DIY Carnival Birthday Decor (Planning Ziya’s Party!)

– Oh, you see what we’re
going through today. Do you see what we’re going
through for this party? Ziya you better love this party and you remember it all your life. (upbeat music) Hey guys what’s up, it’s Raven. Here with my mom Chef Toni. Today’s mission is to start shopping for supplies for Ziya’s
third birthday party. I have been inspired
by Kylie Jenner’s party that she through for
Stormy, Stormy’s World. If you didn’t see it, look it up. It was amazing. It was kind of like a
carnival, circus, fair theme. And I kinda want to do a similar thing ’cause I thought that
was really, really cute. So, we’re doing Ziya’s
World fair, not circus ’cause I don’t wanna do
scary clowns and things. But it’s kinda like a
fair, carnival theme to it and we have limited time to
throw this whole party together and do a bunch of DIYs and the decorations and the cake and everything. So, me and my mom just pulled
up to Jo-Ann’s Fabric Store and we are gonna just see what we can find to start off with. Alright guys, it’s me
Raven from the future at the end of this video. I wanted to add in some
voiceovers into this video just to kinda help
explain what is going on. So that clip you just
saw was from March ninth, almost exactly a month away
from when the actual party was gonna be happening,
but I didn’t really have a full month to plan
this party or work on the DIY decorations because me and my mom were both gonna be traveling. I had a lot of other sponsored projects and just different stuff that I had to do to where I was not gonna
have a lot of free time to sit there and plan a party
or make stuff for a party. So that’s why me and
my mom are just heading straight from this event,
that I had to go to, and going straight to the store with literally nothing planned
out, nothing written down. We didn’t have a list,
we didn’t have a proper idea of what we needed. We were just like okay, we
have some time right now let’s run to the store,
let’s see what we can find and see what we can pull
together just on the spot. That was a bad idea. So I’m literally going in Jo-Ann’s with my cute outfit on and my Yeezy heels ’cause we just came from an event. – And I told you to just
do a simple birthday party with cake, ice cream, balloons, napkins for kids, but no. Now we got this whole– – I mean it’s all or
nothing, go big or go home. And yes, when I say go big or go home my original plan for
this party was gonna be like I said, inspired
by Kylie Jenner’s party that she through for her daughter which was over the top, out of this world. So it wasn’t gonna be
anything close to that, but I was taking inspiration from it in terms of having a bunch
of different activities, games, maybe a bounce
house, a petting zoo, a face painter, all types of stuff with all types of carnival
themed decorations. I didn’t wanna do a
little half assed party. ‘Cause last year we didn’t do a party, pretty much didn’t do a
party at all last year. We kinda had a little unicorn theme. I made her a cake. She had a pinata at
school, that was about it. But, this year she’s really
asking about her birthday a lot. She wants to have her friends. She wants to have a party. She knows what’s going on. She’s excited about it, so I’m like okay let’s do a real party, invite
all her people from school. We’re literally sitting down in Jo-Ann’s at their little table
that they have right here. I found a piece of paper in my purse. My mom found a Sharpie in her purse. So I’m gonna draw out my
ideas for the decorations because we have no plan. I wanna do three backdrop walls. – [Toni] So I don’t expect
that they will be square. I expect that they will be rectangular. – [Raven] Tall rectangular, kind of. – [Toni] Right, I suspect that we will put the one behind the food
like this, horizontally. – [Raven] So yeah, clearly we realized that going into the store
with absolutely no plan was not gonna work, so
we had to find some paper and some pens, sit down in the store and try to make a plan on the spot. What you see me here drawing
is these backdrop boards that we were planning on making. It’ll make a lot more
sense here in a minute in the vlog I’m gonna show you guys exactly how we made these backdrops and what they’re gonna be used for. But we were just not being smart. We didn’t have the dimensions. We didn’t know how big of
boards we could even get that would even fit in my mom’s car. We didn’t know what we were doing. We were literally making
up stuff on the spot. So, don’t recommend doing this. Always make a plan before
you go to the store. So how many yards of fabric do you think? Like how big of a– – Well, it’s gotta fit in the car. – Well first of all, how
big is the thing gonna be? – That’s what I was just saying. I forgot my thing. I think it’s gonna be like no more than 42 inches tall. (laughing) We need a tape measure. We can fix this right now, we can fix it. Don’t sit here and looking
stupid, be resourceful. Go buy a tape measure.
