DIY Halloween Dinner – Man Vs Din #5

What’s up everybody? I’m Rob. You’re watching Man Vs Din, the show where I test my skills, whatever skills I have here in the kitchen and I try to recreate three popular courses that I find and that you suggest on the Internet. It is Halloween time all around us. Obviously there are very spooky bats. If you’re not watching this during the Halloween season, nothing I can do. Out of season f***in’ video. But if it is Halloween time you are going to love the s*** out of this episode. For those of you that are new here the first course is what we like to call the Alcoholic Appetizer so let’s just get straight into that one because somebody needs a drink. The beverage of choice that we are making today is called the Brain Hemorrhage. Now, Ray suggested it and when made properly it looks like a bleeding brain, a brain that is hemorrhaging. First off, if you don’t have a shot glass in the shape of a skull, you’re f***in’ doing it wrong. Not gonna look as cool as this. Picked up some peach schnapps. Holy s*** I haven’t f***in’ smelt that since f***in’ high school. Some Baileys Irish Cream, some Grenadine. People wanna put f***in’ Blue Curacao Kuracoso– whatever the f*** this is in it but that’s not the brain hemorrhage I grew up on. F**k those people. So I filled the skull shot glass about three-fourths of the way with peach schnapps then with a spoon I carefully pour in some Baileys Irish Cream and you just kind of like dribble it on top so that it floats on the top and kind of creates this like brain mass. Everybody else just f***in’ pours it in all fast and it looks all s*****. You got to create the brain at the top. Once you do that, then you take the Grenadine and you just slowly pour it over the spoon and drip it within the brain and it kind of like fills up like little f****in’ blood sacks and then it explodes. F***. Look at that! Look at that! That is a brain hemorrhage. Oh, that was a good one. Huh? That’s the f***in’ way you do it… Wooo… If you are the type of person who does not like swallowing thick gooey substances. If you’re not the type of person who likes swallowing coagulated cream. If you’re not a person who like to swallow. Let’s just put it that way. In general weird f***ing s*** this drink is not for you. Cheers! Oh f*** Oh, oh! S***. That does not go down as easy as it did years ago. *coughs* Alright! Let’s just f***in’ move on. we’re moving on to the main entree. The f***in’ vegans are gonna love this one. We are making a zombie meat face meatloaf. I don’t know what the f*** you would call this thing. Meathead. Zombie Monster Meat Loaf Monster Meatloaf, that sounds good. Now M.O.D.O.R.K– M.O.D.O.R.K. Clever. Suggested this in the comments. It’s a f***in’ face made out of meat. Alright I grabbed all the f***in’ meats for this one. That is a lot of cow! *moos* I throw it into a bowl, uh, seasoned it in from what I can remember you just gotta put like a bunch of s*** in it, like eggs. So I put in some egg whites, steak sauce. All like just like old condiment s*** you find in the back your refrigerator. All that s*** goes: mustard, ranch dressing. F*** it. I’m a god damn adult and I can do whatever the f*** I want. Then I just– I mixed all of it up and then plopped it on to a baking sheet. Shaped the face. Pretty simple. Added some bacon on there and so kind of looks like bandages. Maybe it’s like a bacon mummy? I don’t know what the f*** this but it’s a monster. Then frmo some onions, I cut out some eyes and I cut out some teeth and systematically place them so that it looked like a monster face. *record scratch* I forgot to put the ketchup on it! The ketchup is a main f***in’ staple of the meatloaf so I put some ketchup on the face. Sauced it up a little bit on the sides and threw it in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour, which means I’ve gotta wait now a f***in’ hour for it. But don’t worry. I’ve got an activity for us while we wait. I saw this the other day while scrolling through Pinterest and it is these dirty q-tips and they’re f***in’ super gross so I had to f***in’ make them. They’re simply just these lollipop sticks and I cut them down a little bit. Threw a couple of mini marshmallows on them and then dipped them in some smooth peanut butter. Just take a look here Ooooh yeah! F***in’ look at that! A brand new tub of peanut butter. One more thing you can do as a grown-a** person. Dip your f***in’ finger in the peanut butter jar because you know what? F*** utensils! You want to taste some of this? Taste some of this. Taste it! Oooh yeah that’s it! Get in– Get in there. Oh.. Oh s***. Real f***in’ quick note: uh, cleaning peanut butter off of your camera lens not– not the easiest thing to do. No… Still not clear. Now okay, all right, here we go. Alright, alright, alright. I-I dip the q-tip into the peanut butter and i just threw all into an old q-tip container and these things look absolutely f***in’ disgusting. That is f***ing gross. But how do they taste? That is the question. Mmm it tastes pretty good. So its got that going for it. These are absolutely f****ing disgusting looking. Alright, moving on to the meatloaf, which is almost ready here. Oh yeah, look at that! Oh, wait… ughh.. Oh, look at that! Looks like there is a breach of animal fat that kind of bubbled on to the surface here and just kinda seriously disfigured my zombie meat face. Ugh! You can kind of just, I guess, scrape that off. I guess? Fix it back up there. The onions and… I don’t know. Honestly this does not look as appetizing as the