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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
graduation centerpiece for the class of 2018 here we go yeah and you just open the door in the
alarm we never worked okay give me one second okay all right with graduation
season fast approaching I’m beginning a lots and lots of requests to make it
graduation centerpiece and for some reason today I’m so inspired to make one
all right guys let’s get started I’m going to start by taking the top off my
round paper mache box I’m not going to need it I’m only going to get the bottom
and I’m going to be painting all of my boxes they’re running on i’m going to
paint black the smaller one here I’m going to paint silver and the large one
I’m going to paint gold next I’m going to take off this rubbery tabs from the
cutting board I’m just going to use a craft knife and I’m just gonna pop them
off then I’m going to paint a black so here I have my round box and my cutting
board which is going to make my cab you can definitely substitute the
cutting board for black foam board they’re basically the same price they’re
both a dollar a dollar tree and but I like the cutting board because I didn’t
have to cut it or you have to do anything to it except for painting it
and I also like the heaviness of it it’s going to make the centerpiece a little
heavier a little more solid and to me that makes it seem a little more
expensive but as totally me it’s totally mental you can feel totally
different whatever you will like totally your choice I’m also going to be adding
or placing black diamond wrap on the cab so this is definitely targeted towards a
girl or woman’s graduation party or centerpiece but if you’re going to make
this for a boy for a man’s graduation you can definitely exit this out unless
that’s something that he will like I’m also thinking about adding flowers so
this is definitely a graduation centerpiece for a girl or
woman and in case you’re wondering I got this black rap from Amazon and I will
have it in my description box in case you want to purchase it I’m going to
measure and cut you can choose to cover the whole thing the edges if you will
like I’m not I’m going to just leave it bare so I’m just going to cover the top
so you’re going to measure and cut your mom that you need and I’m gonna go it
down with hot glue now I’m going to measure the amount of wrap I’m going to
need on my box and then I’m going to glue it together next I’m going to glue
these two together so I’m just going to add some hot glue to the middle of the
box and then I’m going to Center it as best as possible now I’m going to use
black craft red to make detail for the cap so what I’m going to do I’m going to
use two of these here I have the second one and this one is going to pretty much
stay intact this is the way I make tassels you can do it a different way
but I’m just going to open it up right here in the middle or a split see that and then I’m going to grab a piece of
the second one right here gonna make you long for now and then I’m going to cut
and then I’m going to bring it through right here in the middle and then I’m
going to tie it and it should look something like this and now I’m going to
cut open the bottom thread here now I’m going to add one row of Diamond wrap
right here to keep it together and here it is you can make it shorter if you
like I’m leaving it alone for now I might cut it a little later
now I’m going to place it right on top of my cap but before I do that I’m going
to use one of these gems to place us a button on top of the cap so I’m just
going to go ahead and glue it right here in the middle and I’m going to place my
tassel on this side because I’m going to have flowers on the opposite side and
I’m just going to roll it underneath the button because I’m not sure how long I’m
going to need it to be yet so I’m just going to leave it as is right now
without cutting it I’m also going to paint this multi photo
frame with chalkboard paint the charcoal frame is going to serve as the base of
my centerpiece and then I’m going to stack the books on top and then the cap
is gonna be a very top but even after all of that I thought that the
centerpiece wasn’t tall enough for me so I decided to add these napkin rings from
Dollar Tree underneath the chopper frame in order to give it a little height so
let’s see how that works this looks horrible at the bottom because when I
was painting it the paper that I was painting it on kind of got stuck to it
but no worries no one is gonna look under that yeah so I’m just going to add
some hot glue to the rings and then I’m just gonna glue them right on the back I’m going to start stacking my
centerpiece with my large go hook I’m only gonna add a little bit of glue not
too much and not going to stock it towards the back I’m going to place the
box over the glass not the actual frame but you’re going to leave enough room to
the front so you’ll be able to write whatever you like on the front you can
write a name or you can write the year of the graduation and I’m going to start the silver
smaller book this is actually a medium size if you go find it at Hobby Lobby
this is the medium one and this is a large one and now I’m going to place the
cap right on top which is a little heavy because of the board here which I love
just gives a little more substance you know I don’t know like I said it’s all
mental I have to glue this down a little bit as well so I’m just going to add a
little bit to the corners just be very careful not to add too much because you
don’t want the glue to spill over and he looks just tacky and nasty okay okay so if you’re going to make the
centerpiece for a male I suggest that you stop right here and right now
you can choose to leave the diamond wrap on it because honestly I think it’s
pretty unisex I don’t think it makes it look girly at all I think he just makes
it pop and it looks really really beautiful another thing I’m going to add
letters to the boxes here it’s going to say class off and then I’m going to
write 20 18 well you can write whatever you want Congrats Brad and you can write
the name of your daughter or your son on here and this one is glitter letters if
you’re going to use it for a mail you can just buy something that’s a little
bit more matte but I’m going to use glitter letters but I’m not going to do
this right now because I’m going to add flowers to it so I may need to move the
letters over so I’m going to do the letters a little later I just wanted to
let the ladies know or whoever is making the centerpiece that if you’re making it
for a male this is how it’s going to look like so I’m going to be trippin
about three to four flowers beatboxes something like this the leaves
on here are pretty long that’s the only thing I’m concerned about but I’ll
figure it out all right so I’m going to cut these and then I’m gonna start
gluing down the side I kind of want to leave it like this I don’t want to add
the letters he looks so pretty I’m kind of nervous about the letters but yeah
it’s gonna say class off what I don’t like about this is that the box at the
bottom is bigger and he’s going to have off only in class has more letters on
top I could write Congrats grad yeah how
about that let’s see if I have enough all right
let’s see I’m going to use number stencils to
write 20 18 on the chalkboard with shock I’m not gonna three write because my
handwriting I see knowing as I always say is horrible so I’m gonna go ahead
and do that I’m going to cut the numbers here unfortunately because this is not
going to fit there I didn’t do it before because as you’re working around the
centerpiece you can erase it with your hands so this is no biggie now I want to
add diamond wrap the black diamond wrap around the borders of the chalkboard
frame so I’m just going to add some glue and I’m just going to wrap it around and
here’s what the final look looks like I want to show you one more item I’m going
to use for my setup and let me move this to the side I purchased a charger a
regular charger from Dollar Tree this was one dollar and I painted it with
chalkboard paint and look how nice it is so nice I cannot wait to see it on the
table alright guys this is it this is my
graduation centerpiece for the class of 2018 and I absolutely say it with me
love it I love it I love the fact that you can write whatever you please right
on top of the chalkboard I love that and I’m loving the flowers on it and of
course I love love love love the Black Diamond wrap it totally gets to the pop
that he needs and I really do believe that this centerpiece is pretty much
unisex it really is you can take away the flower if you don’t think so and you
can take away the diamond wrap but I think it will take away some of the you
know magic the total cost of the centerpiece was 32
bucks but let me break it down to you everything that you see on here except
for the diamond wrap was 17 bucks the reason is 32 bucks is because the
diamond wrap cost $14.99 but it is totally worth it if you’re going to make
more than one centerpiece because all other centerpieces that you will make
after this one will cost you 17 bucks because you can easily make about five
to six centerpieces out of the same black diamond roll I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and if you did please make sure to give it a thumbs up and if
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also leave your comment let me know what you thought of my centerpiece and leave
me a comment anyway because I love to read them all the time alright guys
until next time bye