– The struggle. Alright, change of plans. We don’t know why we
went straight to Jo-Ann’s and was trying to go
straight to Home Depot. We’re trying to make these plywood backdrop decoration things. We were trying to do too much though. We’re just gonna go over
here to Party City right now and get some of the basic stuff. Table clothes, plates, cups, party favors, just some of the really easy stuff that we already know
what we kinda wanna get. I think for fair themed,
think like carousel, merry-go-round, ferris
wheel, cotton candy. Cotton candy is a good way to
think about it I think too. So I like these two together. So basically we’re saying that this is the color scheme of the party. Yellow, kind of a
turquoise color and pink. My mom doesn’t want me to do pastels. – I’m just saying–
– [Raven] No, no, no. No, that’s so much uglier. Comment down below… I already know, we’re not doing this, I’m telling you right now. But, just so my mom could know this color scheme is uglier. – It’s a carnival, it’s not um, um– – [Raven] It’s cotton candy, carousel. – Cotton candy, carousel, okay. – [Raven] This is just like–
– [Toni] Yellow, is not the accent color.
– [Raven] I know I like it with the yellow.
– [Toni] ‘Cause this looks– – [Raven] That doesn’t look crazy. This looks good together. It’s classic, it kinda looks like Easter. – [Toni] Yeah.
– But, I mean it works it goes together. People always put those colors together. We need cups, plates, cutlery. So we could get some of each
color just to mix it up. ‘Cause it’s not circus. There is a difference between circus theme and what I’m trying to do. Maybe do polka dotted napkins. Just a nice mixture so
that when it’s laid out on the table it’ll look like
all the colors mixed together. So we just came across
this section in Party City that is actually circus, carnival themed. They have a bunch of stuff,
it’s not in the right color scheme, but they do have games that we can setup around the party. – The three games that I had planned was like a beanbag toss,
something like this and I was gonna order something similar to this, very similar. That’s it right there. The other one was the duck fishing game and another one–
– [Raven] But these are overpriced.
– Are you kidding me. We are not fixing to frivol over 14.99. – [Raven] No, I mean
for this I’m not gonna go buy wood and cut all those in it. I’m not doing all of that. But, I just want to make sure we’re not buying something
stupid that costs $36 that really only requires a piece of paper and a piece of tape. – This is one game. This is one less thing
we have to DIY, Raven. We have to DIY stuff. – [Raven] This is what our
basket is looking like so far. We’re getting goodie bag prizes. So basically the way the party
goodie bags are gonna work is you get prizes for
playing the carnival games. So we’re gonna get a variety
of different little prizes. We’re gonna have a photo booth so we’re getting silly
hats that you can wear. This is the hotdog hat. – [Toni] You wanna save money, here. – [Raven] Okay yeah here, ring master hat. Plastic ring master hat. There’s also a plastic cowgirl
hat down there, a pink hat. And little silly things you
can wear for the photo booth. And then for the goodie
bags, as you’re at the party you’re walking around playing games. You have your bucket that you’re carrying. Each kid gets a bucket and you win prizes and you put your prizes in the bucket and by the time you leave the party you have a bucket full of prizes. So we got buckets to
match the color scheme. Table clothes, silverware, cups. Now I felt super accomplished when we were leaving Party City. I was like, wow we bought so much stuff. They had circus themed stuff already. Like we got so much stuff,
we got the whole party. Not really, ’cause this is all just like little stuff that you’re
not even really gonna see at the party and we
really still had to think about the big major decorations that were actually gonna fill up the room. That was the hard part. Okay, so today is March 20th. Ziya’s on spring break so it’s a weekday but we got, I guess you can
call this some free time. My mom is here. Did you hear what I just said, I said it’s March 20th, that other clip was from Marc 9th. We didn’t have any free
time in between that time to work on this party or buy
extra stuff or make stuff. And now it’s March 20th and the party is gonna be on April sixth so, yeah it’s getting down to the wire. We have been looking at materials, looking at inspiration photos online and drawing up some plans for the main decorations for Ziya’s party. So here is kind of just an overview of some of the stuff that
we got at Party City. Just so you can kinda see the color scheme that we’re working with. And then over here, my mom actually made all of these things on her Cricut machine which I’ve talked about a lot in my vlogs. She’s used it for a whole
bunch of different things. So this is just like different pieces that she glued together to make these cute little cutouts. This one is really cute,
