DIY ghostly garland party decoration

It’s nearly Halloween and today we’re going to make a ghostly garland It’s really quick and simple and super spooky All you need are some cotton wool balls, some serviettes, a black marker pen and some ribbon to hold it all together So we’re going to start, we’re going to find the end We grab a serviette This is so simple You open your serviette out Take a cotton wool ball, that’s going to be the head of your ghostsy hold it underneath, give it a scrunch Little bit of a twist to hold it in place Then you find the end of your garland and you wrap the ribbon around loop it under to tie it off and then pull it tight to hold the head in place it’s that simple last thing, just for effect, we’re going to draw on a spooky ghost face A little arch for the eye and a super spooky big mouth And there you go, there’s your ghost Keep going until you’ve filled up your piece of string It looks great hanging on the wall For other ideas, check out the other videos we’ve done over here And don’t forget to subscribe to the Mumsnet youtube channel over here Happy Halloween!

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