DIY Holiday Gifts/Stocking Stuffers & Prank Ideas!

hey guys! today’s video is going to be diy
Christmas gifts and pranks! Cannot believe it’s already basically christmas
time. And I really hope this video gets you guys
into the festive Christmas spirit.The gifts in the video are beyond adorable, the pranks
are super funny. Duh! And you guys, my first diy in this video is
actually inspired by fingerlings. If you don’t know about fingerlings, they
are basically these adorable little baby monkeys and they’re actually like little robots. She’s real cute. And this one right here is apart of the limited
edition glitter collection so this is the glitter turquoise. And you guys probably know this, but I literally
love glitter. Fun story- I actually broke my mom’s vacuum
cleaner because I used so much glitter it just completely clogged the vacuum cleaner. True story, but don’t worry you guys, I bought
her a replacement so we’re all good but this littler fingerling is definitely my favorite. And the glitter fingerlings totally remind
me to shine bright everyday so my cute little baby monkey fingerling, Amelia and I want
to remind you guys to also shine bright everyday and especially this holiday season. If you guys want to see some really fun diy
christmas gifts and pranks, then just keep on watching. Let’s go! So my first diy is called Glitter Grub and
I don’t know about you, but I totally think my fingerling Amelia approves of this. The ingredients are popcorn, pretzels, captain
crunch, and some m&ms. And very simply, you just want to get a large
mixing bowl and just mix all the ingredients together. Next, you want to take a baking sheet with
some parchment paper on top and you wanna spread out the mixture. So now it’s time for some real fun. I’m drizzling some Christmas green candy melts
all over and using I think, pretty much, yeah positive, the best invention in the world
and that is edible glitter. Can you guys believe this? It’s actual glitter you can eat! So now our glitter grub is complete and I’m
just scooping it into a really cute treat bag. I think it looks so pretty, obviously the
glitter is like a huge thing for me- LOVE glitter! And I’m just going to top it off with a pretty
red bow and we’re done! We elves like to stick to the four main food
groups. Candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. You guys, I cannot believe I just came up
with this now, like what?! I’m showing you how to make a buddy basket. So obviously you guys know the movie Elf,
I mean who doesn’t? One of the best Christmas movies eva! Anyway, elves like to stick to the four main
food groups which are candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup. So just take a cute basket and add all those
things and you have your very own Buddy the Elf basket. This has got to be the funniest prank I’ve
ever seen for Christmas time. You just take a pack of batteries and put
a gift tag that says “gift not included” on it. Because how many times do you get a gift that
says “batteries not included” so you’re kinda flipping the equation here. And this one is probably the cutest prank
I’ve ever seen for Christmas time. You’re going to need 3 cups rice cereal, 4
cups marshmallows, 1 1/2 cups crushed oreos, 2 tbsp butter and some black food gel. In a mixing bowl, you just want to add the
butter and marshmallows and microwave for 60-90 seconds. When it comes out, just stir it all together. So now it’s time to get dark and dirty and
you’re just going to add the black food gel and mix it evenly. The next step is to add the cereal and oreos
and then stir that in. And you just can’t give up, you just got to
keep going and it does get fully coated you just can’t give up, keep going! Now you have what looks like coal! Oh my Lord, I cannot even take it so just
take little scoops and put it on a piece of parchment paper and let them cool for 20-30
minutes. By the way you guys, these were like super,
super delicious- you totally have to try it! Anyway, now that they’re cool you can go ahead
and package them up. I decided to put it in this cute little Santa
Claus tin and there ya go- you got some coal. So to make some grinch pills you’re going
to need some mint m&ms, a jar, and a gift tag. Obviously, this is super self-explanatory,
you just want to add the m&ms into the jar and because they’re all different shades of
green, they look like grinch pills and it’s so cute! So if you know someone who maybe needs help
getting into the Christmas spirit, give them these and tell them they’re being a grinch…
and they need to take their pills…their grinch pills. The next prank idea is a free ticket and I
don’t know about you but I always see like you know, free ticket to wash your car or
free ticket to do the laundry, like you know tickets that people can redeem for favors
and stuff. So this is super funny because you’re writing
“free ticket!” on the front, and then on the back, it’s like yeah no, it’s not good for
anything, it’s just free! I totally went for like an elf-y, grinch-y
bubble font. I don’t know if I succeeded or not but I think
it’s super cute! And the last prank is pretty sassy if I do
say so myself. A lot of people give treats for the holidays
so what you’re doing is taking a boxed treat and it’s basically just saying “I’m too stressed
out, make your own darn treat!” So that was my first Christmas video and I
really hope that you guys enjoyed it. And if you’re still watching, leave a comment
down below and say that you’re Santa’s favorite. You guy’s are also my favorite too! Thanks again for watching and I will see you
guys super soon with another Christmas video. Bye guys! I just think it’s like really cool.

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