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– [Narrator] Do you feel
like the time running out and you still have no idea what you should get someone as a gift? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out. I came up with some
personal and easy DIY gifts you can give to your friends,
parents or someone else. They are not only cute and personal, but some of them are useful as well and can be reused anytime. (gentle instrumental music) First, decide how you would
like your magnets to look like, and then roll some clay
between two popsicles so you flatten them evenly. If you have that, start
cutting out the shape of the speech bubble with a cutter. You can also cut out the paper pattern and put it on top of the clay and trace it if it’s easier for you. (gentle instrumental music) After that, adjust the shape
if there are some uneven spots and then press two small
magnets into the clay. If you have bigger magnets,
one might be enough as well and then remove them and
turn the clay around. Even out the surface a bit and
turn the clay around again. I would recommend to bake it like this. This way, the top of
your speech bubble magnet will be more even after baking. Then let it cool down and
then we can start painting it on with blackboard paint. It will take a few hours to be fully dry, but for the next step it’s enough to wait just a few minutes. When the paint feels dry, we can start enhancing
the speech bubble magnet by drawing another cloud inside the bubble with a white pencil. If you have that, we can now
use acrylic paint on top of it. When the paint is dry, we
can now glue on the magnets on the back with some super glue and then we just need to let it dry and the speech bubble magnet is finished. (gentle instrumental music) It’s super easy and you don’t
even have to make clouds. You can make them in any shape you want. (gentle instrumental music) They look super cute and the good thing is you can reuse them anytime. And if you need a gift for someone that loves hot chocolate or
just chocolate in general, this idea is perfect for you. For this DIY, you will need popsicles, some magical decoration, empty yogurt pots and cookie cutters and of course, melted chocolate. For my version, I put a sugar snowflake on the bottom of the pot, then add blue sugar crystals and poured white chocolate on top of it. After that, I added some blue and white sprinkles on top of it and then added brown chocolate this time. Make sure the pot is not too full. And on top of it, I added
more blue sugar crystals, and then add the popsicle inside. You might need to let the
chocolate cool down a little bit so the popsicle will stay like that and then you can leave it in the fridge for a couple of minutes. The same chocolate popsicles you can also make with cookie cutters. The process is the same. If you have different kind of chocolate and a lot of different sugar decorations, you can be very creative with the designs. After a few minutes in the fridge, you can now remove the
cookie cutter very carefully. (gentle instrumental music) To remove the yogurt pot, you have to press the edges apart and then you should be able to pull out the chocolate popsicle. (gentle instrumental music) Since I have some chocolate left, I decided to decorate some
chocolate using my molds. And if you’re wondering
how you’re suppose to give these chocolate popsicles,
I will now show you how. I arrange three popsicles like that and wrapped some gift paper around it. Then tie everything in a bundle and you get a chocolate bouquet. Or you can just wrap
one popsicle like that and put it into a personalized mug. And if you would like to
give something that is useful and can be reused as well, an adjustable countdown
board would be perfect. For this DIY you will need a
picture frame, thick cardboard. Here I am using the back of my folder and again, blackboard paint. Then prepare your cardboard and remove the back of the picture frame. Now we want to trace the shape
of it into the cardboard. Cut it out and make sure
it fits into the frame, or if you have to adjust it. When we have that, we can start
painting on the cardboard. While it’s drying, you can paint on the frame if you want. You don’t have to, but I kind of wanted to
make it look more royal, so I painted the frame
into a nice gold color. (gentle instrumental music) When everything is dry, put the cardboard with the
top into the frame again and mark the edges of the
frame onto the cardboard with a white pencil like this. This way, we know how
much space we can use. Then mark the middle of the cardboard and this will be our guideline. For this board, I decided
to make a butterfly, but you can paint on everything you want. For the pattern, I just
folded the paper in half to one side of the butterfly, cut it out and open it
and then I just traced it. (gentle instrumental music) Then mark the space in the middle that we want to use for the letters. If you want to make it more even, mark another guideline between
the two lines, as I did. (gentle instrumental music) If you have that, we can now paint on the outlines with acrylic paint. (gentle instrumental music) To add more glamor, I
filled in the butterfly with a bit of gold acrylic paint and then just let everything dry, erase the guidelines and
the cardboard is finished. After that, put the
cardboard into the frame. Add the glass to make it more stable and then add the back side of the frame and the reusable countdown
blackboard is finished. Now you can countdown
to everything you want. Maybe you don’t want to
forget about the birthday or you’re just looking
forward to something and you can’t wait. This is a great way to keep track and to don’t forget about special events. And this board makes
everything more exciting, don’t you think? And these were some of my last
minute gifts for you guys. These gift ideas are
not only for Christmas. You can actually give
to them to any occasion. I really hope you like them and if you would like to
see more DIY’s like that, don’t forget to like and subscribe. And thanks for watching everyone. (gentle instrumental music)

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