I like the glitter paper. And this is gonna be used
for some centerpieces on the tables in the room. So you guys will see a little bit later how these all come together. Over here we’ve been looking on Pinterest for some ideas for
decorations and backdrops. I bought these huge four foot by six foot pieces of thin plywood,
there’s three of ’em. They’re really thin and
we’re gonna be using these as basically backdrops
or wall decorations. We’re gonna decorate them and we’re gonna prop them up on the wall. The reason why we have to have these is because we are not allowed to really put stuff on the wall in
the room that we’re renting and we think it will be easier to just have these already decorated and then just bring them into the space and prop them up and then it’ll be like the main decorations are already
done, if that makes sense. So, for those three pieces of wood I wanted to map out what I
wanted to do for each of ’em. They’re gonna be going in
different areas of the room so one of them is gonna
be used as a photo booth. One of them is gonna be propped up behind the food table or the treats table and one of them is gonna be propped up behind the table that we’re
gonna put the presents on. So we just kinda drew out rough ideas of kind of what materials we’re gonna use. We’re gonna be draping fabric. We’re gonna be painting. We’re gonna have balloons connected to the top of one of ’em
with streamers hanging down. We’re gonna have more fabric draped down with some banners going across. So this is kind of our main blueprint and kind of also doubles
as a shopping list because now we need to
go to the fabric store and the craft store and
get all of these materials so we can start putting
these things together. Alright actually, let me actually show you my inspiration pictures that I got off of Pinterest
for what I’m talking about. I almost didn’t want to
show you these pictures because the Virgo perfectionist side of me is kind of jealous of these pictures. But I’m trying to explain to you guys what my vision was and
what I’m trying to do here. You can see from all these photos that they have a nice pretty table with the cakes and the snacks and the table itself is decorated and there’s a backdrop behind the table that goes with the theme of the party and there’s all these
balloons and streamers and everything surrounding it. And it’s like this really,
really cute little setup. So I was planning on having two of these setups in the
party as being like the main decorations for the party. Plus we were gonna make a third one that was gonna stand alone by itself as another backdrop to have
for a photo booth setup. And we were going to be making all of this ourselves from scratch. When normally you just rent all this stuff from a party planner place and they just bring it in and set it up for you. But no, we wanted to make it from… Well, I’m not gonna drag my mom into this. I wanted to make it from scratch. Okay, so we are at Hobby Lobb. We have Ziya with us because,
well it’s spring break so she’s off from school. Alright oh, grammy thinks she’s hip with her Adidas leggings. – I thought I was gonna go workout but, looks like I’m doing a different
version of working out. – [Raven] So they’ve got tons of stuff. We’re gonna be doing some
decorations that are like this. Low key, we could have came
here instead of Party City ’cause I’m sure the prices are lower. Little side note, I don’t want anybody to take this video or anything that I say about planning this party too negatively just because I know it
sounds like I’m complaining, I mean I am complaining a little bit. And we were stressed
out and we didn’t know what we were doing and a lot of things didn’t end up working out,
but that’s just real life. I’m just trying to show you guys what the true behind the scenes was of trying to plan this party
ourselves with limited time. But at the same time I did
still wanna give you guys this inspiration and a
little bit of a tutorial on how we made some of the stuff. Just in case anybody out there really did want to do
this theme for themselves. You guys can take
inspiration from what we did, how we did some of the
DIYs, but also learn from our mistakes and learn what not to do and maybe just get a better idea so that yours can turn
out a little bit better. At the end of the day, spoiler alert the kids at the party had fun. Everything was fine,
Ziya wasn’t complaining. Nobody was complaining. But it’s just me being a perfectionist about the decorations. I’m just gonna tell you
they didn’t really fully turn out because obviously
we were struggling a little bit and it was just hard. So I just wanted to show you guys the real behind the scenes. The real struggle. We need streamers. I was saying, this I
kinda close, sort of yeah. – [Toni] Close enough. – [Raven] That’s close. Alright, fabric. – [Ziya] That has baby dots. – [Raven] What? – That has dots. – [Raven] Yeah, that has polka dots on it. – Grammy, that has polka dots. Grammy that has polka dots.
