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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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holiday event if da weather for today I’m going to show you how to make a
beautiful Cinderella scary centerpiece for your upcoming Disney themed wedding
or quinceanera here we go okay I am here everything I wanted to
use to make my Cinderella spirit centerpiece I’m going to be meeting a
couple of these hanging wire baskets from Dollar Tree I’m sure you’re seeing
those there before I’m going to be painting my carriage metallic gold I’m
going to need round wooden dowel and these are 3/16 inches old or they could
have been a little thicker but I’m using what I have essentially do so I’m going
to be using about 4 of these I’m also going to need 4 of these containers
they’re magnetic pins container but I’m only going to use the list of them and
these are going to be high wheel and I’m also going to need some floral wire I’m
going to be making some cool designs with this wire on the carriage and I
will tell you how many I will need at the very end right now Don Ramiro how
many and I’m going to afford me for floral fall and as far as flowers I’m
going to be using blue hydrangeas what roses and pink roses and to finish up
the look I’m going to be using a linear I don’t know how many yet I’m thinking
about six per whoopee and I’m thinking that you think this a Jewelry Set this
is actually a Kyra necklace I was thinking about painting a gold you know
cutting it and placing it on top of the carriage but I’m not sure
we shall be and as far as school I’m going to use pliers to bend some of the
wires I’ll be back get a craft knife is hot
glue all right get started make it a carriage with the two-step process there
is a stop in there is a bottle and I’m going to get started with the bottom and
for that I’m going to need four wooden dowels and pour lids as far as the
wooden dowel they usually come twelve inches wide and you’re only going to
need ten inches so you want to have to hook two inches off and I use my wire
cutters when you cut right through it pretty easily so once you cut your for
wooden though where you’re going to loo them together and then add the little
and I’m going to show you how to do that right now here’s how my undercarriage
looks like this mm my wheels together while this two in the middle sitting
here focus together are going to be holding the basket up and the distance
between my wheels dowel and my basket down is two and a half inches wide so
it’s two and a half inches all around so what I did was just measure two and a
half inches and made a mark with my pencil and now I’m just going to glue
them together with hot my next step is going to be to add the
wheels to the bottom part and for that I’m going to need my craft knife because
I need to make a hole right here in the middle but you want to make it as low as
possible so you can then place it in here and for that I’m going to need the
assistance of my phone board because I don’t want to damage my island here and
I’m going to use a leftover dowel so I can trace here over the plastic now I’m
just going to cut this middle piece out and there it is let’s see – and there go
one and three more to go okay so now I’m going to use my hot glue
to secure the wheels on the dowels these three are very nice and snug this one I
made the hole a little bigger so I hope it works out so now I’m just going to
add a blue right here to the front and then I’m going to add some to the back
as well just try to make it as neat as possible okay I’m going to add something
to it right there to cover that up but you know just make it as neat as
possible and here’s a bottom part so far pretty
neat right the whole trick to making the will trade to pretty much this have
patience once you have to lose just hold the wheel right there and just wait
until this rock solid and now I’m just going to put this to the side and start
a wait let me show it to you with the basket on top halfway there now we’re
going to put this to the side we’re going to paint it a little later and
we’re going to get started for the top now we’re moving on to the top of the
carriage and for that we’re going to use two bad gifts and only one of the
hanging links you are going to use a couple of these to attach these two
together so don’t forget to make these as well when it’s time to paint now I’m
going to fit these hoops wire hoops right here where the hanging limbs were
attached to and one of mint goes inside so they won’t interfere when it’s time
to lay them up alright so this is as good as it’s going to get at the very
end once I’m done doing the floor arrangement I’m going to add a couple
links right here on these hoops and you know close these together now I’m going
to use this floral wire to make some cute whirly design all around the
carriage so here’s the design I’m going to be adding to the carriage so it’s
going to go something like this but these are actually a little smaller
because these are going to go on the wheels here so I’m going to make them
bigger here with this piece and this is pretty easy you just going to just make
an S just use your fingers to Center that’s pretty much it pretty easy now I’m just going to move them with some
hot glue to the top part of the carats I’m going to do the same with the bottom
part but I’m only going to use four swirl and I’m going to place them in
every other space on here alright so here all of my pieces ready to go and
ready to get painted I’m going to be using metallic gold paint to paint all
of these and I am going to be needing some clean relief tape to cover this
middle part and then I’m also going to paint this world that are going to go
here because I want all the gold to match and I’m going to change the
painting links here because I’m going to use a couple to attach these two
together alright guys you’re all my three pieces
ready to go for my battle part here I did ended up painting this whole area
gold because I did not play the clean really spaced properly and I got some of
the paint on it and it was just too much work to clean it up so I just decided to
paint the whole thing and I actually like you’re better now I’m going to go
ahead and place my throat on the wheel now I’m going to move on to my floral
arrangement and I’m going to start by gluing my chloroformed to the bottom of
the basket I’m going to start the arrangement with my white roses and I’m
going to place them right here at the bottom of the carriage I’m going to
start here for now I don’t want them sticking out of the carriage I want done
right inside see going to be a little challenge so about
two inches long so here’s what it looks like so far this is my bottom row and
now I’m going to add the blue hydrangea right here on top these I’m going to cut
three to four inches long number add a few more white roses now I’m going to
add just a few small pink roses so here’s the arrangement so far I’m sure
I’m going to move things around once I have everything up and going but for now
this is what it looks like I feel like I gotta add some more color here and here
so I’m going to just go ahead and assemble everything together and figure
it out from there okay now I’m going to play the top part right on here and then
I have to make sure that the hoops here are in line with the hoops at the bottom
so I can then use some of these links from here and you know to secure it
alright so here’s the cool top I’m going to pull open this link it’s already open
but I’m just going to show you anyway so you’re just going to put it open like
this and this is just going to serve as security I mean the flowers are keeping
both back is pretty snug and you won’t really move
but you want to place it through each hole so I can definitely not move at all there you go and that’s that also some
of the paint around here is chipping off from me tampering with the carriage here
and some other areas over here but thankfully I have this metallic paint
marker and need to working pretty pretty well for such up so look at that is
exactly the same almost up the paint so I’m really loving it
love it love it love it so I’m going to add this to the description box so you
know the name of it so you can buy it for touch-ups now I’m going to add veneers to the
carriage to add extra spark to it and I’m going to only use three of them I
first up on a by adding six but I was just going to make a carriage very heavy
because this pocket is pretty heavy and I don’t want the bottom part of the
carriage to collapse so I’m just going to use three and I’m going to hide it
somewhere in there what I’m going to start right here at the top first now I
do attempt to at this tear up to the top here and see how this looks that looks great me not when people
would be top of the carrot called top of these bottom of the carriage all
right guys this is that I absolutely love it it is beautiful and I love in
deep here irregular on top they totally work I love it but I’m not going to lie
this looks a lot a lot of work these swirls here gets popping off and I have
to get gluing them on and also some of the paint chipping off and you know I
said earlier make sure to wrap one of these metallic gold markers because you
work wonders all you have to do is just touch it up wherever is chipped and
that’s it perfect this is going to look great on the table and I cannot wait to
see it alright I hope you guys enjoyed this
video and I will see you guys next time make sure to subscribe bye

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