DIY Donut Wall Tutorial | EASY & AFFORDABLE!!!

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home holiday event in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make an
affordable very easy and very yummy donut wah here we go so excited to be making this one of our
guys because I’ve been doing my research and the cheapest don’t walk I could find
online was two hundred and twenty-five dollars they averaged about three
hundred bucks and I’m going to be making this one for $45 and it’s gonna be very
very easy to make no drilling holes no gluing dogs I found a way to make it
even easier and I’m very excited to share with you but before that let me
show you what I have here which is what you’re gonna need to make your doughnut
wall first you’re going to need a piece of wood this is plywood and it’s three
and a half by three and a half and these half an inch thick which was perfect for
what I’m going to be doing to make it easy and I will show you in a little bit
next I’m going to be using this wood stain is just natural I just wanted to
enhance the wood that I already have I just wanted to go for a natural look
but if you want to use any type of paint spray paint this non-toxic wonderful
it’s totally up to you I’m also going to be using wood letters to spell the word
Donuts because like I said I want this project to be easy I wanna be bothered
with stencils and paint because of I’m always worried that is not gonna look
straight so I’m just going to paint the letters with my metallic gold spray
paint and I want to be using these dollies to place behind my Donuts to
keep the food safe and my weapon here is this plastic thing hooks
that I’m going to be using to hang my donut all I have to do is push it in to
the pilot and that’s it very easy very easy and then to finish up the look I’m
going to be using two shades of flowers you can use two to three but two will be
just fine alright let’s get started like I said earlier I’m going to be using
this natural wood stain to add a little gloss and just enhance the color of my
plywood this writes in about an hour and I’m going to use one of my husband’s
socks I’m sorry honey to apply this stain on the plywood
alright let’s do this now I’m going to be painting my what
letters metallic gold paint dries in about ten minutes but it says to wait an
hour before you handle so I’m gonna go ahead and wait an hour before I can glue
them on the wall now that everything is dry I’m gonna start putting these little
ball together and the first thing I’m going to do is place the letters here so
I’m not gonna glue it yet I’m just gonna place it on here and you should measure
I’m going to eyeball it because I’m not good at measuring not that I’m that good
I don’t like missing so I’d like to eyeball it and I’m pretty good at
eyeballing stuff now the first thing I’m going to do are going to be the flowers
right here on this side I’m not going to do the words first because once I place
of flowers and I’ll or if I need to push the letters a little bit lower I’m going
to be using light pink and white and he has a hint of yellow right there in the
middle I have more of the white than the pink so I have to use the pink wisely so
okay so I’m going to start going I’m ready pull some of this off and I’m
going to be using both the flower and delete now that my flowers are glued on now I
can focus on centering and gluing the words donut on the wall now that I know
where I want my letters I’m going to mark a little bit right here with a
pencil so I’ll know where to put the letter back once I’m done gluing it so
I’m just going to add some glue here and then I’m going to put it back right
here run made my mark now I’m gonna add a couple of flowers to
some of the letters on here so this is what I have so far
now I’m gonna sit my dollies wherever I’m going to place my Donuts and then
I’m going to pin them down with my finger now I’m going to pin the hook in the
middle of the dolly in this direction so the doughnut can hang right on top and here it is
all done Nagaraju you may give a couple of donuts fans and for that I’m going to
need a couple of these floral foams they’re round floral foam from Dollar
Tree they come in two so there’s two in there but what I’m going to do is glue
them together and make them into one then I’m going to spray paint it
metallic bowl then I’m going to glue it onto this brown candle holder which is
pretty heavy it’s going to be the whole thing’s solid
yet I’m going to add a dolly right on top to keep the food safe or the donut
space and then I’m going to insert one of these wooden dowels with some hot
glue in there I went ahead and glue both of my floor
thumbs together with hot glue when you add your glue make sure to leave this
middle part free of glue so you can insert you smoking all right so just you
don’t have to glue and push it on there there’s nothing to it except a time loop these things are not a blue so fast can
be pretty annoying sometimes and just I’m going to insert the dowel here in
the middle I’m going to take it out and add glue and insert it again then I’m gonna do
the same with this one now I’m going to dress it up a little and I’m going to
use a bit of this gold ribbon this is 1/2 an inch and I’m going to also use a
couple of the flowers I use on the wall all you have to do is measure pull
around cut add a little bit of glue here to the ribbon that’s not a little bit
way too much and place it over the slit right here a little imperfection from
gluing them together go in the phone together so cover that up and then how
about a little bit more glue here to close it up and right here with the ribbon meet you
can just add glue there and just place the flower right there and that’s it but
before adding the donuts to the stands make sure to place a dolly to the bottom
of these stand and what you’re gonna do is bend it in the middle cut a little
slit then open it bend it on the other side and cut a little so it will be like
a cross so you’re gonna cut a cross in that way see it there you go and then
you just place it over the dowel and that’s that alright guys this is that
this is my butter wall and my dentist pants and I have to say that by far this
has been the easiest project I’ve ever done and so it was easy affordable and
beautiful and you can use this for any type of celebration so I hope you guys
enjoy this video and I will see you guys next time

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