– [Toni] It does have polka dots.
– Grammy put those back. – [Raven] You don’t want polka dots? We need pink fabric with either stripes or polka dots for this design. For this design–
– mommy, I don’t want pink polka dots for my birthday. – [Raven] You don’t want polka dots? – No.
– [Raven] How about stripes? – No.
– Well then what? Okay here it is, put it on the
table so that we can buy it. Let’s help put this stuff
on the table, here you go. We got all this bubble stuff. Last minute addition to the party. Okay so, now we are in
Jo-Ann’s Fabric Store. Hobby Lobby did not have the fabric we were looking for and low key Giants does not have the fabric
we’re looking for either. We’ve already decided or discovered that there’s at least one fabric that we’re gonna have to order online. We just want pink stripes
and nobody has pink stripes. Like just plain pink stripes. Okay, Ziya doesn’t want pink stripes but she’s saying no to everything today. She’s in a grumpy mood. Did we even find the
regular satin section yet? There’s a section, we need 12 feet. We need 12 feet, I don’t
know how many yards that is. – That’s three yards, four yards. – Mommy, I have feet. – [Raven] Yes, you have feet too. – This the curtain. – [Raven] Because one six foot
piece is gonna be bunched up. – One six foot piece. That’s one side of the curtain. – [Raven] Yeah. – Six feet is two yards,
so we need four yards. – [Raven] Okay, four yards. I agree with that. Four yards. Ooh, you see what we’re
going through today. Do you see what we’re going
through for this party? That’s ugly from far away though. See that’s Amelia Bedelia,
that’s what I’m trying to tell you I don’t want it to look like. You know what I’m talking about? It’s not a tacky tea party. It’s a carnival. – Let me see it as a
backdrop for the photo booth. – Does this look like a carnival to you? Now this looks like Junie B. Jones. I’m trying to stay on theme
and not confuse the theme. Ziya you better love this party and you remember it all your life. – Okay, so this, we’re gonna order striped pink fabric with the curtains. This is the background. – [Raven] Now what we’re missing is what’s going behind
these blue curtains. So after that, later that day it was already getting
late, but we had been shopping around going to multiple stores and we still could not
find all of the fabric or materials that we needed
to make these boards. But we found like half of it so we decided to go home and at least
start working on them. And then have to order some stuff online and then finish them up on a later date but at this point we only had
this one day to work on it and then may like one or two other days that we had free before the
party to work on this stuff. So we’re getting kind of stressed out about the fact that we couldn’t even find the stuff that we needed. But basically all we’re doing here is just taking the fabric that we did find and taking the plywood boards and just using a staple
gun to attach the fabric to the boards to start
making the backdrops. – So however you want it to go, you want it to cover all the way to the one side of this
one because you were saying that we would do something
else with the top. So that’s kind of what we want to do. – Wait I mean are you trying
to actually do like this. – Yeah. Here, let’s go over these sections. (stapling) – [Raven] Woo, don’t staple the wall. – [Toni] It didn’t go to the wall. – [Raven] Don’t put you hand behind the– – It’s not going through. – [Raven] I feel like
it kinda goes through a little bit.
– It does kind of. – I will say in terms of my vision and my inspiration pictures,
this part was going really well and it actually turned out really well. So all were doing is
taking the other fabric and making the curtain effect. So we’re just using the staple gun again to just staple the fabric on there and kinda gather it up and
create curtains on both sides. I know how to gather. This is what I learned in college. How to get a even gather of fabric. You start on the edges and you keep doing the middle, the middle, the
middle so everything is even. See, and it’s evenly pleated.
(stapling) – Like I said. – [Raven] It’s out of staples?
