DIY Cupcake Pick: How To (Stranger Things style) (Only Takes 1 Minute) | Discount Party Supplies

Welcome to our Cupcake Pick tutorial. Today we are going to assemble our strange
times cupcake picks. This is part of our Stranger Things party
theme. Each cupcake pick assembly kit does come with
all of the items you need for assembly. Most importantly, it does come with the instructions. It also comes with 24 stickers to help you
build your cupcake picks. And of course, 24 sticks and 24 backings. All you need to do is open up this little
kit here, take out one of the backings, and one of your stickers. Next you take one of the sucker sticks, place
it in the middle; you kind of want it just about half way up the square. And then you just stick the sticker right
in the middle. You do want to press kind of firmly just to ensure
that all of the items stay nice and tight; you don’t want anything falling off onto
the cupcake.

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