DIY Christmas PARTY Ideas

Meow. Christmas Party! Recently I threw a
Christmas crafts party. Here is what it looks like when it is candle lit. The dinner portion
anyways. I’ll show you in brighter light. So there’s some decorations I had up. They
were just ornaments strung on ribbon. Each guest had their menu choice of either a Christmas
dinner or Christmas breakfast. The guests were also invited to take home a glass so
I put a little tag there explaining that. And here is the napkin fold that I did. I
have a video showing how to do that. And the lighting under the table, was just red string
lights. I had a lot of candles as well to light the event. There’s some gift bags that
they could take the glasses home with. I also have a video showing how to make this very
inexpensive wreath. Here’s the set up for the crafting portion of the party. First we
have the Santa sack which is just made from material and fabric stiffener. And I have
a video showing how to make those. And then next what we are going to do is make a snowman
card. And lastly we are going to make lotion because when you do, your hands get super
sticky. So here is the set up to make the lotion. The guests have a choice of chamomile,
peppermint, orange, or vanilla scented lotion. Ok so I’ll show you how it goes and there’s
also a video showing how to make the lotion. Thanks!

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