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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
candy land theme centerpiece for a fun Christmas event here we go today I am inspired to make a candy land
theme centerpiece because my entire press gave up candy and sweets and all
of that junk after Thanksgiving so for some reason candy land seems so
appropriate for me because I can at least look at it and not eat it so it’s
gotta be fun so whatever you do let’s get started with the video the very
first thing I’m going to do is put my base together for my candy bouquet and
what I’m going to do is wrap it I’m going to be wrapping it to make it look
like a candy cane instead of painting it apart I was going to paint it but why go
through the hard times when you can just wrap it with this beautiful paper from
Walmart and as far as my base here this is a tube they shipping tube that I got
from Michaels and it was about two dollars and 50 cents probably 218 so it
wasn’t more than three bucks so very cheap and you are going to open it and
then you are going to wrap it and I’m gonna show you how and there it is nice the very first
candy that I’m going to be making are going to be peppermint candies because
to me there is no candy land without peppermint candies and I’m going to be
using three plastic containers from Dollar Tree and this is going to go
through three different steps I’m going to paint it with the spray paint first
let it dry and then I’m going to add these stripes with acrylic paint and I’m
going to add glitter okay so yeah so I’m gonna go ahead and paint
it right now while I let the containers dry I’m going to move on to make smaller
candies to have a variety of sizes you know in a little contrast which always
looks better and I’m going to be using round plates to make the candies and
you’re gonna find these in the fancy section of Dollar Tree you know they
have the paper plates and these are plastic okay so you’re gonna find them
there and what I’m going to do is grab two at a time
okay and I’m going to glue them together as so like this and then I’m going to
wrap them with for your wrapping paper and here they are and they look amazing
and by the way the blue is not foil the blue is see-through so what I have to
end up doing was use the opposite side of the pink purple one actually has
silver on the opposite side as well so you can use either one and just you know
wrap it first with that and then you place the blue right on top not going to
place the candy on top of the balloon stick this is a 20 inch balloon stick so
it’s not standard size this is the long one and since the balloon stick is a
little flimsy here what I’m going to do is place a couple of my boo sticks
through the little hole that you see right there so you can be a little more
solid you can also buy wooden dowels the long ones which they sell individually
so it’s gonna cost you more and you can paint them in white or you can buy a bag
of these okay I already had these so if this is a reason why I’m using it
because as you know I like to use what I have so this is what I have and I’m
gonna make it work so all you have to do is just grab a bamboo stick and just
place it right inside of there so now I’m just going to add hot glue to
the top of the balloon stick and I’m gonna glue it right on here so that
didn’t work I mean I could make it work but look how messy it is you know I
don’t want that to look messy you know attached to the candy so the reason I
wanted to do that was because I wanted to be able to see the front and the back
neatly without having to stick sit in the back like I’m gonna have to do so
what I’m gonna have to do is place the stick back here because the other way is
just not gonna be neat enough for me so yeah I’m gonna go ahead and do that and
there it is all ready to go next I’m going to pretty much be doing the same
with toilet paper cartons I’m going to be making four of them so I’m just going
to wrap them and tie them up now I’m going to be making lollipops out of
balloons and I’m going to be wrapping it with shrink wrap but I’m not going to
shrink it with a blow dryer as you’re supposed to I’m just going to place it
over and tie it with ribbon and it’s going to be very easy he’s going to blow
it up and open this up I’m gonna go with pink that’s about right so just go ahead
and tie it up and then you are going to tie it to the top of the balloon stick all right you should look as so and now
I’m just going to put the wrap over it now I’m going to use a pencil to draw
the shape of the peppermint right on top of my container and I’m just going to
rehand it and hope for the best alright let’s do this okay so I’m sure
you can’t really see anything here let’s see nope alright so I’m just going
to go ahead and start painting with red acrylic paint I’m going to be using
primary red from Americana so here is the first coat I’m going to
let it dry for about ten minutes give it a second coat and maybe a third one I’m
not sure I got to see how the second coat is going to look and then after
that I’m going to add some glitter glue in the color red on the red spots to
give it a little pizzazz so after two coats I am going to apply glitter this
is actually loose glitter I was going to apply glitter glue because I couldn’t
find my glitter but I found it so I’m gonna go ahead and sprinkle some on top
shake it off and that’s gonna be it alright so that’s
going to be hard to take off so instead of trying to take them away I’m going to
join them I’m just going to sprinkle to make it even just in the areas they are
totally white because I am NOT gonna go through all of that I wonder what is oh
I know the reason why is stuck to the container is because perhaps the paint
the white paint was still a little wet that really it’s been hours so I’m kind
of shocked maybe you should give it 24 hours before you start throwing litter
all over it it still looks very very cute and now I
am going to dig a hole with the tip of my hot glue gun so basically what I’m
going to do is melt through the container since its plastic and where I
can’t push this through make it a small one okay because you want it to be snug and then carefully open the box and then
you’re going to grab the top of the balloon stick and you are going to have
some glue right in there and then you are going to place it right on top
that’s basically is going to secure it so it will stay in place I’m gonna add
some glue in here as well okay so now it’s time to put the whole arrangement
together which means I’m going to be placing all of the candy inside of the
base so yeah the first thing I’m going to do is place some glass gems inside of
the vase because this is very light and I need a little you know weight to make
sure that all of my candy you don’t you know fall to the side and that should be
alright it feels good heavy enough okay so next I am going to be placing my
floral foam inside of my vase so it can help me with getting
everything you know standing up straight and I’m gonna have to cut it a bit now I’m going to grab my wire cutters
and I’m going to start trimming some of this thick on my candy okay guys this is a this is my candy
land theme centerpiece and it is absolutely fun colorful and beautiful
everything about this centerpiece cries let’s have a good time
as you can see I added shreds to the top of my floral foam to cover that up and
it looks great it actually looks like ice cream so it was kind of with the
theme of it everything about this centerpiece was so
easy to make you’re basically getting you know some blooms wrapping them up
someplace wrapping them up and then you get a couple of containers and then you
get some acrylic paint and you paint them I mean the hardest thing about it
was placing the glitter over it and that’s because it was messy but other
than that very easy very affordable and it looks good love it I hope you guys
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guys until next time bye

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