Diy explosion box tutorial!Anniversary gift idea!Birthday gIft idea!

hey guys welcome to my channel today
birthday or anniversary greetings can be sent very easily using
social notification but if it’s a birthday of a special one or you’re
thinking of anniversary gift idea for events or Valentine gift idea then how
about the handmade card all and explosion box. it will definitely amaze
them and even make them feel more valued and special in this video I am sharing
the basic explosion box tutorial explosion box is an aggregate of many
small handmade cards together.In my explosion box there are in all eight
handmade cards.So I have divided this entire video into two parts the one
video which is giving ‘how the explosion box is made’ and the second which is the
description and all the things about the handmade cards which I have made.So in
this video I am sharing the basic explosion box making.Before starting the
video I request you to subscribe to my channel and if you already subscribed in
that case show some love by sharing the video. start with the square of 45 centimeter
and divided into nine equal parts take a square 15 centimeter fold it and draw
and cut hardship on it now we will use this heart to mark heart shape on each
corner match the sides of heart with the sides of square now cut the heart shape
out of it crease the boundaries you can use
scissor for this purpose draw line dividing the heart into two
halves and score them so that they can fall and give a shape of box fold the
heart in the middle of the box check whether the box can fold this heart can
fold and assemble at the center next take four pieces of 15 centimeter square
of any colorful sheet now you can use fevicol or double-sided tape to paste
them these colourful papers we are pasting on the inner side of the box you this is the same heart which we have
used to draw the corner of the box this is going to serve as a stencil for
making the boundary of heart repeat the same for all four hearts pace these hard boundaries using Fevicol
and the hardship now we’ll make the box lid for this we’ll take a square or
twenty two point three centimeter score three point five centimeter on each side
and fold it now we’ll cut one line in each corner it is all the pencil ma use double-sided tape and paste the
smaller squares on the inner side of the cover for the outer side of the pit box we’ll
take the square root of teen centimeters and paste next don’t replace the hearts which we
have chopped from these Hut’s cover the box top and edges with the colorful
paper and here at the top I have pasted the heart cuttings to add compartments
inside the box we will add a sheet of different color for increasing the
number of compartments add add on this kind of sheets at the same now it’s the
assembling of all cards made it seems difficult but it actually not
give it a try make your special one feel more special
and link up to all handmade cuts which I have used is there in the description
box below or up on the screen thank you so much cool bye guys

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