DIY Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers | Easy Birthday Gift Ideas!

– [Mako] Hey, guys! Are you looking for some
beautiful DYI gift ideas for a friend or family
member who loves plants? Because in this video, I will show you three easy DIY handmade ideas that are not only great gifts, but also wonderful home decor pieces. Make sure notifications are turned on by clicking on the bell and
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in the first 24 hours. Instead of just gifting another
plant for the collection, why not add in a DIY hanging planter that the person can use to
decorate his or her space with? This DIY looks more difficult
than it actually is. For this macrame hanging planter, you will need cotton macrame cord, or other thick cord you have. Mine was there millimeter
thick that I got from Amazon. A wooden ring, or something
else you would like to use for hanging up the plant, and as an option, you
can use colorful thread if you want to add some
color to your design. The first thing you want to do is to cut off eight equally
long pieces of thread. Think about how long you
want the plant hanger to be from top to bottom,
and then double in length. I cut off eight pieces that were about two and a half meters long. Next, pull the threads through the loop, making sure that the cords are equally long when you pull them through. Now you should have 16 equally long pieces of cord below the ring. To secure the threads, you can either make a simple knot by making a loop, or a nice, wrapped not to make
everything look more fancy. For this step, cut off
another piece of chord, or use a colorful, thick thread, and place it on top of the cords
with the short tail on one, and the long tail on the other side, while creating a loop in between them. Now, all you need to do
is take the long tail and wrap it all around the cords that you just put through the ring, and the short tail, and
then repeat the steps. Make sure that the loop
that is hanging down doesn’t disappear, because
we still need it later. Do this until you’re happy
with the size of the knot, and then pull the leftover piece of thread through the small loop
that is hanging down. Now, pull the upper piece of thread up, and the lower piece of thread down, creating a knot inside the
wrapped cords we just created. Cut off the excess thread, and that’s it. Since I only have colored
thread and it was too thin, I simply wrapped it around the same way to cover up the white cord. Now, let’s start creating the
beautiful macrame designs. I will show you the very basic design that you can change up however you like. Begin by dividing the 16 long strands into four groups, with four threads each. To make the design evenly, I measured out the length I wanted the hanger to be above the plant, and added a few guiding
points to the strands, so I make sure that the
distance is the same everywhere. Secure the thread to your
desk by using some tape, so nothing moves around in the process. Now, for the basic
knot, you want to divide the four strands into two inner
cords and two outer cords. And then begin by placing the left cord over the two cords in the middle, making it look like an L shape. And then place the outer right cord on top of the L-shaped thread, like so. Now, what you want to do is take the outer cord you just placed on top, pull it through the two
strands in the center, upwards, and then up over
the cords on the left side. And then pull the threads
to tighten everything, making sure you make the knot
at the guideline you created. Next, repeat the same steps, but this time go in
the opposite direction. Place the outer right
cord over the two strands in the middle, creating
a mirrored L, like so. And then lay the outer left
cord on top of the L shape, and thread the same cord
through the two strands in the middle, up over the
cord on the right side. Pull everything tight again, and you get your first square knot. Now you can create as
many knots as you like. For my design, I made three square knots. Now, all you need to do
is to repeat the steps on the other three groups of strands. It might sound super complicated, but if you do this slowly, in a few times, you will totally get the hang of it, and you will get super
fast with this technique. Next, you want to create
another row of knots, slightly below our first row
to make everything more secure. Again, measure out how far
below you want the knots to be, and create a few guiding points. This time, we need to create
new groups of four strands. With this step, combine the outer two cords together like so. And now I repeat the same
steps as in the beginning. Tie as many knots as you
want for your design. Now, to create knots
on the leftover strands on the left and the right side, you want to connect them by
creating a funnel, like that. Repeat the same steps,
and then you just need to secure all the strands together. On this step, measure out how far below you want the knot to be, and then make a knot with all the cords, and tighten it to secure everything. Now you just need to trim the cords to the length of your
choice, insert the planter, hang it up, and you have a
handmade hanging planter. This was really fun and easy to make, and you save a ton of money
if you do it yourself. And if you want make the
planter a little bit more fun and interesting, why not
adding a cute message on top? For this DIY, I will be
using terracotta pots and a white pen that is made
for this type of material. Let’s begin by preparing a template, so we know exactly how much space we have and where to write the words. But off a piece of paper that is as wide and as long as the area where
you want to write on the text. From here, you can sketch
out the words with a pencil, and then use a marker
to finalize your design. I made it into a more
hand lettering style, but you can choose any
design you like, of course. To transfer the text onto the planter, turn the paper over,
use a very soft pencil, and then scribble all
around the text area. This will create a graphite layer that will serve as a transfer film. Next, place the paper onto the planter and start tracing one letter at a time. You can either outline every
letter the way you designed it, or just a simple version of the bond, and then adjust everything later. And now, all you have to do
is to trace the guidelines with a white pen, but you can also use a white-colored paint, of
course, and a thin brush. Since these flower pots were pretty small, it was a bit tricky to create the lines, but I think it still
turned out pretty cute. I created to layers of paint to make the white look
a little bit more white, and I let everything dry. Now, to make the
flowerpots look even cuter, or if you want to create
something else instead, let’s DIY funny notes that you can simply poke inside the planters. The main supplies you
will need are polymer clay in the color of your
choice, a cookie cutter in the shape of your choice, rolling pin, Popsicle sticks, and toothpicks. Begin by evenly rolling out the clay in between two Popsicle sticks that are stacked on each other. This way, we will make sure
that you evenly roll the clay. Cut out the shape of your
choice using a cookie cutter. Now, to be able to poke
them into the flowerpots, you will have to carefully
insert the toothpicks. Add them very carefully
to the center of the clay, making sure that the toothpicks don’t accidentally get out somewhere. Press down and adjust the clay
so you don’t lose the shape. To remove any dust and
to even out any areas, you can use a little bit of
rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip, but this is optional. Now it’s time to bake them. Make sure to read the instructions of your oven-bake clay first, so you use the right temperature and time. In the meantime, you can design your text. For this step, trace the shape
onto some piece of paper, using the same cookie cutter
you used for the clay. And from here, sketch out the text. These are the designs I had in the end. Cut out your templates,
and once the polymer clay has hardened and cooled
down, repeat the same steps as with the terracotta pots. Add pencil lead to the
backside of the paper, trace the text onto the polymer clay, and then trace the guidelines
using a permanent marker. At first, I used a black pen for the text, but then I decided that I like the way that the design looks when
I use a white pen, instead. I also used a little bit
of white acrylic paint, but of course, you can use
any color of your choice. If necessary, add glue to the toothpicks, just to create everything
a little bit more, and then you can add these
cute notes inside the planters. You can gift these DIYs separately, or you can also combine them and give them as a three-in-one present. What idea was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. A huge shout out to Eternal Rhage. Thank you so much for watching my videos. I really hope you enjoy this
video and found it helpful. If you did, don’t forget to
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and I will see you soon. Bye!

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