(Laughing) Oh Lord. You gonna go get some right
now or we done for the day? Do you want me to go get some? – I’m on my way to get staple gun staples, staple gun staples. – Do you hae to go to Home Depot or can you go to Target? Back from Home Depot with more
staples for the staple gun. Finishing up this pleating effect. My college degree is coming
in very handy as you can see. I know how to work with fabric. – The idea is that the pennants will be about this size
or is that too big? – [Raven] No, that’s good if
not bigger honestly ’cause you want it to be legible.
– ‘Cause the letters are gonna be this size. – [Raven] Yeah.
– Grammy, that’s a triangle. – [Raven] That’s a good size. And it also depends on
what it’s gonna say, how many we need. Two rows that say happy birthday and then something else
that’s on here, Ziya, ow. – Ooh, ooh, ooh! What about those lights,
letters that light up that have the lights. – [Raven] This is the box of stuff from Ziya’s first birthday party. Not last year but the year before. Ziya. – Unicorn. I want to put–
– [Raven] Look a tutu. – I want to wear it. – Sprinkles, swimming table. We should have looked in this box before– – [Toni] No, you should
have looked in the box. – I didn’t even know
that there was this much stuff in here. So I did find some usable stuff in that old box of birthday party stuff. I found some streamers
and I found some ribbon which I used to finish off the curtains and tie them back and
then that was pretty much all the progress we were
able to make on this day. Dun-dun-da-dun, it’s coming together. Alright it’s anew day. We now have Ziya’s actual
physical invitations here in the flesh. This was just like an online thing where you can kind of
just pick your design and order them. You just kind of fill in your text. So, please join us as Ziya turns three. And it’s a nice carousel theme and it’s cut on the back too. I’m not gonna show y’all the back ’cause it has the address
and everything on it. But, it continues the same theme and it gives you all
the info for the party. So I thought that was really cute. Over here, today my mom is continuing to work on the centerpieces,
which are basically gonna be comprised of these
paper things on sticks. Like a couple different
shapes all together. So it’s gonna kind of
be like a little bouquet if that makes sense. I am about to start working
on a little banner thing that’s gonna go on one
of the backdrop boards that we’re making. So I’m cutting out triangles of fabric. We have these different fabrics that match with the color scheme. This is like pink cupcakes,
blue cupcakes, hot pink, yellow. So I’m gonna be cutting out triangles of this fabric and these are all gonna be strung along a string and it’s gonna say happy birthday Ziya. Another thing we got is these light up marquee letters. We have her full name Ziya, Z-I-Y-A. My mom ordered these on Amazon. We could probably link some of this stuff down below if you guys are interested. Here are the battery powered
light up marquee letters. Unfortunately, the letter A is a little dimmer then the rest of them. I guess it’s fine. And another thing that we’re doing is having carnival signs,
like this type of stuff. Tickets, you know just that carnival theme with that font ane we’re gonna make little signs that like go with the balloons that go around the party. Alright, for this banner, it’s called a pennant banner I believe. This is what’s gonna be going
on that curtain backdrop that we just made and my mom had the idea to get a bunch of
different colors of fabric and just do a DIY with iron-on letters so it would be a completely custom banner. Now, a big part of this video is not only me showing you guys how I made these DIY projects and stuff, but also telling you guys what I learned from this party planning experience. So I learned that maybe you should spend all your time on these
smaller handmade details that could have just been store bought at the end of the day. Because it takes away that extra time that you could have put into
some of the bigger details or other details of the party that might have been more important. So I spent a lot of time cutting out all of this fabric and my mom made those iron-on letters herself. I ironed on all the letters individually. My mom sewed the banner together and it was really cute, really nice. Put a lot of love into it
but, it’s such a small detail of the party that we could have just got a store bought banner and
put the letters on there. It wouldn’t have been as
unique, which is a downside. But, this was really time consuming and I felt like it took away time from other stuff that I needed to do. So that’s just something to think about if you’re planning a party. But, I still want to show
you guys how I did it because it is a cute DIY. So it’s pretty simple, like I said, just get a bunch of fabric. You have you triangle stencil. You cut out all the triangles and then you arrange all the
different colors of fabric in a multicolor pattern. And then my mom actually cut out these iron-on letters
on her Cricut machine. So again, another thing
that the Cricut machine can be used for is to create
