Hey guys it’s Ro! Today I’m gonna be making
some DIY 4th of July Treats! I got so many requests from you guys to make
something for the holiday, and it is right around the corner! Today we’re gonna be making 3 treats, the
first treat that we’re gonna be making are these Rice Krispies Fruit Kabobs! The things you’ll need will be: 6 cups of
Rice Krispies cereal, some lollipop sticks, 4 cups of mini marshmallows, fresh blueberries,
strawberries, 3 tablespoons of butter, a star cookie cutter, and, a little
bit of ribbon for decoration. You can use any patriotic color, but I’m
gonna be using white. The first thing that we’re gonna do to make
our kabobs is we are going to make some homemade Rice Krispies treats. We’re
gonna take our butter, cereal, marshmallows, and our saucepan, with our spatula,
over to the stove! Turn your heat to low, and then add your butter
to the saucepan and melt it down. Add the marshmallows and continue to stir
until completely melted. Then, pour your marshmallow mix on the top
of your cereal and carefully fold together until everything is well combined! Then you’re gonna take your bowl back over
to the baking station! Our Krispies are fresh off the stove, they’re
still warm, they smell so good! Someone may have snuck a few bites already.
Hmmm-hmmm-hmmm…. Now we’re gonna pour them into this baking
sheet to let them set. My baking sheet is about 2 inches high, all
the way around. Look at that! Yum-yum-yum! So gooey! Just a reminder, I lined my cookie sheet with
a piece of parchment paper and sprayed it with a little bit of baking spray so that
the Krispies won’t stick to the bottom. Then I’m using an offset spatula, this one’s
pretty large, and I’m gonna use it to flatten down my Krispies, and work it into
the corners of the pan. Once your Krispies are packed in there, we’re gonna
set this off to the side and we’re gonna prepare our berries. I’ve washed all of the berries ahead of
time, and we’re gonna start by cutting our strawberries. We’re gonna cut off the little leafy hat,
and then we’re gonna do this to the rest of our strawberries. Our fruit is ready, our
Rice Krispies have set out at room temperature for about 30 minutes, I’m taking
my little cookie cutter and I’m just gonna cut it out into the pan, I’m gonna
place them over here, onto my cutting board, and then you can make as many of these
as you’d like. After you cut out all of your Krispy stars,
it is time to assemble! I’m gonna be taking a lollipop stick, and
we’re gonna start with a strawberry, Insert your lollipop stick to the top of the
strawberry, then we’re gonna add 2 blueberries, then top it off with a little
star on top. Da-dew! It’s all assembled, and you can
stop right here if you want to, but I’m gonna be adding a little extra detail, just
for fun! Take our little ribbons, I’ve just cut a
little amount, and first we’re gonna tie a knot, then I’m gonna make a little loop
here, bring this one around, just like you’re tying your shoe. Once you have your
bow tied, you’re just gonna push it up, underneath your strawberry. Then
we’ll do this to the rest of our kabobs. Ta-da! Here are our Rice Krispy Fruit Kabobs
that we made, and now onto our second treat, 4th of July Sprinkle Cones! These are also really easy and simple to make,
and I like them because you can decorate them with different sprinkles and
patriotic colors. The things you’ll need, will be: Sugar Cones,
White Candy Melts, Red, White and Blue star sprinkles, jimmies, and nonpareils. The first thing that I did is I melted my
white candy melts by heating them up in the microwave, and I really love this treat because
it is so easy! You’re gonna take a little cone, and you’re
gonna dip it into the melted candy melts, spin it all the way around. Then let
the excess candy melt drip off, into the bowl, and I’m just gonna take
a pinch of whatever sprinkles or decoration you want to put on here. Then I’m gonna
place it over here onto a cookie sheet lined with a piece of parchment paper, and
now you can make as many little cones as you want. And there we have it! Here are all of our
4th of July Sprinkle Cones! I love this idea if you’re throwing a little
party and you have an ice cream station, guests can pick their favorite little
cone and scoop a helping of ice cream! The last treat that we’re gonna be making
is a Banana Custard Flag Pie! The things you will need to make the dough
will be: 2-1/2 cups of all purpose flour, 1/2 a cup of salted butter, cubed and chilled,
