DIY Halloween Dekoráció – 2017 Halloween Decorations

Hi! I made a lot of printable templates for you to make decorations easier. You can find the templates at,
download it before the dark night is coming 🙂 I printed the bat pattern on a white sheet, cut it out and put it on a black cardboard, then circled it with a white marker. And I cut it out with my pumpkin-yellow scissors. I put two bats with a tape on a copper wire and I put the other end of the wire on a poppy stem, and I stick up the other bats to the wall. It is just like they were flying up right now. It is just like they were flying up right now. does not require too much manual skills. Because of the risk of fire, use only with electric candles! Please keep my warning. There are several stickers on my blog that can be used to tag glasses with names in a party or you can stick into your booklets or journal. Now I decorated the guest biscuit bowl with them. We’ve arrived to my favorite decoration, which requires a chalk board paper chalk and a pumpkin template I said I was doing a lot of templates. Otherwise, the smaller sized pumpkin could also use for coasters. I put the board foil on a glass of a black photo frame, then put the template on it and circled it with white chalk. I drew the stem of pumpkin Then I create the Halloween lettering and I drew a spider over the pumpkin. I symbolized the dark night with a black whipping material and placed the other decorations on it. The following decor is a box, it is suitable for storage of snacks. I used the bat template again, but here I drew the motive with a white pencil I drew it with less precise lines, but I could easily fix the bugs… If you like the simple solutions, you can also download the black version of the coffin, saving your time. Folding the paper after cutting. The sides of the coffin should be folded along the lines, and they can be fastened to form the firm edges. My cat was eager to offer her claws, but of course she likes to use it better on me 🙂 Then you can stick the edges together and then make the coffin cover with the same method. This is a bit time consuming task, especially if there is an enthusiastic and helpful cat who have a finger in every pie 🙂 The coffin cover was designed to print on any type of paper. I used white and orange paper. Inside of the coffins was filled with disgusting worms gums, which is very morbid because it has moved or rattled after I let it go. In the other coffin, I placed less disgusting finesse: chili popcorn, which corresponds to a small portion. If I mentioned popcorn, the next useful little decoration: the popcorn box that can be easily create by anyone should only print it on A4 cardboard (any color) then cut it out and folding the edges finally glue the bottom and sides It’s done, you can fill it with delicacy. The following decor tip is the drink decoration I used a paper straw and I put a bat stincker on it next to it I stick a pumpkin template. Fast and easy. We arrived for the last decoration, I used a black crepe paper roll, a white pen and white chalk. Sure, I have template for this too! 😀 I painted the witch with chalk and served the delicacies on it. Well, since this is a wicked witch, she spice the popcorn with worms. I said the worms like they were alive… Bon appetite! If you like any of my horrible ideas download my templates, do it yourself and fill them with some disgusting fineness. Send me a photo of it, I wonder how you use my decorations. Write in a comment which one you liked. And finally do not forget to tweet the bell under the video three times at midnight 🙂 Thanks for watching! Bye!

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