these custom iron-on letters in any font that you want. So my mom designed these and had those printed out on her machine. She gave ’em to me and then I
arranged them on the fabric. I obviously use an iron to iron them on and I did that for happy birthday. So I did each letter
one-by-one on each triangle. Alright, happy is done, H-A-P-P-Y. And now I need to iron-on birthday on all of those ones down there. I’ll be done with this and then move on to the next activity. Alright, so now I am working on gluing these paper thingies
together for the centerpieces. So it’s just multiple layers of paper that create these
multidimensional decorations. So here’s another DIY from the party that we put a lot of love
and time and energy into, but it was a smaller detail of the party that I feel wasn’t as noticeable. But I do think that this was a cute idea and it turned out really good. So like I said earlier, my mom designed all these things and printed
them out on her Cricut machine. She loaded in all the
individual colors of paper. Cut out each thing individually and then she passed it over to me and I took all the
individual paper pieces, layered ’em up and glued
’em together one-by-one. Obviously, I can’t give
you a full tutorial on how to use the Cricut
machine right now. But just to give you guys a basic idea and then I took these wooden sticks and hot glued them on
so that we could then take the sticks and stick
them into some floral foam inside of these popcorn containers and then put popcorn on top so it would look like a bag of popcorn
with these decorations sticking out and that would be the centerpieces for the table. I personally think the finished product did turn our really cute. But again, it’s one of
those things that took a lot of time and effort for
a smaller aspect of the party. So in theory maybe this wasn’t
the best use of our time for the overall effect. But I think it turned out really cute. Alright, it is Thursday,
the party is on Saturday. Daisha’s in town. Aunty Daisha, doing
her best friend duties. Always down to help out. And we’re starting to get stuff together. These centerpieces are coming together. The goodie bag buckets have
everybody’s names on ’em and in here we have like a bunch of stuff and supplies for the party. Balloons, the goodie bag favors, the candy, the toys,
the dress up stuff for the photo booth photos, plates and cups and table clothes and napkins and more dress up stuff. And all this stuff we got from Party City. And some other stuff that
we made for the decorations. My mom made this sign,
welcome to Ziya’s carnival which is gonna go outside of the party. We’ve got this little
carousel cupcake thing where you put cupcakes on
it and it spins around. We got the duck fishing game
with the little baby pool. We just got tons of stuff
that we’re gonna have to bring into the party space and set
everything up on Saturday. Okay, so yeah like I just said, it is now the Thursday
before the party on Saturday. We have two days to try and
pull this whole party together. Keep in mind the cake is not done. None of the food is done,
which was a huge aspect of the party that we still had to do. And we still had to finish these backdrops because those were not done either. So, Daisha to the rescue. Shout out to Daisha my best friend. She always comes through. I would not have been able to even get what we got done without her. And like I was foreshadowing earlier, we didn’t really get everything done and unfortunately not all
the stuff came together ’cause we just ran out
of time essentially. But, I wanted to go
ahead and show you guys how we finished off these backdrops and a couple of other little aspects that we were able to pull together. Another thing to keep in
mind with these backdrops is that they’re not necessarily meant to just stand alone and be the only decorations of the party. The original plan was
that they were gonna be surrounded by tons and tons of balloons and other decorations
throughout the party. But on the day of the
party our balloon situation completely was an epic fail so we didn’t have all that stuff. So they did end up kind
of having to stand alone. But, I would just say if you
are planning on making these for your party just
make sure you have tons of balloons and etra props to actually fill up the whole entire
scene surrounding the table rather then just having
the backdrop by itself. Because it really helps
it look more complete. We just didn’t get a chance to do that. Like I said, because our
balloons were an epic fail so we didn’t have all that stuff. Whatever, long story
short, you guys get it. But I definitely learned a
lot from this experience. I learned that you really
have to think about the overall overview setup,
like the bigger picture of the party and not focus so much on the tiny details like I said, like those tiny little paper
cutouts that I was making and the little banner that
I put so much work into. You’re not really gonna see that when you look at the overview or when you walk into the party. So, the bigger stuff like the balloons and the backdrops are
really more important to focus on first. But you know, I learned it for next time and I’m still really proud
