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Hey guys Welcome back to my channel and if you’re new to my channel Go ahead and hit the subscribe button to see more home holiday event wedding and DIY decor Today, I’m gonna show you how to make a very easy and very beautiful giant balloon centerpiece for your upcoming celebration Here we go You guys are going to love this centerpiece I am so excited to make it because you pretty much can use it for any celebration You can use it for baby showers bridal showers weddings birthday parties your sweet sixteen quinceanera 21st thirtieth forty or fifty or sixty and he pretty much any mouseland celebration is so easy to make very affordable and it looks absolutely Amazing. So but that’s it. Let’s get started with the video I’m going to start off this project by making the base for my giant balloons Centerpiece with the items that you see here and what I have here is a plexi tube that I got from Home Depot This is basically a PVC pipe only way smaller as you can see and I got it and a half an inch by five feet Originally, I cut it in half So now is two and a half feet and you’re also going to need a half inch Adapter and you’re also going to need a round cutting board from Dollar Tree. So this is going to be my base now I’m going to go ahead and start gluing it together and I’m going to be using both East 6000 and my hot glue gun Now that the adapter is Center in the middle I’m going to add hot glue to the middle of it. So you can keep the adapter center why e6000 dries? Now I’m going to place the pipe in the middle and this pipe is a little bendy So make sure that it’s straight before you put it in After an hour you can go ahead and paint any gloss black Now moving on to my Manor arrangement which is going to be a 24 inch transparent balloon and go confetti Which is the reason why I love this centerpiece because it’s so so simple, but it’s going to look amazing To place the confetti inside my balloon. I’m going to use a small funnel this one I got from Dollar Tree and I’m just going to place the photo inside the balloon and I’m just going to pour it inside And of course the more confetti you place inside the balloon the better is going to look okay? And I’m gonna grab a pencil to just push it in Alright so that seems like plenty so I’m going to go ahead and start blowing it up And this is about the right size for me to use for the amount of tool that I have So I’m gonna go ahead and tie it up. And now I am going to rub on the balloon like a belly and I’m going to cause some static and friction so the confetti can stick to the balloon and There it is. Nice. Look at that Now I am going to place stickers on it I got both stickers from Hobby Lobby and you can pretty much just you know Write a message. If you like. You can leave it plain if you like, but if you have like a milestone celebration you can put the 50 40 30 21 However, or you can write love you can write birthday. Happy birthday. You can write whatever you want if you wish to do so Alright, so now I gotta Center it as best as possible So right about here And there it is so pretty and obviously if you’re going to do it to the fat you have to do it to the back But I only got so many stickers. Well, actually no, I have it. You know, I don’t I don’t have enough. Yes, I do Yes, I do Now I am going to grab my Balu stick, but I’m not going to use the entire thing I’m only going to use the top of it and I’m just going to pull it off Alright and I’m going to attach it right on here and it should look something like this now You’re gonna grab your low temperature hot glue gun And you’re going to secure the balloon to the how do you even call this the top of the balloon stick? so you’re just going to Add it all around And then you’re gonna hold it there for a minimum of one minute okay, the longer the better Now I’m going to be attaching the balloon to the base, and I’m just going to add glue to the bottom of the balloon here And there it is I did have to move the number down a little bit and I gave it another rub or static So yeah now it’s time for the tool okay, so I have centered the black tool over the balloon and you will know that it’s centered because the balloon looks like it’s In the middle if you have more weight on one side or the other the balloon will tilt in that direction okay, and now I am going to use this black is Actually a sheer black ribbon that I’m gonna use to tie the tool to the base Okay, so there it is all tied up You’re gonna have to pull the bottom of the tool right here after you tie it I see people as a ponytail And you know fix it and Center it other than that very easy. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and give it a little trim Okay, guys this is it this is my giant balloon centerpiece and it is absolutely beautiful I Love it. I love the fact that you can have it for any Occasion you can just change the color of the balloon and change the color of the tool and you have an amazing and affordable centerpiece as I said earlier the stickers or the message on the balloon is totally optional you can leave it without But I think that it is cute with it And if you don’t want to spend money on stickers You can always get a paint marker and write whatever you want on it. If you have nice handwriting that is Love it. I Hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did Please make sure to give me a thumbs up and you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet Make sure to do so right here right now. Also leave me a comment let me know what you thought of my time balloon centerpiece and leave me a comment anyway, because you know I’d love to chitchat with you guys all the time and make sure you share share share Sharing is caring if you know a friend or family member just having a birthday party bridal shower baby shower or wedding This is the perfect centerpiece for any occasion. So make sure to share with them at the end of this video Alright guys until next time. Bye You

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  1. Tulle is expensive like 56$ on Amazon. Was really hoping tulle be cheaper. I have everything except the tulle. Hmm. What todo.

  2. Thanks for the video! Very helpful. Can you please tell me if this can be made ahead of time.. how many days before my event can I make this u think?

  3. I love this idea of using the balloon stick with the tulle balloon.  I have tried the tulle balloon numerous times and the tulle weighs it down even when I used the hi-float. so this is awesome!!!

  4. I read someplace that you have to add some sort of agent inside the balloon so that they last is this true?  If I just use a pump how long do they last?

  5. Love this idea! I am helping decorate for my sons 8th grade dance and the theme is glow party. These would look great with a glow stick inside. Where did you get he large balloons? Your ideas are awesome!

  6. Tayra are you sure you're not a trained balloon artist? I'm trained and I teach balloon decorating in Irving, TX and I visit Atlanta on occasions. Let's get together and collaborate on something when you get your venue open. I would love to meet you and give you some tips and tricks us balloon artist use. Send me your email and I will send pictures on how you could have glammed this up to the max!

  7. Please help, I cant find the adapter at home depot. the one they have looks different from yours. is yours the female or male?

  8. Thanks for the giant balloon centerpiece. I will make for my class reunion to place around the room or as a centerpiece. Been looking a simple balloon decor. I love your tutorials to decorate for events.

  9. Hi Tayra as always you do phenomenal work… I'm in the process of making a centerpiece also but I used a coupler instead of the piece you used.. and it works too!!! I absolutely love your videos. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I made this today for work. What a success. Here’s how I edited it: I used a 600 grit sandpaper to sand the pex-b tube before painting so the spray painting would adhere during transportation!!! Also used a 12 inch balloon and got the pex b tubing in size 1/2 inch and 1-1/2 feet long (instead of 2-1/2 feet like you did) for my project. Thanks for sharing. *Success is in your hands*

  11. Tayra I've tired this tutorial but the balloon seems to be too heavy. It wobbles. Do you have any suggestions. I am making them in rose gold for my grandmother's 88th birthday….

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