Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today I’m going to
be making some DIY Dog Treats! My Dog Cookie’s first birthday is in two
days and I wanted to do something special for her, I don’t normally make homemade
dog treats, she just eats yummy dog food, but, I wanted to do something
for the occasion. I’m gonna be making some homemade treats
based on foods that she loves. Cookie loves to eat peanut butter, she loves
chicken, and she loves bananas. She goes bananas for bananas! It’s her favorite! So the first thing that we’re gonna be making
are these homemade peanut butter dog biscuits! To make these peanut butter dog biscuits,
the ingredients you will need, will be: 2-1/2 cups of whole wheat flour, I like to
use all organic products for my doggie! And it is a good side note that if your dog
has any food allergies, you can substitute the ingredient. For example, if they are allergic
to wheat, a good substitute is rice flour or coconut flour. 1 cup of water,
1 cup of peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 egg, and 1 teaspoon of baking
powder. The tools you will need will be: A baking
sheet, mixing bowl, hand mixer, rolling pin, these cute Wilton pet cookie
cutters! I will be using the bone shaped cookie cutter and a fork. The first thing we’re gonna do is we are
gonna combine our flour, egg and baking powder into the mixing bowl. Then we’re
gonna give it a quick mix. Next we’re gonna add our water, peanut butter
and honey to the bowl. Then you’re gonna mix together until everything
is well combined. Now our dough is ready, and it’s ready to
roll out, and a really good thing to know about this recipe is that it’s not
gonna rise very much because we’ve only added one egg, so when you’re rolling
it out you’ll want to roll it to the thickness that it will be at the end.
I like shoot for about a 1/2 an inch. So you’re just gonna take a little flour, sprinkle it over your surface so that the dough doesn’t stick. Then you’re
gonna take your dough, press ‘em down, oh it smells so good! It smells like peanut
butter! Then we’re just gonna roll it out, about
1/2 an inch thick. Now you’re gonna take your bone shaped cookie
cutter, this is so cute! And we’re just gonna cut out a bunch of
our little peanut butter biscuits! Now you’re gonna remove the excess dough
around your cookies and transfer them to your baking sheet. This part is totally optional, but I like
to add a little detail to our dog biscuits! Cookie won’t know the difference, but I
think it’s really fun, kind of like when you make peanut butter cookies, you press
the fork in at different angles and it has that signature peanut butter cookie
look, I like to make signature biscuit look by taking a fork and just pressing
straight down, to make little divots. Now we’re gonna bake these in the oven at
350 degrees for about 18 minutes, just keep your eye on ‘em! Mmmm! They’re fresh out of the oven, they’re
all done, and they smell really good! They just smell like peanut butter. These
are also people safe, you can take a little bite, it tastes like peanut butter, it’s
a little bit drier biscuit, but just remember, they’re not sweet at all, they’re
not like a cookie because there is no sugar added to them. So, definitely yummy for dog treats. Next thing that we’re gonna be making are
Chicken Flavored Ice Cube Bones. I don’t know about your dog, but my dog
cookie loves ice cubes, every time she hears the ice cube maker from the refrigerator
she comes running! The things you’ll need to make these Chicken
Flavored Ice Cube Bones will be: A bone mold, this one is by wilton and I’m
gonna be using it as an ice cube tray, organic chicken broth and some boiled chicken
breast. I love this recipe because it is simple and
it’s super easy to make, and Cookie loves it! Over here I’ve got 2 pieces of
organic chicken, I’ve boiled them until they were fully cooked, and the first
thing that we’re gonna do is just shred them, and add them to each little bone
mold. After you’ve filled the tray with a bunch
of shredded chicken, now we are gonna add our chicken broth on top. To make
it a little bit easier I’m gonna be pouring it into a measure cup with a pour
spigot because I’m messy! Once you’ve filled the tray with the chicken
broth, now you’re gonna pop these in the freezer for a few hours until they have
completely frozen. And next, we are going to make a doggie birthday
cake! Cookie is gonna get so excited because it is
gonna be a meat based cake, with a peanut butter banana frosting, and
Cookie loves bananas! Om-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! The things you will need for this doggie birthday
cake will be: A mixing bowl, a hand mixer, two 4-inch cooking
pans, I’m using spring form pans, because they’re super easy. Cooking spray,
1 pound of organic ground beef, 1/4 a cup of rolled oats, 1/4 a cup of shredded
cheese, I’m using cheddar, 1 egg, 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 tablespoon
of vanilla extract, and 1 ripe banana! The first thing that you’re gonna do is
in your mixing bowl, we are gonna combine our beef, egg, oats and cheese, and we’re
just gonna mix it together, I’m gonna use my hands. Now we are gonna split this evenly between
our two pans, so I’m just gonna eyeball it. Now I’m gonna pop these in the oven at 350
degrees for about 40 minutes, until the meat is cooked all the way through. Our doggie
cakes are baking in the oven, and now we are gonna make some frosting using
peanut butter and mashed banana! Which is Cookie’s favorite! So I think she’s
gonna love this. So in a mixing bowl, we’re gonna add our
peanut butter, our banana, and I’m just gonna break it up into little pieces, and
our vanilla extract. Now we are gonna mix them together until they
are well combined. Now our peanut butter banana frosting is ready and this part is totally optional, but I’m gonna be putting the majority
of the frosting into a decorating bag, with no tip, and this will just make
it easier to apply to the cake. And then, in the second bag, I’m gonna be
putting a number 21 tip, it has a little star. For a little bit of deign on
the cake. To make it look like a birthday cake! Now that our doggie cakes are out of the oven
and have had a little bit of time to cool, they can still be warm, this is just
fine. We are going to level them by cutting off
the top. This will make them easier to stack. Now is a good time to pick whatever plate you
want to serve your little doggie cake on, and I’ve got this teeny little mini,
I think it’s a cupcake tray, but I’m gonna be using it as my doggie cake tray, Cookie
is gonna love it! You’re just gonna take the bottom layer
of your cake, I’m setting it right here, And I’m gonna put a layer, so that my patties
will stick together. Now we’re gonna put on our second layer,
stick it right on top. Now we are gonna frost the entire cake. I
like to start on the top, so I’m just gonna pipe our frosting all along the
top, and then use the spatula to flatten it out and press it all the way around
the sides of the cake. Our doggie cake is looking so cute, and I’m
adding some final touches, again this is totally optional and not in the recipe,
but I’m gonna be adding a little candle, oh! We’re gonna be celebrating her
birthday a little bit early, and she’s such a little dog so I’m just gonna
be giving her a little slice of this cake, she’s gonna have to share with
friends! And then what do I have here? A little bit of confetti, just gonna put these
on for fun. Ta-da! Here are the DIY Dog treats that we made today! We made, Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits,
organic Chicken Flavored Ice Cube Bones, and a Doggie Birthday Cake for Cookie, she’s
gonna love it. It’s basically a meatloaf with frosting
made of mashed bananas and peanut butter! Om-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Ill be posting pictures on Facebook, Tumblr,
Instagram and Twitter, and if you guys make these for your pets at home for
a special occasion, please take a picture and send it to me, I love seeing your baking
creations! Even if they are for your pet. Also, I made a video over on Wilton’s channel,
I’ll put links down below so you can go check it out. But it’s basically
about a ton of cool ways to use cookie cutters! Like today, we used this
cute little cookie cutter to make dog biscuits! And on Nerdy Nummies, I use
them all the time, from Rice Krispies teats to many other things. And also, a big thank you to Wilton for partnering
with me on this video. Alright, thanks again, bye-bye!

