DIY Candy Buffet Table – For Your Party!

Hey girls, if you’re watching this is, it’s probably,
because you’re planning on having a candy buffet for your celebration. And, let me just say it’s so highly recommended
because not only is it popular but, who can’t resist a table full of goodies. I know I can’t. I’ll go crazy for them. Anyways, if you’re planning on having a candy
buffet for your quince, you came to the right place because, we are about to learn together. Now, wasn’t that a sweet set up? Pros? I mean we got to learn how to make our
own candy buffet. The cons? It is a diet breaker as you guys can tell. But anyways, comment below if you are going
to have a candy buffet at your quinceanera. Don’t leave without “thumbsing-up” this video,
yes I said it again. And don’t forget to subscribe down below. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. We’re done right?!

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  1. For my quince I plan on having a chocolate Fountain and hopefully you do an Expo here in Las Vegas!!!!! and Of Course that I am having a candy buffet!!!!🍩🍧🍭🍫🍬🍬🍬🍬

  2. We had this great idea at work (office job); we had a dessert/candy buffet. The only non-sweet thing we could have was coffee (to be consumed with the cakes, brownies, and cookies). Not a very good idea…by the end of our work day, we all had sore tummies and had the shakes (and not of the ice cream kind).

  3. Actually, I am catering (cooking the food for sure) for a friend's wedding. I am now gathering ideas for the set up and  the bride would also like a candy buffet. I just happened to stumble on your video. This will definitely work for a wedding reception as well. I can place the wedding cake in the smacking middle. And, all I will need is another one of those 3 tier pastry holder for symmetry. Excellent job!!!

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