1/2 a cup of butter flavored shortening cubed and chilled, 6 tablespoons
of buttermilk chilled, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 a vanilla
bean, and a pie plate. For the Pastry cream you will need 6 egg yolks,
3 cups of whole milk, 1/2 a cup and 2 tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons
of butter, 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 1 vanilla bean, and 1/2 a teaspoon
of salt. Then to decorate you’re gonna need fresh
raspberries, blackberries, ReddiWip and bananas, om-nom-nom-nom-nom! The first thing that we’re gonna do is make
our pie crust. In a big mixing bowl we are gonna add our flour, sugar, salt and 1/2
of a fresh vanilla bean. I’ve cut a little slit down the middle, put
a little pressure at the top, pull all the way down, getting all of the
vanilla beans out. Then you’re gonna put all of the vanilla
beans in the bowl. Using your hands, you’re gonna mix it all
together so just be sure you have clean hands. Now we’re gonna add our butter
and our shortening. Then again, using your hands you’re gonna
work your butter into the dry ingredients until it resembles coarse meal. Now we can add our buttermilk, I’m just
gonna drizzle it over the top. Now we’re gonna get really messy, we’re
gonna use our hands 1 last time. Don’t worry if you dough ends up a little
bit on the dry side, because that means when it bakes it will just be really flaky,
and that’s what I’m going for! Just keep working the buttermilk in until
you can form a ball. Da-dew! We’ve got our ball of dough and
now I’m gonna wrap it up in some food plastic wrap. I’m gonna press it down,
I’m kind of making a disc shape. We’re gonna place this in the refrigerator
to chill for at least 2 hours. But, you can make this the night before an
event or a party because it can sit in the fridge and chill for up to 24 hours. Our dough is nice and chilled, it’s chilled
for 2 hours and now we’re gonna roll it out flat. So I’ve got a little bit
of flour here and I’m just gonna sprinkle it on top of our work surface so that the
dough won’t stick. Now I’m gonna unwrap my dough. Hawwwwwggghhhh! You guys, we’re gonna do
some baking flair. 1, 2, 3… YES! I love it. Oh-hoo-hoo-hoo! Oh my gosh! You’re just gonna sprinkle a little bit
of flour on top of our dough. And then we’re gonna roll it out! We’ve got our dough all rolled out and now
we’re gonna pick it up and place it into our pie pan. Here I’ve sprayed the
pie pan with a little bit of baking spray so that the dough doesn’t stick while
it’s baking. And then, we’re gonna start at 1 end and roll up the sides, then
we just gently pick up and flop it over! Using your fingers again, you’re just gonna
pat all the way around you’re gonna want to make sure your crust is touching all
of the edges of the pan. Then we’re just gonna take off some excess
dough. Now we’re gonna get a little fancy. We’re gonna design the edge of the
pie, I started it right over here and I’m just gonna keep working around. So you’re just gonna take your edge right
here that’s really uneven and you’re gonna tuck it under and then press it into the pie
pans. So just fold, and press. This parts totally optional, but I’m gonna
add a few pointed edges all the way around, just to kind of give the pie a star feel. So you’re gonna use your pincher fingers,
on your left hand, and your thumb, place your thumb down and pinch around
it. Place your thumb down, pinch around it. And you’re just gonna do this
all the way around the pie. Our pie crust design is all ready, now we’re
gonna dock it, using a fork. This is just poking a bunch of little holes
all over our crust so that when it bakes you don’t get a lot of bubbles so
it distorts it. Now I’m gonna pop this in the freezer to
chill for 1 hour, so that while it’s baking it will hold its shape a little better. Our pie crust has chilled in the freezer and
now we are ready to bake, but before we bake we’ve gotta fill it with
beans! This is a neat little trick so that while
it’s baking it doesn’t distort. Just be sure to get food safe food wrap because
this kind you can bake. Then we’re gonna go the other way, and 1
more this way! Now I’m gonna pour a bunch of white, uncooked
beans into the middle, like this. We’re gonna spread ‘em around, you want
to fill ‘em to the top. And now we’re gonna connect all of the food wrap, up at the
top. Over here I’ve got 1 egg and just a little
splash of cream, and a little baking brush, and I’m just gonna lightly brush
the outside crust, along the edges, so that they’ll turn a nice golden brown. The pie crust is prepped and it’s ready
