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hey guys welcome back to my channel with
breast cancer awareness month coming up pretty soon I was inspired to make a
breast cancer awareness centerpiece for your next benefit or fundraiser here we
go number one ready for fundraisers is that
it has to be affordable because after all it is a fundraiser so after going
through three different ideas in my head for about three days I’ll come up with
something that I think is going to be beautiful and also affordable all right
let’s get started this arrangement is going to consist of five phases but I’m
going to make this two into one so it’s going to be one main arrangement and
then three other bases surrounding it I’m going to burn the tallest base which
has two white red on top and I’m going to turn it over I’m going to apply some
e6000 to the middle for a stronger bond and then I’m going to add tons of hot
glue not over it walk around and just gonna place this on top now I’m going to place this to the side
and I want to start working on my ribbon after you know flowers can be pretty
costly whether they’re real or not so to keep the cost down I decided to only use
ribbon glitter and a few candles and you will see at the very end and to get
started I’m going to start with the widest ribbon and this is a one and a
half inch ribbon and make sure to use a protective paper where you going to work
or your work area because the last time I use a thinner it was all over the
place and my husband had hit her on his face on the way to work and I was not
cool so I well I thought it was cute but he
didn’t think it was cool so I’m going to bring back my tall base because I’m
going to be placing a tall pink glitter ribbon right in front of it and I need
to measure how much ribbon I’m going to need the ribbon is going to pretty much
pick up the whole room here so as you know the Breast Cancer Awareness simple
is to paint ribbon and it’s going to be that’s about right alright now I have to
bling this up or glitter this up with lots of glitter so what I’m going to do
is give you a close-up first I’m going to use tacky spray I got this from
Walmart and I’m going to use fine glitter this is raspberry from my post
and the brand is recollections so I will have this in the description box for you
to refer to so I’m going to spray both sides actually what I’m going to start
with this side first then you’re just going to go ahead and sprinkle now I’m
going to add crystal clear acrylic coating which is going to help me keep
the glitter intact and is going to act as a protective shield I’m going to let it dry for about ten
minutes and I’m going to do the same to the other side I’m also going to measure
and cut my lighter pink and this is a 7/8 inch ribbon in this ribbon I’m going
to use to cover up them perfection here or the gap here that I have between
vases so I’m going to measure this here and there you’re wet okay so I’m going
to measure how much ribbon I need I wish this ribbon was one inch wide but I’m
using what I have and I’m going to double up on this ribbon so I’m going to
cut it right here and I’m going to – over or make – a lot so I expect to
look something like this with both ribbons together because thicker will
look better with one I don’t know I don’t think it gives enough coverage so
now I’m going to do the same as I did with my darker pink and I’m going to add
glitter but this one is going to be a lighter glitter from about a tree and
they have different tones of pink lime purple and red but they have a couple of
tones of pink and I’m going to use the lightest one here’s what it looks like
you should only a flight letter to one side of the ribbon this time you’re not
going to be able to see so one side is enough and just so you know I use two of
the little packets of the glitter from our tree which means that I use one from
this one and one from this one because they’re all different colors so one of
each and I think you might as well buy a container of light pink glitter you’ll
be better off doing that instead of buy two of these I mean it depends on the
price but I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough so just to be sure make sure
to buy a container of light pink glitter I’m going to start adding my ribbons and
I’m going to start with my glitter like pink ribbons so I’m just going to
play some on here I’m going to add my large ribbon what I’ve been thinking and
I’m not sure yet but I might add a ribbon to the front into the back but
right now I’m at this point to plan on blue one ribbon and if you are what to
use one I want to place my ribbon on this side where the smaller ribbon or
the lighter ribbon meet so I can hide this lip right here so this is going to
be my front and the nice area is going to be the back so I can hide this
alright so what I’m going to do just make this shape see okay so I’m making
the shape of the ribbon and I’m going to make sure that this area right here the
bottom of the ribbon are level and then once I do that I’m going to blue the
middle right here so you can stay together put a good amount of glue here so it will look something like this once
your glue is dry you can go ahead and apply hot glue to that area right here
with the ribbons meet apply a good amount and then you are going to glue
this part of the ribbon where it cross right on there and then you’re going to add glue to the
very top I’m going to go ahead and to the back because I think that’s gonna
make you look even better and this is how it looks like you’re both rivets I’m
going to move on to my other three vases and what I’m going to do here is I’m
going to wrap this glitter pink ribbon around each vase and then I’m going to
place the words hope faith and pink over the ribbon alright so I’m just going to
show you how to make one because they’re each the same process or just different
words so basically I just went ahead and make the same glitter ribbon as I did
earlier and I’m just going to measure and cut now I’m going to grab my light pink
glitter letters I got these from Michaels and they match perfectly with
the lighter pink of the other ribbon and it will be a great contrast someone to
start with the word hope and this is a full actually and they’re so adhesive so
it’s going to be very easy and you’re just going to go ahead and place it
right on top here all my three bases together with the words hope pink and
faith I love them I think they look fabulous and I added water to all well
two of these vases I’m going to add water to this one because I’m going to
add floating candles to them but before I add the candle I’m going to add some
food coloring to the water in the color pink of course and this is what it looks
like there you go and I’m just going to add a bit of this in the water I’m not
sure how dark I want it to be I guess I’ll figure it out in a second and I’m
just gonna whoops that went way more than I wanted it to be this looks rad
this is not a pink okay so there’s this color and just put a nap one tiny drop
on this one I guess I can test the colors out now one tiny job that was one drop okay so
this is the color I want and then I’m going to add the floating candle right
on top nice alright guys this is that this is my breast cancer awareness
center pieces and I think they are beautiful and they are totally budget
friendly and one thing though for more they want make sure to add some glue to
the letters they’re self-adhesive but they are coming up a little bit because
the glitter underneath it it’s not letting it by completely so make sure to
adding to that also as far as a food coloring
you only need one little drop of food coloring to get this color if you add
more it’s going to look red as we saw earlier and yeah and I think it looks
much better with two ribbons 100 front number one in the fact I hope you guys
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