DIY Balloon Garland | Easy PVC DIY Backdrop Stand | ONLY $23.

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make an
easy balloon arch for a beautiful and fun wedding ceremony here we go there were two factors of this cited and
what to do today for today’s web project number one you guys decided that you
wanted a ceremony decor and number two I have been dying guys I have been dying
dying nine to make another wedding arch I have been waiting for the weather to
get better but I thought about it it’s been raining so if I make the balloon
arch I can do it indoors no need to wait anymore yeah okay guys so I am now
outside because I’m going to be painting but before I can do that I want to break
it down to you and show you how I turn three PVC pipes into what I have right
here number one each pipe is ten feet tall and you don’t have to worry about
cutting them yourself the nice guys at Home Depot will cut them for you these
two are now six feet five inches tall and these are going to go on this side
of the arch the one right here is five feet tall and this is going to go on top
before right here are one and a half feet tall and these are going to serve
as legs and these are the connectors this is a t-connector that is going to
connect the legs with the rest of the arch and then right here we have elbows
which are 90 degrees they are going to connect this and this together all right
so let me show you how that’s done so this is what one leg is going to look
like and it’s very easy to make okay all you have to do is grab your t-connector
and then you are going to grab one of your one and a half pipes you are going
to place one here and then you are going to place one and
the opposite side and then you’re gonna grab an elbow place it right there and
another elbow and place it right here and this has to be facing up okay and
here you have your two months very easy now I’m going to make the top of my arch
by connecting elbows on each side of the arch now I’m going to place the arch
over the legs so it can stand on its own now I’m gonna go ahead and paint it
metallic gold alright guys so we are back indoors and it looks pretty pretty
good inside and outside and I wanted to note that you can use this PVC stand for
pretty much anything you can use it for photography you can use it for a photo
booth and for a backdrop you can use it outdoors for a outdoor movie theater
scan each PVC pipe cost me 397 each the elbows cost me 114 each and the tees
cost me 130 for each so I spent about 20 22 to 23 dollars for this stand I mean
so so cheap so easy to make and look how good it looks alright so now I’m going
to go ahead and continue with the wedding arch I’m going to be using
pearlized balloons from Party City you can also use regular balloons from
Dollar Tree if you like I decided to use these because you pretty much use the
same amount I will be spending if I will get 10 bags or eight bags of Dollar Tree
I just like the fact that this is paralyzed so thought it was a good deal
and I’m also going to be using my balloon buddy from Party City
which will make my life so much easier you can also use a pump or your mouth
but yeah that’s a lot of work the white balloons are 12 inches and I’m going to
be blowing them up in three sizes small medium and large
once you blown up all of your balloons you are going to pair them together and
you can actually do three or four at a time
it totally depends on how bulky you want your balloons to look I’m going to be
using other color balloons so I’m going to be pairing their whites for now and
you can pair it on however you want you can do a large one with a medium one or
a medium one with a small one or a large room where this moment end doesn’t
matter you want a variety of sizes I’m going to be using a transparent cord
that I got from Michaels some time ago to tie the balloons together you can use
fishing line or anything that you have at home handy to tie the balloons
together since I’m going to be doing this by myself
I wrapped around the transparent core to the knob right here so you can help me
out a little bit and then I’m going to start wrapping around all the people
loans on the cord so this is what I have so far I still
have quite a few balloons left but I want to see how this looks understand to
see if I want to add more or if I want to start with the next color to tie down
the balloons to the stand I’m going to be using the same transparent cord and
I’m also going to be using masking tape as needed so basically what I’m going to
do I’m going to grab a little piece of transparent cord and I’m going to tie it
to the transparent cord is already on the balloons and then I’m going to tie
the cord to the stand and here’s what I have so far I’m going to be adding a
little more white balloon to the bottom but for now I’m gonna leave it as it is
now I’m gonna go ahead and add my people all right so I think I’m done with my
pink balloons at least for now now I’m gonna move on to my transparent balloons
will go confetti in order to make this process pretty easy you are going to
need a funnel to place the confetti inside the balloon I’m not going to show
this process because it’s pretty self-explanatory
but if you do want to see it I’m going to link my balloon backdrop video so you
can take a look at it okay guys this is it this is my wedding balloon arch and I
love it it is beautiful elegant and so much fun if you want to finish up the
other side you are definitely gonna need another bag of white balloons I still
have plenty of the pink and plenty of the transparent balloons you can pretty
much use this PVC stand for any backdrop you can use it for photography for
birthday parties for your channel if you have a channel or for a wedding arch box
you see this one it can be floral it can be balloons it can be drapery it can be
anything and you can use it indoors or outdoors and it’s so easy to make and so
affordable I love it I love the wedding arch and I love this stand I hope you
guys say enjoy this video and if you did please make sure to give me a thumbs up
and if you haven’t subscribed yet make sure to do so right now also leave me a
comment let me know what you thought of my bloody an arch and leave me a comment
anyway because I love to chitchat with you guys all the time and make sure to
share if you have a friend or a family member or someone was getting married
save them a penny or two and he’s also pretty so Sheriff all right guys let’s
go next time bye

