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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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Dollar Tree Mother’s Day gift idea and you’re not gonna believe this it was
only nine dollars nine dollars or yeah here we go alright guys I have another Mother’s Day
gift idea this one is a Kate Spade inspired
arrangement then I’m going to be making I love Kate Spade Kate Spade is one of
my favorite designers I love pair home decor or purses everything I just love
the patterns the colors is just beautiful and right now this may not
seem like much but wait till the very end and you see it’s going to be amazing
to pay my vases and to make the patterns I’m going to be using crayons metallic
gold spray paint alright let’s get started as you see I have already
applied the clean tape release to the vase I didn’t take myself doing this
because it’s just a pain to get this straight but just do the best you can
and make sure that when you’re done you press on the edges to make sure that no
pain would get through there for the second base I wanted some polka dots on
the base so what I did I don’t have a circle stencil so what I did I just pull
this circle from one of my ribbons so and it’s a perfect circle so I’m sure
you can find something around the house that will make a perfect circle or you
can just buy stencils if you like I’m going to be cutting this cardboard a
little smaller so I’m able to tape it to the vase and then paint over it this is
as good as it gets these are my cutting skills I cut a little bit too much out
of here so hopefully I won’t have a hard time taking this down but I’m going to
tape this baby down to the base and then make my circles around once you spray the spray paint on the
circle you let it sit for about a minute and then you can do another coat and
then you let it sit for 10 minutes before you move on to the next one this
is high look so far nice ring I only have a couple more to
go and then I should be good to clean up the messes in between for this small and
last base I’m going to be using one of these
heart stickers most likely this one or this one and I’m going to place it in
the vase in here and then I’m going to paint around it and then take it off so
it will be a heart right here in the middle here’s what I have so far now
what I’m going to do is use this acetone or nail polish remover and a cotton swab
to clean up the rough edges around the circles especially and then when I take
off the tape on this tall face now I’m going to be using this charger to write
a Mother’s Day message with this stencil and white spray paint
I wanted to write I adore you mom but it’s not as easy as it is on paper or
fabric because it’s not flat so I had to put some tape my tape at the bottom to
hold it up and I shouldn’t have moved it because it was perfect anyway so you
have to make sure that this is as flat as possible and so I’m just going to use
mom because it’s just shorter and to the point and you know it would just take me
forever to do that right now so I’m just going to use the word mom so here they are all cleaned up I did
wait three hours before I started cleaning up around eat paint I use
acetone which is no polish remover with on cotton swabs and cotton balls and
actually what work really well was the Clorox wipes also help me clean them up
pretty pretty good but you can also use turpentine that works very very well
so but I didn’t have any so I use what I have now and you will hear me say that a
lot I wore what I have so yeah so this one
was a pain I’m not even going to lie because it was time consuming but it
really wasn’t that bad but he did take longer than what I expected
piece of cake piece of cake no problem even cleaning them up no problem now
this one in this one worthy paint since it’s not in a flat surface it was a pain
because it said so with a late flat on it so I have to do some acrobatics it
was actually funny I sure to tape it but yeah but still very pretty and I can’t
wait to put it together I’m going to give you a close-up of them a little
close-up all the way over there take some video
of the whole setup in a little bit I love these so pretty he says mom right
here at the bottom decisions decisions pink and wait I was testing it out
earlier and I think I like the way one so I’m gonna need a white alright guys
so this is it I hope you enjoyed this video if you are
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