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stay tuned john-boy anywhere Christmas
is the favorite time of the year for many people and especially for me I love
Christmas who doesn’t love Christmas and this year
I’m obsessed with red red like everywhere I go I see red not that I’m
angry I just see red which is weird for me because I’m initially into golds and
Silver’s and kind of more like sophisticated look but this year is
ready I’m in love with bread and glitter and involves it and etc everything ready
that’s my thing that’s my team this year I’m going to be
decorating the chimenea right here and my Christmas tree is gonna move
somewhere back there I also want to decorate a table that I have back here
on my couch and then I want to add some pop to alright so this is the area I’m
going to be decorating I’m going to be decorating the centerpiece on the island
and I’m going to be decorating the chimenea right here
the tree will go to the right and then I’m probably gonna do something to that
table and this table here here are the things
that I gather to make this declaration happen
there’s a lot of glitter there’s a lot of reds and there are some Gold’s all of
this was less than a hundred bucks guys less than a hundred bucks I got some of
these up Michaels these are from Michaels the plant a big plant ribbon
this material that I’m gonna find a way to make it happen in there and ornaments
the ones in the back are from Target including the bows and the wreath and
these right here which are gonna play a major factor are from the dollar store one dollar all right so I’m going to get ready to
make a couple of arrangements before I start decorating all right for the
island centerpiece arrangements I’m going to use many ornaments small
ornaments one jungle ornament one bow ribbon and force pins I’m just going to
use one kid some glue and scissors all right so let’s get started it”s instead of honey poinsettias okay
poinsettias for my fireplace arrangement I basically use the same concept as my
Highland arrangement only difference is that I used regular-sized ornaments and
I did use small size gold ones I also took away some of the leaves on
the smaller arrangement because see this is too much and in a pool when I decide
and just set it on the size so it could be exactly how I wanted it to be as far
as the stem the stem is pretty long but I didn’t want to cut it because I might
want to use it later so I just spent it and pushed it in there and then inserted
the ornaments all around there it was pretty easy for the tall place but for
small one it was kind of you have to rework the arrangement in there about
the ornaments in there but for this is that and then you finished it up with a
ribbon last but not least I want to make this
arrangement for these two candle holders I actually go over there with our family
pictures and I found this at cratenbarrel last year himself and I
wanted to decorate it wanted to buy some candles that will go with both Christmas
themed but I forgot just kind of a bit I forgot because you know I don’t want to
do overkill I am doing but so then I’m going to finish it up with these two
jungle ornaments two bows and that’s it so I already went ahead and put the
ornaments here I usually prefer for them to both face this way I don’t like when
this shows and like it is right here but I am taping right now so I’m just gonna
leave it like that for the time being and I’ve finished it or picture later so
so I put those in there and then I think I can fit one more in there that’s um this tape I thought it was regular tape
but is actually two-sided tape but it works
middle here from the dollar store
yes create a mirror but dollar store this is just making me look awesome alright so I’m going to show you all
three together alright this is set this hour all my
arrangements I do at its this one right here this is just a round base and I
added some small and mini ornament in there I thought it would make my little
loop extra nice it’s a 2016 globe we buy a globe each year of the year a family
tradition so you’ll see what I’m gonna do with that later
alright so this is it this light is no joke
hang it together whoo I need a camera person I make a person a
little crew take 50 million all right

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  1. Oh Lord Jesus! His the one that gives you this talent. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm planning on putting D.T. ornaments on small hedges outside, do you think it's a bad idea to do so? would they wear out easily? thank you.

  3. Let me just say you represent so much joy and peace. You just have a glow to you, that make watching and reading your words such an enjoyment. May God bless you and your family, amen.

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