Boo! welcome back to my mom’s channel… where we talk all about life, food, family and fun . Does this costume make me look fat ? today
we’re going to teach you about some fun Halloween snacks that kids’ll love take
it from a kid ninja like me ok like my boy said this channel we do life food
family and fun and today we’re definitely doing something fun we’re
doing three Halloween treats for you that you can serve on Halloween at a party
and for breakfast and if you stay all the way to the end I’m going to give you
my favorite favorite Halloween game tip that’ll get everyone mingling everybody
loves it we’ve done it year after year that it is a huge hit so stay tuned to
the end so if you’re interested in that stay tuned and let’s do this our family is known for its Halloween
parties and every year we throw one it’s about fifty to sixty people and it is so
much fun and it is as a costume party that is a contest we have all sorts of
different games and I’ll tell you one at the end if you hang out to the end and
they’re super super fun so here’s a couple pictures of some costumes that my
husband and I’ve been in so today we’re going to show you some of the things we
do at those parties okay the first thing we’re going to do is make bloodshot
eyeballs and all you’re going to need is some jumbo marshmallows some scissors a
toothpick and red and blue food coloring so what you’ll do is hold it like this
and cut it long ways just like this and when you cut them they ends up
looking exactly like the shape of eyeballs like this so after that we’re
just gonna take your blue and you might want to wear gloves because it does kind
of get all over you so we’re gonna take that and just drop that in the middle to
make an eyeball then with the red I’m just gonna take a toothpick and you’re
gonna dip that into the red and all you’re gonna do is make your bloodshot
eyes all the way around it just like this so when we’ve got two of
them you’ll want to store these in an airtight container if you’re making them
ahead of time but you’ve got bloodshot eyeballs so you guys wanna try the
eyeballs yes okay so do you guys want to try one of these yeah all right Zack
first you try this and tell me what you think of bloodshot eyeballs good okay Jake now you try what do you
think? Taste’s like a marshmallow! okay the second one is you’re gonna be making a pumpkin fruit kabob
and I’m gonna insert a picture of what this looks like but what you’re gonna
need is one pumpkin not carved and you’re gonna draw a face on it with a
black sharpie whatever it is that you want to draw and then you’re going to
use these wooden skewers and you’re just gonna put rows of different kinds of
fruit on there and then stick it into your pumpkin for its hair and then it is
going to be a beautiful centerpiece people can come by and take fruit off of
it it is so so cute so I’m gonna insert a
picture right now of what it looks like and finally to get your
trick-or-treaters started off right we’re gonna do some Halloween pancakes
and it’s super easy so what you’re gonna do is make your Halloween pancake
batter which is just regular pancake batter and you are gonna make sure
there’s no lumps and it’s a little bit thinner than you would normally make a
pancake batter and then you’re just going to use one of these types of
containers a ketchup one or a mustard one or whatever it is so that you can
actually draw I’ve buttered my skillet here and the first thing we’re gonna do
is make a pumpkin so what you’ll do is make the stem and make your pumpkin with
its lines that come down and as you’re doing that you’re just gonna let that
sit there and brown up just a bit before we fill it in that way when we flip it
over it’s actually gonna have the lines in there because they’re gonna be darker
so I’ll do a ghost over here and we’re gonna let that sit as well
once this Browns up a little bit we’re gonna fill it in then we’ll flip it over
and you’ll see what it looks like we’re going to make pumpkins ghosts spider
webs because in our family the tradition is spiderweb pancakes every Halloween
morning and we’ve just kind of expanded a little bit into some other shapes but there is a pumpkin and we’ve got
those friendly ghosts over here like that and now we’re going to do a spider
with spiderwebs would be a little bit trickier I used to make them completely
open and laid them on the top so I’ll try and make one like that I don’t know
if I can make those anymore and then I’ll make one that’s filled in alright boys we’re here with our
Halloween pancakes and you’re gonna test them out and see what you think I’m
observing you right now it doesn’t look like we’ve picked the best costumes for
sampling food but we’re gonna see how it goes ready go what do you think I think I need a
different suit for this if you are here with me to the very end here is my tip now we
have thrown multiple Halloween parties and every year we do this game it is so
much fun because we have about 50 to 65 people that come to these parties and
they don’t all all know each other so what we do is we turn our house into a
murder mystery and the way that we do this is i print out sheets of paper that
have the villains it has the rooms that the crime was committed in and it has
the weapons and the way that you do it is that on your piece of paper that
you’re giving out each person is going to have a room that they came from so it
was the dungeon or the cellar or the attic or wherever it is you can just
pick different kind of fun Halloween type locations and there will be all
sorts of locations except for one then on the piece of paper there’s going to
be all of the locations that are potential and you’ve got to walk around
and ask where everybody came from so you’re gonna say where did you come from
and they say they came from the cemetery you’re gonna mark that off once you get
everything marked off except one you know where the crime occurred as far as
the villains every year I did a theme so the last time I did this I did a Disney
theme so it was all Disney Villains and I had pictures of Disney Villains hidden
all over the house and people have to go around the house in designated areas
wherever you want that to be and you have to find all of them except for one
and once you found all of them except for one you know who committed the crime
then I hid weapons everywhere I hid scissors and knives and ropes and
hammers and all sorts of different things in my back yard in the front yard
in the house where people had to go around and try and find the actual
weapons and sometimes I got pretty creative putting them in the fireplaces
or in a microwave just behind you know pasting it behind the microwave door you
can barely see it microwaves off just different fun places
to hide it and then once somebody has marked off all of those except one you
now know the weapon the way that this gets people mingling is that you have to
ask everybody where they came from and then you’re talking to everyone and then
I just do like a Starbucks gift card or something as a prize and it’s really
really fun it just makes a really fun event at your Halloween party so that’s
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  1. Those pancakes are so cute and perfect for Halloween! I think that's such a neat idea to have those on Halloween morning. I'm totally doing that this year – my little boy will love them!

  2. LOVE THIS! You're parties are always the best. I've been to your parties and have sampled your treats. Great ideas. Everyone should try them. The boys costumes are awesome!! Love you, Zach and Jake! ( And you too, Heather )

  3. We used to do Halloween parties for our neighbourhood! 50 to 60 people too! Our boys are too big now and not interested in costume parties. We played games and watched a scary movie on a big screen while adults were having some drinks. I transformed our house into a haunted house and it took me about a month to prepare everything. I don’t have that much time any more!

  4. your kiddos are so fun and made me laugh! LOVE the awesome tricks and will be doing that this Halloween now! πŸ™‚

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  6. I will so legit be trying those pumpkin pancakes. They look awesome! May even add some pumpkin spice because I'm basic

  7. Both my boys are going to be Ninja's this Halloween! You're so stinkin' creative, I need you to rub off on me!! Thanks for the awesome tips! ( I'M totally doing to make those marshmallow eyeballs.)

  8. Oh I love your shirt in this! Very fitting for Halloween/fall! The music is also awesome, your decorations are fantastic and I LOVE the intro with your hilarious kids. Everything in this video from the eyeballs to the pancakes to the games sounds awesome – your Halloween parties sound like the BEST – I wanna come! Cheers!

  9. This is so fun! My granddaughter would love the marshmallows! PS…your kids are totally stealing the show! They are too cute! πŸ™‚

  10. love your kids!!!! Love the musci. Love halloween. Favorite holiday! I want to come to your house for halloween!!!!

  11. love the pancakes…. I've never made a spider web pancake… guess what we're gonna do? they were awesome! Elizabeth

  12. Love-love-love the game. I need to think how to adapt it to the Parents Night Out we are doing this Saturday so that it's not too scary for little kids πŸ™‚

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