DIY Housewarming Party Gift Ideas: Easy & Affordable!

Hey guys! Welcome- I don’t know what that
was, “hey guys”. Hey guys! I feel like I’m waving like a dolphin. Hey guys.Welcome to
today’s video which is housewarming party gift ideas. These are just some fun and festive
bright, colorful ideas that you can make yourself at home for super cheap that you can give
your friends and family to help their house a home and make it feel more comfortable so
that they can have a little touch of you in their home. Whether their across the country,
in a different county, or right next door, its always odd moving into a new place. So
here are just some gift ideas, I hope you guys like it. I poured my heart and soul into
it. And I really like all this stuff! I’m either keeping it for myself or actually giving
them as housewarming gifts to my friends. Two of my best friends just bought an apartment
so their party will be coming up in a few weeks and I have all this stuff for them.
I’m really excited. If you could, um, please leave me a comment down below and let me know
which is your favorite. I’m really interested, actually, to find out which one y’alls favorite
is because I have mine but I’m not gonna say it. I’m gonna let you look and we can compare
favorites. SO thank you for watching, I really appreciate it, I hope you like it & let’s
get into it! Okay, first up we have monogrammed glitter
wine glasses & a wine bottle for decorative purposes. And these actually turned out really
nice and i’m really excited to give these away. I also did candle votives, you can really
do anything with this, and I made my friend’s initials. So what you are going to need for
this one is a wine glass, glitter paint, foam pouncers, paint tape, and stickers. I used
the Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint – these are only 2.99 and they
have beautiful shades and I got my wine glass from the dollar store! Another way you can do this is by using real
glitter & modpodge with a paint brush. It comes out a little bit differently, but beautiful.
So first you want to choose which sticker you are going to use for your design and then
what color glitter paint you want to use as well. I’m just choosing the letter ‘m’ for
the first letter of my name for my monogram. I am showing you guys how to do this using
a candle but I also did it on a wine glass, a wine bottle, and you can pretty much do
anything you want to. So now you are going to section off a square using blue paint tape
around the letter. And once you’re done with that and it looks something like this then
you can begin painting! So I chose to do a purple shade from Martha Stewart Crafts, this
is the glitter paint, and in my right hand I am holding the foam pouncer. The purpose
of the foam pouncer is to spread the glitter evenly and it just makes your job a lot easier.
So then I am going to begin lightly tapping it over the surface and any candle, or any
glass, that is exposed. The key to this is patience. So this is what it looks like after
one layer. You’re going to let it dry for 30 minutes to 45 minutes and then add another
layer. And once your remove all of the blue paint paint, you remove the sticker and Ouila,
you have your monogrammed decor! Okay so this one actually turned out to be
one of my favorites and you need two shades of spray paint and of course, a mason jar.
The shades I got were in aqua and gold, and I got them both from walmart. And this next
part is so easy! All you do is begin spraying your base color. So i decided that the gold
would be my first color. And if you like it like this you can honestly just leave it plain
gold, I’ve done that before and it’s gorgeous. Now if you want to do the striped theme you
simply take blue paint tape once the base coat is dry. I used 4 strips of tape and you
can use the measuring on the mason jar and it should look like this! And then you simply
spray your second shade, which for me is the aqua shade, and it goes from looking like
this to this. OKay so this one actually turned out to be
one of my absolute favorites. It is the glitter-rimmed mason jar . so you’re going to need some craft
paint, some paint brushes, a mason jar, of course, and some glitter paint with a foam
pouncer. and then you’re going to use your foam pouncer to evenly spread glitter on the
rim of the mason jar, and it looks like this after 2 to 3 layers. And then you’re going
to choose whatever color you want to paint your jar with. I am using a periwinkle shade.
And I kid you not- that is it. This is how they turn out. I am obsessed. They are gorgeous
together if you do a few different colors. I got all the paint from Michael’s for around
80 cents and the shades I used are Poodleskirt Pink,Ocean Breeze, and Deep Periwinkle. So for this you are going to need some glitter
paint, I decided to use the shade “Florentine Gold”. And then you’re also gonna need a foam
pouncer, paint tape, and an old wine bottle. Then you want to decide how much of the bottle
you want to section off and then firmly place the paint tape down. I decided I would do
about a fourth of the bottle on the bottom. And then you simply take your foam pouncer
and whatever shade you are using, and lightly tap on the bottom of the bottle. So while
you’re waiting for it to dry, because you want to do about 2 or 3 coats, you can doodle
Taylor Swift lyrics like I did. And then once it is dry it’s going to look like this and
then start taking off that tape! This is amazing because the line is so clean and it looks
really beautiful. I don’t know about you guys but these are
all things that would definitely make me feel loved and cozy in my new home. Go ahead and
leave a comment down below and let me know which one is your favorite. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Loved the video! My sister (shes 12 years older than me) just moved to California! Im so sad, and wanted to give her a christmas gift for her new home! She IS on the other side of the country. Im in long island, and she is in California. Thank you for these craft ideas that i could make for her!

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