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  1. Tayra, this project is FABULOUS! I gotta go find a graduate to create this for! I can tell you were really excited about this one. By the way, your husband coming in at the beginning was hilarious. Yaass… great stuff!

  2. Love this idea!! Black would go perfectly with the colors of the high school in my area. They are black, red, and silver. You rock!!

  3. This is amazing. My granddaughter graduate in June. Will definitely be doing this in her school colors. Love all your diys

  4. OMG!!! A great idea for my son's college graduation in June. Maybe I'll make it with my son's school colors Blue and White? I don't know how to balance the color not to look to girly. But I'm going to at least try it. Thanks for this great idea!!!

  5. My niece Blessing is graduating this year. You just gave me her center pieces!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  6. πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“AMAZING job,love the project,thanks for sharing your great ideas.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘u did that.have a great evening βœ¨πŸŽ“πŸŽ“

  7. Thank you so much Tayra for making the beautiful graduation centerpiece! My 1st baby graduates this year. As always I love you beautiful elegant centerpieces.

  8. Love it! All your Centerpieces are gorgeous. My fave is still that Bridal Gown Centerpiece!! I can't wait to make that one.
    ~Stay Blessed

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  10. AWESOME!!!!!! Made a folder with ideas for my 17 yr old granddaughter with the Class of 2019 graduates. More, more, more!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for this diy!!!!! I will be graduating from college in May. I am a 50 year old mother of 2 grown children. I promised them that I would go back to school once I got them through college. My daughter earned her master's degree in 2014. I started back to college in 2015. I will earn my Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration. This is perfect for my graduation party. You always make the best diy's!!!!

  12. Hola!!! QuΓ© tal, ya la extraΓ±aba, no habia podido ver sus tutoriales, aunque no los veia, le daba πŸ‘ jeje.
    Como siempre, todo lo que hace muy lindo, cada vez me enamoro mΓ‘s de sus ideas.
    Saludos y bendiciones a usted y su familia.

  13. Love It! Making for my youngest daughter graduating from MTSU Go Blue! Class of 2018 We’re having a graduating dinner party in her honor so this will be the centerpieces (2). Thank you

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  17. Hey Tara,
    This is totally beautiful , I feel it is totally unisex, males love bling as well as females and I believe in giving males flowers as well, My daughter and son received them, and too it can be done in their favorite colors or their school colors ,either way you set the tone, and as always you showed up and then you showed out. Congrats to you. Keep it moving and continue to reach for the stars. πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  18. Love love it…my take on your design will be the school colors for the books… not sure about the flowers (still thinking that one out)… my graduate want to customize the top like their real cap…as always keep showing us the way….thanks…

  19. This came right on time! My daughter is graduating this year from middle school! I love this😍😍. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I had the same idea for the books but I have reading books from the dollar store. My daughter want rose gold and marble. I will use the cap idea…thanks

  21. I am going to try and recreate this one for my sons’ graduation party in June. Thanks for the great all of your videos. Such clear instructions.

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  23. Love this ideal. I have two that's graduating in May, a 5th grader and a 12th grader make put my own spin on it.

  24. Another wonderful DIY centerpiece. I have a son graduating 2020, so this will be what I do. Thinking about adding balloons in school colors instead of flowers. Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. Hi! Love the centerpiece! Going to try it! Where did you get the glass cutting board? I have searched high and low. Thanks!

    Ahaaa! Dollar Tree…I couldn't find it. What size is it? May have to use black foam board..

  26. OMG I LOVE IT!!! I am a cake designer so I first thought it was a cake lol! Thanks for sharing

  27. Hi Tayra! I absolutely love this centerpiece. Do you think that I could use real books to make it as well instead of paper mache books?

  28. This was beautiful! Thank you for this DIY…I love it! I'm thinking about making this for my son when he graduates πŸŽ“! ❀️❀️❀️❀️😘

  29. Hi loved this but I was bummed because I couldn’t find the diamond wrap. Next kid in 2 years. I am going to work on this for him. Thanks for your video.

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