DIY Jellyfish Lantern Decorations – Great for Prom, VBS, or Birthday Party! | TuTu Ep 34

hey crafters welcome to this week’s tutu
so I’ve got a fun project today and we are going to be making jellyfish Lantern
decorations so you might be wondering what inspired this project you might be
thinking it’s still February come on it’s technically winter you know
Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so there’s me six more weeks of winter I
hope I said that right been a waitress plus we six more weeks of winter however
I am not really experiencing winter so that’s the first reason we’re doing this
project because I’m kind of ready for summer and some warmer weather if it’s
just gonna be this yucky wetness that I’ve been having here you know let’s
just get on to summer and sunshine and warmth and second of all because it’s
that time of year when either people start thinking about prom or you start
thinking about VBS I like a church or you may just be having a birthday party
coming up who knows so this is a great decoration for like an underwater themed
prom or it’s great for an underwater theme birthdays or if you’re thinking
ahead to VBS over the summer this is also a great decoration for that event
too and what I love about this is it takes so little material and so little
time so this one I already have put together obviously I use a pink lantern
and pink streamers for the tentacles however this is the best I could do at
my dollar store so what you’re going to want for this project is you want to go
to like a dollar store and pick up a paper lantern they come in a bag fold it
like this they’re really cool because it also light up so you just put the
batteries in them and then light up so that’s kind of like glowing jellyfish
super cool right so anyways I have a nice butterfly pattern and a plaid
pattern so I’m going to end up having some pattern jellyfish at the end of
this video to look for non patterned ones which might like a little bit
better than these will turn out but this is just for demonstration and then
you’re going to want streamers these like great paper I think it’s the mixed
call also you’ll notice that I have red white and blue because you know this is
what I had streamers from I didn’t feel like spending an extra dollar at the
dollar store for a thing of streamers but hopefully get the idea that dollar
for one of these and $1 for one of these would you use
one roll of streamers to make several jellyfish so super cheap project and
it’s also really easy doesn’t take too much time if you have multiple people
working on it you can whip these out really fast so I think I’m going to use
this plaid one and the white streamers for the one I will be showing you today
all right so the first thing you want to do is take our paper lantern out of the
packaging and you’re going to have this nice plastic piece and the paper lantern
itself so we’re gonna do start by popping open the paper lid and just grow
the side kind of like an accordion you know and just pop it open now if you
don’t put this piece in there it will close so the way this works is the
narrow end goes down into the bottom around the light and then at the top
there’s these two nubs there one there and there and there’s two notes on the
top of this here so we’re gonna stretch it out and put those nugs from the
plastic piece in each of the one side and there you go once you have it lined
up like that your Lantern will stay nice and open and of course there’s the
battery box at the bottom I don’t have batteries in this one yet but you know
basic Lantern just hangs up like that super cute so if we look at this jelly
finish here that’s already made the basic idea is we’re going to cut out
some of this paper here at the bottom to reveal the frame underneath and then we
just tie the pieces on to the frame so we are going to go up 3-ring so I’m
going to find along the bottom kind of where the first wire starts so I can
feel it here with my fingers probably see it a little bit they’re poking
through a little hard to tell if it’s powdered but I want to reveal that wire
and then two more above it so to do that I’m gonna use a razor blade instead of
scissors just cuz I can nice puncture it in there now I want to point out
something really quick before we go any further the way this is made up is
there’s several spots where the pattern paper overlaps so right here you might
be able to see a break in the pad you can see those beam there if you want to
call it I don’t know being you can see a post there so we’re
gonna cut in between these posts we don’t want to cut all the way around or
all these bottom rings will like fall off so for example you can see two post
right here and here’s the wire so we’re gonna cut out just like a rectangle
right in there so here’s the basic idea we’re gonna maybe a 1 2 3 wires in each
section going around so I’m going to come to this next section and do the
same basic process we’re gonna turn it to right here go to the next section cut
along the left side 2 3 and then I’ll buff your just a little bit I’m gonna go
up half way up in this section here and then do the same on this side the side
of that beam there and then just cut across the top here can you peel from
the bottom peel from the top either way just start gently taking off that piece
where we make the cuts and that once you get down to the bottom I like you just
take your scissors out and snip it and I just want to keep repeating this process
all the way around now keep in mind that because it is a spiral the 3 will keep
kind of rising up so when I end at this side it will be revealing these 3 wires
here I think is show the black that this wire this wire and this wire so it will
look a little bit higher show you on this one just because a spiral we’ve got
3 revealed wires here and 3 revealed wires here but it still looks a little
bit higher on this one just because of how the spiral works if I just keep
going around and revealing 3 wires in each section as you go around and I’m
gonna finish up with mine off camera alright so I finished going around and
in each section I have revealed 3 of the wires underneath and that’s where we’re
going to attach the tentacles so we can set our lantern off to the side we won’t
eat it for just a little bit so now I want to get out our streamers so not
gonna lie this is probably my least favorite part of this now it’s not hard
whatsoever it just takes a little bit of time gets a little old after a bit
but this is a great point if you have little hands that want to help you and
you don’t want them using the razor blade and destroying the paper lantern
you can give them this job because this is really hard to mess up so if we
wanted to we could just leave the streamers long and that look kind of
cute but we want to give it a little more texture that’s what makes this
Lantern so much fun so it’s really easy all we are going to do is I’m gonna take
this stream room and I’m going to take it right here and pinch it and just kind
of crumple it between my fingers almost roll my fingers back and forth a little
bit and now it looks like that and I’m gonna go up a little further pinch it
just kind of twist it crumple it between my fingers go up about you know maybe
like it’s probably about like three or four inches in between that I’m going if
