Hi guys, if you don’t know, I’m Karen
Kavett and today I was asked by Hatchimals to make some DIYs to celebrate Hatchimals
Day on the 6th of October. That’s the day when the new Hatchimals Surprise
toy is coming to Michaels Stores. And if you didn’t already know, Hatchimals
are an interactive toy that you get to hatch out of the egg yourself. So to get ready for Hatchimals Day, and to
celebrate the arrival of my new baby Hatchimal, I’m going to be throwing a Hatchy Birthday
Party – get it, it’s like Happy Birthday, but Hatchy Birthday. I, I thought it was cute. So, I have three DIYs for you if you want
to throw a Hatchy Birthday Party too – one of them is super easy, one is a little more
involved, and then the last one is a little more difficult for if you and your Hatchimal
are feeling very ambitious. But you can do them, I promise, I’m gonna
break it down for you step by step, so let’s get started. First of all, it’s not a birthday party
without party hats. I’m going to be using this glittery, shiny
craft paper which you can get at Michaels. But before we get to that, grab some scrap
paper and trace something round like a bowl from your kitchen onto it. Then cut it out, and cut it in half. Trace that onto the back of your glitter paper
and cut that out too. Now carefully bend it into a party hat shape
and then use hot glue to glue it in place. If you’re using a thinner paper than this,
you could use a glue stick or double sided tape instead. But for my paper only hot glue would hold
it in place. And if you’re not old enough to use a hot
glue gun on your own, make sure that you ask a grown-up for help. Once that’s cooled down, we of course need
a pom pom for the top, so use more hot glue to glue that on there. And then use a hole punch to add holes to
each side of the hat and tie on a piece of elastic. And that’s it. You’ve made a mini party hat perfect to
celebrate a Hatchy Birthday. Ok this next one is a little bit harder, but
trust me, you can do it. We’re making a Hatchy Birthday banner to
decorate our birthday party. For this you’ll need two sheets of craft
paper – the same glitter paper we used earlier, another piece of paper of your choice, and
some small letter stickers. All of these supplies are available at Michaels. First, grab some scrap paper and fold it in
half. Cut off one of the corners to make a triangle,
and trim it down until you like the size. Cut a second triangle the same way so you
have one big and one small. Then flip over your scrapbook paper and trace
the small triangle 15 times. Do the same thing with the glitter paper and
the big triangle. Go ahead and cut those out. Now use a glue stick to glue the small triangle
right on top of the big triangle. Then add your letter stickers to spell Hatchy
Birthday! Now you’ll need string and a small hole
punch. Carefully punch two holes in the top of each
triangle. Then string them on so it looks like a banner. Lay the two banners next to each other and
tie the strings together, and you’re done. You can hang this up with colorful tape and
it makes the perfect DIY decoration for your Hatchy Birthday Party. So we’ve got our party hat, we’ve got
our decoration, now we need a birthday cake. Start with an empty roll of duct tape and
carefully use scissors to cut out a section from it. This can be a little difficult, so don’t
be afraid to ask a grown-up for help. Then trace that circle onto a cereal box and
mark the section that you cut out. Draw lines into the center and then cut out
both of those shapes. You’ll need two of them, so trace them and
cut them out again. Then cut rectangles to fit on the inside of
that wedge you cut out. Now we’re going to hot glue all of the pieces
together. Take your time, you’ll want to be very,
very careful with this step. Start with the top and the bottom and then
add the rectangles and you can see how it starts to look like a cake. Do the same thing with the piece you cut out
to make the missing piece of cake. This step is optional, but to add some texture
and to look like frosting, I also covered the entire top of the cake with more hot glue. Once all of the glue is dry, paint it white,
and now is the fun part – you can decorate your cake any way you like. If you don’t have paint like I’m using
here, you could use markers or whatever you have – let your imagination run wild. To add decorations to the cake, I like using
3D puffy paint which again, I bought at Michaels, and it adds so much texture just like cake
frosting. Let the paint dry completely, and now you
have make a super cute birthday cake for your Hatchimal’s super cute birthday party. Well I don’t know about you, but I think
we are ready for our Hatchimals Day party. Now I just have to wait for this one to finish
hatching so I can raise it from a baby to a toddler to a kid. And if you get one too, you can unlock new
ways to play at each stage. I just love being able to be creative and
make accessories for toys using stuff that was just found all around my house, so I hope
you guys liked all of these DIYs. If you want to get your own Hatchimals Surprise,
they are available at Michaels Stores on the 6th of October, and make sure that you stay
tuned to my Instagram on the same day so that you can find out which Hatchimal I’ve got
hatching from my egg. Thank you guys so much for watching, I’ll
see you all next time.

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  1. I hope you guys like these DIYs I made with the new Hatchimals Surprise toys! Do you ever make miniatures like these? I love all tiny things 😍

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your talent. I love all of these DIYS but I’m especially fond of that birthday cake.
    I love miniatures!!

  3. "This can be a little difficult. Don't be afraid to ask a grown-up for help" – "Ok, I will" – Me, an almost 22 year old women.

  4. I never do any of your DYIs but you are so adorable and you have such a nice energy that i cant stop whatching your videos!

  5. This is awesome! My sister is obsessed with hachimals right now. This is perfect for her next bday party! Thx Karen!

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