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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY the poor today I have a 50th birthday party
centerpiece and set up here we go so I’m getting quite a few requests to
make a 50th birthday party centerpiece and I don’t 100 black men with your
ladies because 50 is such a special milestone stuff let’s make it classy
ladies all right let’s get started so I purchased the biggest number I could
find at Hobby Lobby this are 16 inches paper-mache numbers
in the number 5 and 0 to make the number 50 and I actually purchased this way too
big for my table because my table my display table do you guys see all the
time only 6 4 but this is perfectly okay if you’re gonna have tables that sit
eight to 10 people and you can also use it for a dessert table
welcome table or gift table all right so now the first thing I’m going to do is
spray paint my number 50 in metallic silver and here we go what you want to
buy is this full roll of diamond wrap you can also buy the 5-row this is the
biggest the dollar tree has but the problem with that is that it’s not gonna
be enough to cover the whole thing here the reason why I want you to use the
wider Diamond wrap because you’re gonna have to patch it up and you’re able to
see the lines you know what I mean so if you use those the smaller ones
then you’re gonna see more lines so the less lines the you know more polish you
will look so now I’m going to measure and cut what I’m going to use right here
on top and then I’m going to start glowing with my hot glue gun all right so now right here I am going
to go all the way back or under right here all right since I’m going to fold
this down I don’t need this little piece right here so I’m going to cut this off
I should’ve went all the way through I was saying that’s what you need to do
but I wasn’t doing it what’s up with that all right so let me fix that really
quick and so far so good now I’m going to add
a little piece right here so this part is done and now I’m going to do this
part right here and I’m just gonna follow it all the way through it’s set
for this little spot right here because I’m going to go to stand on it alright
so that looks good so far so good now I’m going to do the
inside of here which again is going to be pretty easy I’m going to lay this whole thing right
on top and I’m going to Center it okay and then I’m going to cut here because
I’m going to have to literally cut this shape on here now I’m going to glue this part leaving
this part right here without any rep okay so somewhere around here and here I
have the letter O and this is going to be pretty easy you are going to cut a
strip similar to this one and you are going to glue it inside and then you are
going to also cut one long strip or two pieces I did two pieces because that’s
what I had I have some of this leftover and I’m going to place it right here
they’re going to meet in the middle and then don’t forget to leave a little room
right here so you can place your stand for the top part I’m just going to lay
the diamond wrap right on top and I’m going to cut one strip here and then I’m
going to cut a second one over here and they are going to meet in the middle and
then I’m going to cut and here’s what it looks like so far and
before I move on to the next step I wanted to add one more thing this is
totally optional but this is a metallic silver paint marker this will be good to
keep handy in case some of your diamonds on the rack turn black once you you know
start handling it some of them chip so if you have this
you can just dab on it and it looks brand new also you can also use it for
the glue to cover to camouflage some of the glue because once the glue dries it
turns white so you can use this to cover that up now going to place my numbers on
stands and I’m going to place them on two separate stands so each number is
going to have their own stand and the stand is going to consist of a round
candle holder and a taper candle holder both items are from Dollar Tree and I’m
going to turn the round candle holder over and I’m going to glue the taper
right on top these 6000 takes 24 hours to fully bond
so I would suggest for you to make your stance 24 hours prior to making your
numbers I already had these two from a previous project so Tara it feels like a
cooking show yes I already have this so I’m going to now glue the number on top
of my stands I’m adding eight six thousand to the inner area of the taper
right here on top and then I’m going to add hot glue to the outer so it can keep
the number standing and here’s what they look like standing
now I’m going to go ahead and add a little bit of flowers and some feathers
I’m going to start decorating my numbers with white feathers this are 10 inches
long and they look like this when they came in the packet from Amazon and this
is a wire and I just pulled it off and I’m just going to start blowing with
hot now I’m going to add white roses from Hobby Lobby but you can definitely
add whatever color flowers you will like on your numbers white is just what I
prefer okay so I’m just going to pull them off and I’m just going to start
blowing I’m going to grab a couple of the leaves
they came with the roses and I’m going to place them around the roses for the
bottom of the number I’m going to leave the leaves on and I’m going to cut the
stem very very short so it’s pretty much gone the only thing that is holding is
to leave and I’m just going to apply hot glue and I’m just going to glue it to
the stand I’m going to add little pieces of feather right in between flowers and
here it is so love it and here’s my finish number five and I’m going to go
ahead and finish my number zero and I’ll be right back
okay guys this is it this is my 50th birthday party centerpiece and it is
glam and I love it ladies you are going to love this
centerpiece it is beautiful and if you are going to make this centerpiece for a
gentleman just go ahead and take off the flowers unless that’s what he likes so
as far as a centerpiece if you are going to use this on the table make sure that
you add flowers to the back of the five and did not add flowers to the back of
the five because I ran out of flowers so if you are going to use flowers on the
back of the five you are going to need two bouquets of roses but it is
absolutely stunning and I am so proud of it I hope you guys enjoyed this video
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leave me a comment anyway because I love to chitchat with you guys all the time
until next time bye

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    Qué tengas un divertido y delicioso fin de semana 💟🎀💟

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  3. Man I love this so much!!! My father in laws 50th Birthday party is next weekend and it’s a Harlem
    Nights theme!!! You always do such an amazing job! Thanks for more inspiration

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    Saludos, fuerte abrazo y Bendiciones.

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