DIY BTS Party Poppers

Hey guys today I am going to show you how to make BTS Party Poppers So the first thing I did was to print out this PICTUREE credit to the person who made this cause it’s BEAUTIFUL So the next picture I used was from the 2017 FESTA So the last picture I used was from 2013, their debut date, they grew up so fast, so proud now you want to take your toilet roll and the paper you want to decorated with and some double sided tape you can either tape the tape onto the paper or on the toilet roll yeah if you have excess paper on the top or the bottom you can tuck it in okey now to make the confetti yes I made this using pic monkey, took a while but its okey, I survive, not really now you want to take your hole puncher and than hole punch the picture come out pls this is what it looks like and you want to hold punch the rest if you don’t want to hold punch it or you don’t have a hole puncher you can also cut it out like this and this is what it looks like I also added some pastel confetti and some different sizes the next thing you want is to take some tissue paper and your roll and some glue and than glue the top rim and than you can add the tissue paper the next thing you want to do is take a piece of cardboard and than trace the toilet roll so that you can get a smol circle also make sure to make it smaller so it would be easier to fit now you want to add some hot glue and than add a straw onto it so that it would stick STOB falling on meh STOB it why you keep falling on meh ; – ; Since some of them were falling, I decided to add more glue to it the next thing you want to do is to cut another toilet roll after you have done that wrap it around the bottom of the straw so it looks like this and than you want to glue it with a hot glue gun make sure it fits and than you can decorate it since I had this lying around I used it I also cut out a circle to fit the top now you want to take your confetti stay and you can fill it up I would recommend just to fill it up a bit but not too much cause you will see later on that it didn’t really work well so yeah first try it work but my arm was covering it so yeah lets do it again second try it work but it looked like a waterfall third try the charm? yes, yes it is Well happy 4th anniversary to BTS us ARMYs can’t wait to make more beautiful memories with you I am excited about that So yeah thank you guys so much for watching I will see you next time bye

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  2. OMG these are cute I'm going to try to make some 😂💕
    what are the measurements for the paper on the outside?

  3. I made these it's so freakin beautiful! You made a very very good job (I'm so sorry for my English but I'm French) HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY BTS 🎉🎊🎉

  4. what editor do you use for make your Voice kawaii :3 ? (Sorry for the bad english , i'm not american ;-;)

  5. lol this is very cute.Btw you llike they mom becuz you say "They Grow Up So Fast Im So Proud ~ " Im gonna using this for mah birhtday party.Btw ignore my name is are bla bla bla becuz I LOVE SQUISHH AND BTS XD

  6. I would do these for my brithday but since my friends don't really like kpop and kinda hate kpop they will just think it's weird.I love this Diy ❤

  7. "Come out please!"
    Trust me it doesn't work, I say that to myself all the time.

  8. It makes me sad because I been an army on debut day and……..I HAVE SEEN OUR BOYS GROW UP TOO FAST😭

  9. Is It Just me or i am starting to look for toilet paper rolls laying around the house and yelling softly "Moooomm!! Is There Any Toilet Paper Rolls Around here??"

  10. Lol if i seen this i wouldve done it for my armyvarsary which was yesterday…..loll💜💜💜💜 but saved for the future

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