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  1. NEW SUBBIE …I have been binge watching your videos for the last 4 hours. You are absolutely gifted by God. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Blessings from N.C. Carolyn

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  4. Love it! This would be stunning for a wedding! I’m actually working on a Paw Patrol backdrop and want to incorporate balloons somehow and you gave me a couple of ideas ~ Thank You for sharing! 🤗💜

  5. I love it! I saw how you were attaching the balloons to the string. How did you tie off the end before you started hanging the balloons on the pole?

  6. Thank you for your beautiful projects but especially your clear instructions for the backdrop stand. I’m planning my daughters 1st birthday and did not want to spend an arm and a leg on the backdrop stand.

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  8. This is beautiful! Can you transport it or do you have to build on-site? How long does it take to build it.

  9. Hi Tayra so proud of you and all who proudly prove to the professional balloon community things can be differently and elegantly. I am a 23 year balloon artist and I loved this. I tell my students all the time not all things have to be done like us professional balloon artist do them. Some professional balloon artist frown upon YouTubers such as yourself I don't keep up the creative good work.

  10. Thanks so much for the idea! I did it for my daughters bday party. But it wasn’t sturdy I had to lean it against the wall. I used 1 inch, did you have any problems with it? Not sure why it kept leaning. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  11. I love this! Any suggestions on how to make this a double rod stand for backdrops? I want to hang two sets of fabrics. Thanks!

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  13. Hey Tayra how are you, love your work, so unique….I will be trying some of your work. Your Hola hoop numbers with air blown in for how long do you think the balloon will last for……also the back stand can I go as high as 10 feet

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    I really enjoy your videos so much detail. Thank you for sharing. More please

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  17. I love this, and will be attempting next week for a baby shower. I do have a question though.. how long did it to take you to blow the balloons, tie them to the stand and add accent pieces. Try to figure how much time to allow myself. I plan on having the stand assembled and painted days before adding the balloons. Thank you!

  18. You mentioned small, medium, and large balloons but what are the exact sizes as I see the large is 12 inches. What about the medium and small? Medium 7 or 9 inches and small 7 or 5 inches?

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  21. Love this video this is the most clear instruct video i seen on diy bd. I just have a question is the measurements in your video only for 6.5 ft tall? I need it to be 6 ft tall or just a Little shorter than that, if i cut the 2 pipes 6ft can the other measurements stay the same?

  22. Hi sweetie
    I love this video. I have watched it many times. I am thinking on making one for my daughter's babyshower. Is the stand strong n steady? I make paper flowers n I might use it for them also. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us all. Can hardly wait to see what is coming for 2019.
    God bless you.😚

  23. Hi beautiful video I was wondering how do u hot glue the pink in transparent balloons on like I would love u to show us more in depth in camera extra close to watch with out busting other balloons in how to tie the white balloons on to the string as column as well I really need to learn before feb17, 2019

  24. I go to Home Depot to get these right and they tell me they can’t cut it for me ! I’m like how in the mother flipping world ima cut it myself – ugh so annoying – maybe I need to find another Home Depot location

  25. Hi!! Love what I’ve seen so far and I’ve watched several videos. I agree with everyone on here! Great ideas and easy to follow. This is just one of the projects I’ll be trying this weekend. Thanks for sharing and being detailed.

  26. Hi, that's Beautiful thanks for the tutorial, I was wondering I know they are 10 feet long but how many inches wide are they? Thanks

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  28. So cute, I want to use this behind a dessert table that’s 6ft long should I make this wider than the table? What dimensions do you think would be nice?

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