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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
beautiful organic air balloon decor here we go I am very excited to make this air
balloon decor some people call it an air balloon sculpture I must say that I am
NOT net at all and alone artists this type of sculptures of the Corps are made
with a frame that is probably very expensive and then you attach the
balloons to it I am just going to use whatever I have in my basement and
whatever I find on my local store so let’s get started alright guys so the
first thing I’m going to do is put this box together this is a medium box from
Walmart it was about a dollar and twelve cents I believe and what I’m going to do
is just put it together and I’m only going to tape up the bottom of it
next I’m going to cut off the top of the box now I’m going to use white laminate
paper to cover my box this one is actually a dry erase board laminate that
I got from Walmart for a little over four bucks but don’t feel the need to
have to buy this you can buy wrapping paper this glossy and it will do the job
I actually got this one because Party City was closed and I kind of like fell
in love with this because it’s just going to look very very nice with it
this roll of laminate paper is self-adhesive so all you have to do is
pull the paper back and place it on the box lost a little bit of its grip on the
edges where you fold so I ended up taping it down but don’t worry you’re
not gonna be able to see that because I’m going to cover it with a blanket and then you’re also going to need four
broomsticks only the stick though these are done from Dollar Tree and all you
have to do is twist off the head and that’s that this is going to serve as
the rope and this is also going to keep the balloons up next step is to glue on
the broomsticks inside the box I’m going to be placing one on each corner so
whoops as so and I’m going to be adding the glue behind the stick because
Gorilla Glue spans and I don’t want it to look old nasty in front of it so
around the bag will be just fine all right so now to the good part I mean
they’re on good parts but this part is a little bit more fun I blew up my 24-inch
balloon which is going to serve as my frame and then I’m going to use my
nine-inch balloons in a five-inch balloons and I’m going to glue them all
around it next you are going to blow up your nine-inch balloons
I’ve looked quite a few and I have them in purple pink gold silver and white you
can obviously choose whatever color you will like or according to the theme of
your party so now I’m going to pair them randomly and then I’m going to go ahead
and glue them on the huge 24-inch balloon to pair them all you have to do
is tie them together and that’s that very easy to glue your balloons on your
bigger balloon you are going to need a low-temperature gun so your balloons
won’t pop now I’m going to place five-inch
balloons in all the empty spaces now it’s time to assemble the two
together the balloons are secured as they are but
you can add hot glue to the tip of the stick where the stick and the balloons
meet if you’re going to place your baby inside the box it will be good to add a
pillow and a baby blanket okay guys this is a this is my air balloon decor
sculpture and it is absolutely adorable just beautiful I love it
I know I say that a lot but this is absolutely outstanding and for what it
is it is very affordable it only took me four hours to make and it was totally
worth it love it I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please make
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my air ballon the core sculpture and leave me a comment anyway because I love
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caring if you know of a friend or family member it would love to have this air
balloon the core sculpture at the next party make sure to share it with them at
the end of this video until next time bye you

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  1. Saved this idea for my 1 birthday kid ( when i will have one 😂 ) to cute to resist . Definitely new sub 🖒

  2. I am so happy I found your channel and this tutorial is AWESOME!! My daughter’s birthday is coming up in September and I am definitely going to try this! Thank you!!!!

  3. Sorry so many questions but to you think I can achieve this look using same materials except 24 in balloon. I have an 16 in balloon

  4. I love you work. I usually don't comment but this is awesome. I actually created this for by baby shower. It turn out not like yours. Wish I could upload the picture of my version of your creation.

  5. Thank you so much for this!!!! I've wanted to make one of these but had NO idea of where to even start!!!! THANK you!!! 💝💝💝

  6. Hermoso trabajo, mi niña cumple un año y creo que lo haré pero no estoy muy segura pegar los globos con la cola caliente ¿no se explotan los globos?

  7. Amei ! Estava à procura de um diy para fazer o balão e o seu foi o melhor é mais fácil de fazer ! Muito obrigada por compartilhar ! ❤️

  8. Your creativity is simply unmatched! You are very resourceful! It looked like you used about 250 balloons. What company sells the best quality balloons. I was thinking of getting balloons from dollar tree to save money. And what happens if the large balloon bursts? Thanks in advance!!!!

  9. Hey how r u I have a question instead of using the big ballon can I used a big ball and glue the balloons I just worried that the big ballon could pop thanks i need an advice thanks 🙏

  10. How exactly is it organic? Like come on it's CLEARLY made of plastics and other non-organic materials you're not fooling anyone with a brain.

  11. I looooove it omg imma make this for my daughter 1st birthday on Jan 2 can’t wait omg so cute thank u so much 😍❣️💯

  12. Beautiful!!! You could give ideas for first communion, my daughter has hers in May and I would like some simple and beautiful centerpieces. Could you help me thanks?

  13. Hi Tayra, do you think I can make this at home and transport the balloon part to the venue. Is the balloon part very huge to fit in the back of an suv?

  14. Omg. I tried this twice they were so pretty. Then boom both times my big balloon popped. What am I doing wrong. Uugh🤔🤔😫😫

  15. Hey ! Can u send the Walmart link of the laminate paper u choose ? I can’t
    Find it ! Would really help thank you so much. You did an amazing job

  16. Hi love what you’ve done could you tell me approx how many ballons you used and what sizes ? I’m looking to create similar

  17. after you made this how long does it last? so i know when make it for my baby birthday thanks great job its amazing where did you get big ballon

  18. Keep up the good work thank you thank you thank you I love everything you put out I will be making this for baby shower she's having a boy we will use it for cards only thank you again

  19. Tayra I wonder if you could use this method to make small box/stands for an event utilizing laminate paper and boxes

  20. 👋😉Hola saludos desde mi querida Costa Rica…♥️🇨🇷
    Pura vida…
    Quedo Súper hermoso…👌😍

  21. Hello! I saw another tutorial with a similar concept(the hanging teddy bear) is there a reason you didn't use the hoola hoops for this project? Could it be done with the hoola hoops instead of the balloon? Thank you for sharing!

  22. Love this, I was looking for a tutorial on how to make one of these with a large 20 inch Chinese lantern like your smaller version, hopefully soon you will make one, font trust myself until I’ve seen you show me how!!

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