Iโ€™m planning on doing my sonโ€™s backdrop for his bday in May instead of paying someone , Iโ€™m looking at tutorials but I find it soooo hard. Even for the balloon garland ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ Iโ€™m stressing

  3. This is an awesome backdrop and setup! Great tutorial, I can definitely use this for my graduation at the end of the year!

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