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Hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new to my channel Go ahead and hit that subscribe button to see more home, holiday, event, and DIY decor Today I have an exciting request to make a beauty and the beast wedding centerpiece and here’s my version of it here we go Alright guys, so here are all of the items that I’m going to be using to make my beauty and the Beast wedding centerpiece And I’m going to start by showing you this big beautiful vase that I found at Wal-Mart for $14.99 After shopping around this was the best deal I could find for this size and this glass vase is 5.4 inches by 15 inches, and I love it. It’s solid and it feels like it cost more than $14.99. It’s a great buy I’m also going to be using this round cutting board from Dollar tree I’m going to use two of this block floral foam I’m also going to need red roses of course. This bouquet here I bought from Walmart and I love it These are open roses I’m also going to be using red roses from Dollar tree. These are more closed roses initially I meant to use all Dollar Tree roses But after going around to different stores I just didn’t find enough roses to make my arrangement And that’s how I ended up with these roses from Walmart, but things happen the way there supposed to and I love these these are going to be great because they’re open and They just want to make the whole arrangement look fuller so Perfect, and I’m also going to need this transparent cord this is just a clear string And Of course my hot glue gun. All right let’s get started First thing I’m going to do is turn my base upside down the reason I’m doing this is because I’m not sure yet if I want to add any lighting to the inside of the base And I’m going to be able to access that if I want to and some type of lighting that you may want to use are these lumineers From dollar tree or you can add a push light to the top of the base So since I’m not sure whether I want to add lighting or not until I’m done with the project. I’m just going to Do this just in case Now I’m going to take off this Thingy here, that’s a little the name of the clear thingy here You can do with my fingers, there you go This rub.. This rubber thingies are glued to the bottom of your cutting board your just going to pop this off You can do it with your nails or you can use scissors just be careful And then you’re going to glue these cutting boards on top of your base Now I’m going to glue both foams on top of the cutting board I’m going to start my arrangement with my open roses, and I’m going to be cutting them about six inches long because I want them to extend quite a bit past my vase and As I go along these stems are going to get shorter but for now in the outside. They are going to be six inches long Here’s what I have so far and These are all still six inches long for the stems but what I did was with the second row here on top I push the stems in to the foam a little bit further in. Now, I’m going to add the rest of the roses here in the middle Now I’m going to add some of this leftover leaves so it can have a more natural look my next step is going to be to hang a single row with my Transparent cord to the inside of the base and to tell you the truth that should have been the very first step before making the arrangement but I just didn’t want to give up the theme look at the beginning of the video so I decided to wait until the end and Now I’m going to make my life difficult because I don’t want to mess up the beautiful arrangements so wish me luck to hang my rose I’m going to be adding a little bit of hot glue to the middle of the rose, and then I’m going to insert my Transparent cord to the middle there as well, so they can bond together Now here’s what it should look like pretty nice Now I’m going to measure how much string I need to hang it from the base so to hang it inside the vase and You want to make sure that you are suspended 2 inches from the bottom so you can look like it’s floating and Then I’m going to need this much from the top, so I’m going to cut right here I’m going to cut right there Now my challenge is going to be to glue it inside because of my arrangement here, so Yeah, let’s do it. All right guys I had to switch to my smaller hot glue gun so it could fit easily inside my vase, and now I’m going to just go in here and add glue right here in the middle a Generous amount but not too much because you don’t want it to make a mess and then grab your rose grab the Cord and just Place it in the middle of the glue, that you just put in there and just hold it for a sec until it dries a little And that’s it. That’s pretty much it here’s the arrangement so far, but I feel like it looks a little blah right here at the bottom so I decided to grab this round candle holder as a base it is going to give it a little bit of more height Just apply a bit not much And then I’m going to add these petals that I made from cutting one of the roses here So I just cut the off and make these petals so I’m just going to glue a couple of petals on here and Then I’m going to place this candle holder or I’m going to glue this candle holder to the bottom of the base I’m going to turn my candle holder upside down and I’m going to be gluing the petals to the backside of it not the front side the backside, and I’m going to specially cover the little legs Make sure cover that so you can’t see them Here’s what it should look like as you can see I’m using the back of the candle Holder and This should also give it a little height Now I’m going to add glue around the candle holder and then place the vase back here right on top And here it is so far now Now I’m going to probably add a couple of crystals to make it pop a little bit and that’s it alright guys, this is that this is my beauty and the beast wedding centerpiece or at least my version of it I did ended up adding some crystals down here to the bottom of my arrangement it’s a little subtle because it’s hiding underneath the roses here But it still gives it a little pop that I was looking for. I did chose to not use the luminaires But I’m kind of second guessing it So if lighting is something that you want or something that you need go ahead and go for it I hope this video is helpful to the young lady who requested it and a help is helpful to you alright until next time bye