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  1. I made this cake for my 90 lbs dog who eats anything he can get into and he go very sick. I know she doesn’t claim to be an expert on dogs and their diets I just want to encourage everyone to do their research and make sure their dog can eat these things and in what portions.

  2. Hi Ro, i am a really big fan . So i got a pug puppy i named him cookie just because i love your dog and his name thanks a lot for this video cause i have to travel almost 1 hour to bye his treats but you made it easier.

  3. If you're dog loves bananas 🍌 maybe you could put some banana slices on the side of the cake

  4. i made my 2 dogs the cookies and oh my gosh they LOVED them so much. thank you rosanna for showing us this cause my dogs are in love with them 💞

  5. None of these treats are healthy. I’ve tried about every main brand treat out there and always find some type of preservative in it or some added filler. The ONLY brand I found out that is 100% natural and no preservatives is pooch delights on amazon. My dogs go crazy for these things 😂. For how healthy it is, the price is reasonably low. I recommend giving it a try. The way I look at it, your dogs is your family. Stop giving them something that’s unhealthy. Best wishes to all of you and your dogs 😃

  6. Can you please…speak properly ….you sound like singing….????? It is irritating to hear you out !!!!

  7. Uhm…..idk why this is happening……but under every video i watch, there is this Smokey (^_^) thing. Please someone tell meh

  8. Just wasted 45mins making these biscuits. Apparently a lot of peanut butter has a hidden ingredient, xilytol, which is very toxic for dogs. 🙄

  9. I made these and they came out perfect 🙂 I doubled your recipe and made 59 circle cookies using a shot glass. With little designs and everything. They came out really cute and did not burn. Thank you for this video 🙂

  10. I added instead of the peanut butter bananas and my dog loves it so much and bananas is good for dogs I'm Egyptian

  11. Ro, if at all possible, get with Jessica from Gone to the Snow Dogs to make dog treats. I would LOVE to see you two make something together.

  12. oof, I really wanna make a treat for my doggie for his birthday but he despises peanut butter. anyone have non-peanut butter recipes?

  13. Thank you. Now every birthday of my dogs is celebrated with your cake. Thank you. 😁 today is his 4th Birthday.

  14. OMG I’m disappointed :/!!

    I tried the biscuit with coconut and wouldn’t recommend because it’s and odd mix to everything else. Also The crazy Richards peanut butter tastes SO BAD! And it cost so much more than other non xylitol products! Like I’m upset.

    It’s better to avoid all the trouble and go with simpler things like chicken broth ice cubes or plain peanut butter.

  15. I love these recipes, but I don’t know if my dog will eat them. He’s so picky, I’ve only ever seen him eat peanut butter a few times.

  16. See the reason why I’d never make those dog cookie thingys is because my dog is a picky eater so I would be dumb salty if I take my time out to make those dog cookies snd my dog don’t want them

  17. could you do a DIY cat treat/cake? cats can't have dairy and i wanna see your take on it.
    (i also need inspiration because my cat's birthday is usually lumped with mine)

  18. Hi ro just to let you know you shouldn’t give your dog ice as it can shock them and could potentially give them heart attacks xx

  19. Fantastic video. Simple treats but very delicious! Would have loved to see more of Cookie and her birthday party friend chowing down. Sooooo cute!

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