I had a guesstimate just pinch pinch I think I’m gonna twist if you want and
just keep going along the whole length of streamer and make it a whole bunch of
streamer it look like this now what I like to do is I like to like I was
saying just do a whole bunch of the streamer so I’ll probably do like 20
feet of this at a time before I start attaching actual tentacles just because
I don’t know that’s just how I like to do it so you can either make a length
that you want to go on yours and what’s yours to go on your jellyfish you can
either make a link that you want to go on there right away or you can just do a
whole bunch like this and then just tear off of this I like to prep the whole big
long thing before I start tearing it off into pieces and attaching it you can
obviously do it however you want so I’m just gonna work on getting a bunch of
this prepared for the tentacles so here we go I’ve got a nice length here all
crumpled up and made ready to use as I keep on to say the wrong things illicit
octopus tentacle right now we are making jellyfish so jellyfish tentacles not
octopus tentacles not seahorse like I tried to say jellyfish okay let’s focus
here so we’re going to start by attaching them on the bottom most ones
at least do this start at the bottom and work your way out it will make your life
so much easier to attach if you start out here you’re gonna find that they’re
in the way when you’re trying to do these lower ones so start close to the
big yellow or whatever color it is near the light is start attaching on those
ones first second of all I like to make my
one’s closer to the middle longer and then as I come further up I like to make
them shorter just because I think it gives it a nice look it keeps it full
without being overpowering and I feel like it gives the best jellyfish-like so
anyways that’s how I like to make mine so with that said I’m going to take a
piece I’m gonna count up about like one two three four five six seven eight and
I’m going to tear it in the middle here and when you tear I just be rough with
it don’t nice like neatly cut it because this is gonna be the end of a jellyfish
tentacle I said the right thing that time so it doesn’t even look super
pretty and now what I want to do is I am going to attach one jellyfish tentacle
to these first ones on the first row and so to attach it it’s really simple you
just kind of take the end of this and kind of pinch it narrow and we’re just
going to tie it on here you might be going tie it on there how in the world
but it’s not bad you just go around with the streamer and literally tie a knot
now when you tie the knot obviously be gentle with it when you pull it tight
pull gently it doesn’t need to be super snug it’s not going to come off in there
but you can see we just cinch it up on there like that and now we have our
first jellyfish tentacle attached so I’m gonna go to the next spot again just
kind of pinch off the ends so I can have it narrow enough to tie come around the
little wire there and tie a knot just like you would with string just it’s
with streamers and then just gently snug it up you don’t need to pull super hard
again because you pull too hard it will tear but just plug gently it’ll stay
fastened so nobody got too attached I’m gonna kind of tear this one off to make
a look out the same length onto my next thought and I’m just going to keep tying one on
until I have completed this first round and so I paused working on this lantern
for just a moment to show you what I’ve done so far I’ve gone all the way around
on that first ring and here’s how it’s looking so far pretty misty
I’m something I do want to mention is if you’re having a hard time tying the knot
I’m not a tip is to either really crumple the paper at the top like really
twist it up so it’s super narrow like that that’ll make it a little easy to
tie and kind of pull on and it won’t tear as easily or you can always get
taped and just kind of tape it on the underside tape it around there and just
kind of let the tape be disguise underneath the wire of course I chose to
go with the method of just tying them on but those are just some tips if you’re
struggling with this so I’m going to keep working my way around when you’re
on the first round and the second wire do one only on the third one do you do
too let me show you about it so if you look
at this section right here this bottom wire has one on it
this second wire has one on it but this next one has one too so the first two
only get one third round gets two also when I’m tearing it off I’m tearing
these outer layers shorter than these inner layers alright I just finished
tying my last tentacles on so I’m gonna change the camera angle and then show
you how this puppy looks and here is the finished jellyfish Lantern hold all the
way back here so we can see the whole thing so yeah so this is super cute like
I said it’s really not that hard to get the hang of and all I think it took me
about 20 minutes so you know it does take a little bit of time but if you get
a whole crew people recognize you can knock these out super fast and they’re
kind of fun to make and they look awesome as decoration so it’s also fun
if you are using this for something like prom or Vacation Bible School or even
just a birthday party is if you put this in an area where it’s not super bright
and you can have a little light on and so it kind of adds a little like light
detail to the whole like setting just has kind of a cool little touch the
decoration I personally think any that might sound weird of glowing
jellyfish but I think it’s kind of cool so anyways here you go here is our nice
jellyfish project hopefully you can find better colors than what I use because
jellyfish typically aren’t plaid and you know the whites a little blue but you
know and when they’re done carrying the butterfly and plaid pattern at the
dollar store you can grab up some solid color one and make some fun jellyfish
Lantern decorations I hope that you all enjoy this tutorial let me know how it
goes for you definitely let me know what colors you make in and let me know what
you are making it for and of course if this video was helpful for you or you
just enjoyed watching this project please give it a big thumbs up I would
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much fun to make that’s what I’ve got for this week hopefully you you know
with still in February not quite the summer yet but this will kind of give
you a nice summer vibe even if you just put it up in your room but I hope you
all have a great week happy crafting now you might have thought I was kidding
about the whole subscribing thing but seriously if you haven’t subscribed yet
you need to in fact I’m gonna sit here and stare at you until you subscribe waiting oh my

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  1. Thank you for making this tutorial. ☺ I saw a few different ones but yours was easy to follow and your personality is very fun. I am making these jellyfish lanterns for my daughters under the sea birthday party. I know she is going to love them. Happy crafting!

  2. Creo que la idea es. Buena. Pero el papel esta muy maltratado mal enrollado. Lo siento pero no me gustó. Creo que hay que tener más delicadeza para hacer estos tipos de manualidades. Buena suerte.

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