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  1. Do you think you can do a tall long centerpiece with the flowers on top? The ones that have that "acrylic look" they are so expensive to purchase.

  2. It was beautiful! I'm having a Bohemian Glam themed wedding next July and I would love to get an idea on a centerpiece!

  3. Tayra love your work. I'm doing my own wedding next year and I wondering if you can do a tutorial for a Cinderella carriage tabletop centerpiece. My colors are pink white and gold. I can't seem to find these carriages anywhere an I'm willing to make from scratch if need be. I love Cinderella and would love to incorporate it into my wedding

  4. Hello, thanks for sharing that's so beautiful! i especially love the table cloth may I ask where you got that from, sooo love!! thank you!!

  5. Just beautiful I love it!!!!!! can you do a centerpiece for a 50th birthday party for a woman the theme is Wonder Woman

  6. TheTayraPerezProject I know right it’s been hard trying to come up with a centerpiece that is fun and age appropriate I hope you can help me out with this one lol

  7. I absolutely love this idea and love that you used the foam blocks. I am new to diy and was surprised with how costly the Styrofoam balls can be so ty for this idea!!! I am definitely going to try it.

  8. Hi love! My wedding is in August, and I was wondering if you could do a centerpiece DIY video with lots of red and roses with gold accents and how to set up the table to look full (with place settings, napkins, etc.) I have been pulling a lot of ideas from you!! Love your channel so much!

  9. This is beautiful! I recreated this, but i'm having issues hanging my flower on the inside. It keeps falling. I glued it with the glue gun and transparent string. Did you have this issue? If so, how did you fix it?

  10. Love it i was looking at the little bowls u can also put a hole at bottom and put in tea lights that change colors make the outside into a rose by putting the rose petals around the outside clear gems inside. Ug 👍 👍 👍 👍 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹

  11. thank you for this video i did mines for my niece party was beautiful thank yo so much …they love it

  12. Do you make these per order? also, do these centerpieces get returned to you or are they keepsakes for attendees?

  13. @The TayraPerezProject, I absolutely love your channel!!!💕 Everything you design/make, looks so elegant & beautiful!!😉👌👏 This piece you made right here is stunning…so gorgeous❤⚘🌹!! I do have a special request for you though (if I may)…my father's 1 year of deceased anniversary is coming up & we would like to have an anniversary ceremony in his memory. We would like to create some beautiful table centerpieces & memorial gifts for our family & guests to take home…could you possibly help us out with this?? We would so gladly appreciate all your help!! Thank you in advance…God bless😇

  14. I'm so sorry to ask so many questions but do you happen to have the size of the Cutting board, and the candle holder? My vase are 5 Diameter, and trying to figure what size should my Candle holder and cutting board should be.

  15. Absolutely love your work. Im going to switch this out and use it as a centerpiece for an elegant baby shower centerpiece. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the public. God Bless You!!!

  16. I love it, the crystals made that special touch. What I didn’t really like was the flower pedals at the bottom. But again you are truly talented.

  17. Hello, the candle holder you placed at the bottom did you get them at the dollar so if so can you please provide the dimensions 🙏🏻 this is so pretty will be using this for my soon wedding

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