to bake, you’re gonna heat your oven to 350 degrees and then bake the pie crust for 40
minutes. After 40 minutes, you’re gonna open your
oven, be careful! It’s gonna be really hot, don’t burn yourself, and you’re gonna
gently remove your bean bag. And then you’re gonna close your oven and
bake for an additional 20 minutes. Now we’re gonna make our pastry cream filling. In a big mixing bowl, we’re gonna combine
our salt, sugar, and cornstarch and whisk it all together. Once our dry ingredients
are well combined, now you’re gonna pour in the milk and then we’re gonna whisk
together. Lastly, we’re gonna be adding our eggs, remember for this recipe
we’re just gonna be using the egg yolks. And then we’re gonna whisk together 1 more
time. Then in a medium sized saucepan, we’re gonna
pour in 2-1/2 cups of milk and 1 full vanilla bean! Put a little pressure at the top, and scrape
all the way down. We’re gonna add all those beans into our saucepans. This time
you can take both the pods, we’re gonna put them right in there, give it a little
bit of extra vanilla flavor, we’ll take ‘em out later. Now we’re gonna take
our saucepan and our egg mixture over to the stove! Turn the heat to medium and
whisk occasionally until the milk comes to a scald. You’ll know it’s scalding
when little bubbles start to form around the outside of the saucepan. Turn your heat off
and slowly pour the milk mixture into the egg mixture. You want to be whisking
as you’re pouring so that the eggs don’t cook. Once combined, you’re going
to pour this mixture back into the saucepan and turn your heat to medium. You want to whisk consistently for about 2-3 minutes
until the pastry cream thickens. When it feels like a thick vanilla pudding,
it’s ready! Our pastry cream is hot off the stove, be
very careful, it is hot, and now we’re gonna strain it. Over here I’ve got a big
bowl, with a big strainer, I’m just placing it here on the top. We are going to
pour it in. It’s going to catch our little vanilla pods, and, if there’s any cooked
egg. Then, using a spatula, I’m just going to
press it through. After you’ve strained your pastry cream,
now we’re gonna add our butter and we’re gonna whisk together until it’s melted.
Once you’ve mixed in all the butter, we are gonna cover our bowl with food safe plastic
wrap to touch. You’re gonna take your plastic wrap, bring
it over the bowl, and lightly touch the top surface. It’s important for it to
touch so that it won’t form a skin. After it’s covered we’re gonna set this
off to the side, and you’re just gonna wait until the bowl is room temperature, it
takes about 30 minutes. Time to assemble our pie, we’ve got our
crust, we have our vanilla pastry cream! And, we’ve got our bananas. To assemble
this pie it is super easy, we’re gonna put bananas on the bottom, and vanilla pastry
cream on the top. Gonna peel open your banana, and then I’m
just going to cut a bunch of banana pennies. And I’m just gonna fan them
all the way around clockwise and then work my way into the middle. I’ve lined
the bottom of the pan with bananas and now we’re gonna pour on the top, our pastry
cream, yum-yum-yum! I’m gonna remove our food plastic wrap,
and I’m gonna scoop it on the top. Then I’m gonna use a little spatula to smooth
the top. Now it’s time for my favorite part, it is
time to decorate. We’re gonna be decorating the top of this
banana cream pie to look like a flag! For the blue part of the flag I’m gonna
be using blackberries, because I love them! And, for the red and white stripes, I’m
gonna be using raspberries alternating with some whipped cream! We’ve got all of our berries assembled,
look at that! It looks just like a flag, you could stop
here, but I’m gonna add some whipped cream because I love it! Yeah! Ta-da! Here are all the DIY 4th of July treats
that we made today. We made Red, White and Blue Rice Krispies
Fruit Kabobs, 4th of July Sprinkle Cones and a yummy homemade banana custard flag pie! Om-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom! I’ll be taking lots of pictures of these
treats and posting them on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, and if you guys make
any themed treats, please take a picture and send it to me! I love seeing your creations
it just makes my day! It makes me happy! I hope you guys enjoyed
the video and it inspired some themed treats for the holiday. And I hope you have
a happy 4th of July! Bye-bye!

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