of the stuff that I did make. So anyway, here are the
two finished backdrops. As you can see we taped all these colorful streamers onto the wood and then I just used the hot glue gun to glue on these paper
fans that we had bought from Hobby Lobby and then the
other background over there where you already saw us
making the curtains and stuff. We just added the banner that I made and just added a few
little finishing touches and that was those two done. Now for the third and final backdrop which is gonna be used for the photo booth I had the bright idea to make it look like a circus carnival tent. You know how they have the striped fabric and it comes to a point at the top. I wanted it to kinda look
like the opening to the tent and you could stand in
front of it and take photos. So we had to order this
pink striped fabric online. For some reason we couldn’t
find it anywhere in the store. We wasted a lot of time trying to do that. We ordered a bunch of it so that it could drape down on this big
old piece of six foot piece of plywood and
then we just got a stick and it was just kind of like, okay let’s figure out how we can make a tent. We literally had no
idea what we were doing or how, there’s no tutorial
online for how to do this. So we were just making
it up as we went along. Daisha helped me out
a bunch with this part of just helping conceptualize it and figure out how to make it work. I don’t even know how
to explain to you guys how we ended up making it work. But we used this stick,
we folded the fabric. We used the staple gun
and we figured it out and it actually turned out really good. The last little quick final thing I wanted to include in this video as the final little DIY that I did is I created some signs of Photoshop. I just picked out like
a carnival looking font. I just used Photoshop to create this striped background. Picked all the colors and everything. Put a border around it. Typed out what I wanted each sign to say. And then my mom was gonna
get them printed out. And these are just to kind of make it look more like a carnival or a fair. How everything has a sign,
everything is labeled. Like all he different stalls are labeled. So we wanted to create some signs just as like extra decorations. Now, our plan was to have these be actual really cute signs
with balloons and everything. Like an actual… I don’t even know how to explain it but it was gonna be really cute and they were gonna be
all around the party. But on the day of the party a lot of stuff ended up happening and we didn’t end up being able to setup these signs the proper way. We ended up just taping them to the wall. So it did not give the effect that it was supposed to give at all. Like I’m just gonna be honest. Like that was really ratched. But I was like, you know what I already made these signs,
they going up some how. We don’t have the actual
thing we were gonna put ’em on but they going up on the wall. So, I taped them to the wall. Alright, so that is all the DIY stuff that I was working on all the way up until like midnight on Thursday night. And then on Friday, which
was the day before the party me my mom and Daisha
devoted that whole day to all of the food for the party as well as the cake because I decided to do a DIY carousel cake. And my mom had the idea
to make candied apples and all this stuff that we had to make and prep for the party. So I have all this footage
from us making the snacks and decorating the cake. So you guys comment down
below and let me know if you guys would be interested in a separate video all
about how we made everything and how I decorated the cake. I do have all this footage. I could make a video if
you guys are interested. So let me know in the comments down below. But yeah, for this video
I just kinda wanted to show you guys a true real life behind the scenes of
everything that went into planning and shopping
and DIYing this party. Because honestly, on the day of the party I mean things didn’t quite go as planned. It was raining and some things went wrong and long story short, I wasn’t even able to fully setup the party
the way I wanted to or even use all the decorations that we made or had planned. So I at least wanted to make this video to show you guys what my
vision was supposed to be. And give you guys like an idea of what my plan actually
was since it didn’t quite fully come to life for the party. But it’s okay, you guys will see in my next video, which is going to be the actual vlog of the
actual birthday party. You guys will see how
everything turned out. We had the petting zoo. We had the face painter. We had some yummy snacks. All the kids had fun. Ziya had fun and that’s all that mattered. So at the end of the
day, it’s totally fine. But I just kind of wanted
to give a little backstory and a little explanation with this video. So yeah, comment down below, let me know if you want to see a video about how we made all
the food and the cake. Give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you’re not already and also so that you don’t miss out on the actual birthday
vlog coming up next. And I will see you guys
in my next video, bye.

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