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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
hula hook reason for any celebration here we go I’ve been wanting to make a gullible
brief for a very long time in fact I had this one in the trunk of
my car I’ll be longest and today is today but before I get started let’s see
if I can do this kind of a little so you can awesome work isn’t that me it’s just
too little you started the first thing I’m going to do is pain my hula hoop and
my love letter with crayons metallic gold spray paint and wallah here it is
now I’m going to attach two pieces of these transparent court to my love
letters this one I got from Michaels and let me move this to the side so I’m
going to attach no particular size right now just give yourself enough room I’m sure that the knot is facing upwards
so put it right on top I’m going to spray some tacky spray on my love letter
and then I’m going to sprinkle it with NGO glitter look how sparkly that is
just make sure that you act spray and glitter in between the letters and at
the bottom and that’s about it for this step I’m going to start putting my
wreath together by using this beautiful leaf stems from Walmart these are three
dollars each and they are very very pretty and I’m going to start at the
bottom because this is going to let me know where I should place the love
letter so what I’m going to do is just bend so he can have the shape of the
hula-hoop here and I’m going to use some floral wire you can use any type of wire
here’s mine they have mass but it works and then you
can use any type of wire they will help you attach it to the hula hoop but this
one is a little lighter so I’m going to use it and I’m just going to put her
under the hoop and then just bring it up and just twist I’m going to use another stem to place
right over it but this one I’m going to have to cut and I’m probably going to
have to cut some of these but I’ll wait till the end to see how much these
covers and be careful not to scrape the pain of the hula-hoop like I just did so
here you can decide whether you want all the leaves to be at the bottom you can
you know twist it to the side still trying to figure it out but most likely
it will be like this okay now I’m going to attach my love letter alright so now
you are going to make a knot right off here make sure that it’s straight so
here’s where it’s tricky so keep holding this down so it can be
straight and then you are going to make your knot you don’t want this to move you gotta
have that tension there now I’m going to add a little bit of hot glue to the back
of the transparent court right here behind the hoop so this one slide down I’m going to work on the top of the
wreath I’m going to be using this beautiful
open roses from Michaels this one is simple and this one is in white with a
hint of pink obviously and but look how beautiful they are they look so real
I cannot remember how much this were because I bought him about two years ago
and don’t worry about me buying them so long ago this ones are always in stock
always in stock but I cannot remember how much they were but I’m sure that
they were affordable because I bought a bunch of them plus I always go with my
40% discount coupon so yeah I’m going to start at the bottom I already cut some
other stand on this line but I’m going to cut a little more I’m going to do the opposite of this I’m
going to start with the white here and then the paint on here this one I glue inwards facing the
inside and you’re gonna have to hold that a bit so you can glue in that
direction and I’m going to tuck this one in facing the opposite way and facing
downwards so that looks good now I’m going to move on to the top and this is
what we have so far I’m going to now add the heart or maybe not let me see how it
looks alright let’s see I’m not really sure if it’s necessary I
don’t know I don’t think I need it honey can you give me your opinion so I was
thinking of making or placing that heart next to come on this side so you can see
I don’t think it’s necessary I think this is not a sophisticated with it you
know what I mean you know what I mean oh you like it
you’re Poston you’re not saying anything I don’t like it right there yeah I just
don’t think it goes with it no you done that right no no I’m not crazy I’m crazy
but I’m not crazy about this thank you babe the reason I wanted to place the
heart there was because I wanted to place this engagement ring right on top
of it because I wanted to make this wreath as an engagement wreath since I
haven’t done anything for engagements yet I thought it would be cute but I
don’t think he goes the heart doesn’t go you know the meaning it’s kind of out of
place this looks a little more sophisticated this looks a little more
playful it’s pretty though so this right here are actually cupcake
toppers that I pulled off I’m still gonna use them to place around the
flowers alright guys this is a this is my hula
hoop wreath and I absolutely love it I love it just like it says there this one
I made for an engagement party but you can use this for weddings for a sweet 16
for a quinceanera and you can definitely replace the letters for numbers and it
would totally work just the same I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you
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are you waiting for subscribe right now also let me know what you thought of a
little brief I hope it inspired you to create this project or any other project
and if it did make sure to leave me a comment and let me know alright guys
until next time bye

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  1. Lovely. Gurl, I'd put this on my front door, or garage door. Just put a welcome,or hello wooden sign in it! Since,I don't do parties/weddings. Or on my daughter's wall,with the love sign. Or her name?! It is very cute. Lol,your sweet husband. My husband would be all like,"I dunno,I'm not a woman's!" In his broken English! Lmao. Tfs. You,gets a thumbs up,too chica!!

  2. Love. It is most definitely putting me in a Spring frame of mind. Great time to start as it will give me something to look forward to. Merry Christmas, nena.

  3. Beyond stunning! What a great idea! I would like to use this beautiful wreath for my front door or front hallway. I truly love it! I am so happy I subscribed to your channel a few months ago. Today is my birthday and excited to watch your channel. Thank you so much for all the awesome ideas. Have a great Merry Christina and New Year!

  4. It was great, expecting a new grandbaby any day, think it would be great for the nursery. Merry Christmas to you and the family

  5. Your work is so elegant and I love all the projects you do I have to definitely try this one. I definitely get excited everytime you post a video I stopped everything to watch it lol!!

  6. I would hang it in so many places 🤣🤣🤣 it would look cute in a girl's bedroom too. and that hula hoop was too small lol xx

  7. How do you suggest hanging it from the ceiling or wall when at a venue and you don’t want to ruin the walls?

  8. Thank you for sharing, I just gave you a thumbs up and subscribed.
    It turned out beautiful! Nice clear instructions and to the point! Also anything you buy that is wedding related is so expensive, so this is a great alternative.

  9. It’s gorgeous and I probably commented last year on this video but I’m watching them all again and I was thinking if I did it I would have sprayed the engagement rings gold to match the love sign and left off the glitter ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

  10. ha ilove how you called your husband and asked for his opinion . reminded me of ME. i do this all the time with my diys .

  11. Watching this again how satisfying to view again…hope I get a reason to make my own. Beautiful, whimsical.

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