DIY Duck Pond Carnival Game: How to Make One at Home (4 Minutes) | Discount Party Supplies

We have a game to show you today. All you need is some rubber ducks and markers. You can associate different shapes to different
prizes. Where if you draw a different color shape,
you win a different prize. Or; draw a shape – prize, no shape – no
prize. But we like everyone to be winners! It is as simple as getting the 12 pack of
Rubber Ducks and drawing some sort of shapes or letters on the bottom with markers. These are our Luau Rubber Ducks. However, we have lots of different themes
from firetruck to unicorn, and so much more. Once you have all of your ducks labeled, or
some of your ducks labeled; simply put them in a kiddie pool, bath tub, anything you find
fit. Let your guests come up and draw a rubber
duck. In this case, a red star means the guest gets
a disk shooter. And your game is as simple as that!

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