picture. But… well, its got a f***in’ taste? Then we’ll find out. Oh damn.. F***, that’s good. That’s really good. Wooo! That was a good job. Look at that! I’m not sure if this meat is all the way cooked through though. *burps* Alright, enough of that. Step way from the meat face! Moving on to dessert! The almighty, grand chipmunk wizard suggested this pin, homemade candy corn. It looked pretty easy. It’s pretty much just f***in’ sugar on top of sugar, melted in the sugar formed into f***ing sugar. You gotta take a bunch of exact measurements and mix a bunch of s*** together. It’s a– It’s a f***ing process! I’m not gonna lie. I could be really helpful here and give you all the ingredients and all the steps of the bulls***, but come on. Are you really gonna f***ing make your own goddamn candy corn? I’ll leave the f***ing link in the description, if you’re that f***ing serious about it. So i ended up with like this sugar fondant dough, which I separated into kind of three different piles so that I can add my colors. Yellow in that one and then I just kept this one white. And red in this one. The dough just really didn’t take it. It’s not having this dye and this just f***ing looks– This looks f***ing– This looks like a f***ing dog d***.
This looks f***ing terrible. The yellow portion of all this, that didn’t really take either and was just next to impossible to f***ing rollout. I just– I don’t think I did this right. This sugar dough bulls*** did not turn out. For the f*** of it, I’ve laid them out and stacked them together and began cutting the triangles and not only are these the f***in’ size of like small pizza slices but the the colors are all wrong. They look nothing like candy corn and I got a– I got a try it again. That means fixin’ and cookin’ and mixin’ all of this f***in’ s*** together again and crossing my f***ing fingers this time that it all f***ing comes out. And holy s*** by f***ing Jove, I think he’s f***ing got it.
Who the f***? Who the f*** is Jove? That’s the f***ing question. I started to mix some color in and it was actually a lot easier this time and I also figured out that red and yellow made orange. Didn’t think I’d ever use that knowledge outside of the first grade, but here we are! Alright, I rolled them out and then stacked them up and cut them into triangles and holy s*** what a f***ing difference between the first f***ing batch! Look at these f***ing things! They turned out! This is just like the f***ing s*** you get in the store! Look at that! Huh? Alright, moving on to the next step here. Now you just gotta take these. You just take ’em over here to your closest garbage bin and you throw them away. Throw them the f*** away because candy corn is f***ing disgusting! It’s f***ing gross and if some f***ing t*** waffle this Halloween f***ing decides to give you f***ing candy corn, just you f***ing tell them. You confront them. “This is some s***** f***ing candy!” “I won’t stand for it!” Give them back their f***ing s***** candy corn and f***ing be on your way. And if you come across a f***ing house that’s giving away f***ing toothbrushes, try to set that f***ing person’s house on fire. Who’s going to recognize you? You’re in a f***ing costume! Am I right? A big thanks to everyone who picked up the ThreadBanger box box. A ton of you have been getting them over the weekend and then making an unboxing videos and taking pictures and making cheesy cloth ghosts. There’s only a few left so if you want to pick one up over at Be sure to leave your future project suggestions down there, in the comments below.
Otherwise, I have no idea what the f*** I’m doing like a deer in goddamn headlights over here. Subscribe if you are not and that’s like that’s actually a pretty decent amount of you. So if you’re watching this f***ing video and not subscribed? Rude. And I know who the f*** you are, so click that little f***ing red button before it’s too f***ing late. That’s all I’m saying. Is that a threat? I don’t know. I don’t know! Is it? Is it? *snipping sounds* Watch your back.

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  1. Perfect. The one video where I happen to have the random thing you need. I knew these skull shot glasses would come in handy someday.

  2. Ketchup doesn't go on until the last 20 minutes of cooking. Otherwise it cooks too long and the ingredients separate… gfy Rob

  3. “If you are a person that can’t handle swallowing thick goey substances”

    “If you don’t like swallowing crea-“

    “If you don’t like swallowing”

    Oof each time my mind went to the dirty version

    Rob likes to swallow

  4. Ok so i live in england where you cant really find candy corn that easily (it aint common 😂😞) and 2 years ago when me and my friends went trick or treating this random lady had a bowl full and it was literally the best night ever bc of her 😂 that was the 1 and only time i have tried it 😂😞

  5. Who cares if you don't like candy corn? Nobody, as it's your opinion. I like it, and I don't care if you hate it. So, who cares? Absolutely nobody.

  6. even though it's literally Christmas Eve and I'm watching this I don't care because I love Halloween this my favorite

    you have offended my grandmas meatloaf

  8. I think you’re supposed to make the head first In the oven for an hour then add the bacon put in the oven for 15 minutes with the onions

  9. I showed my dad this video and now he really wants to make that zombie meatloaf and shot glass. He's excited to do it now. Thanks guys! x,D

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