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welcome back to my channel and if you’re
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holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
life-size Barbie box for your coming party or children’s party here we go today I am inspired to make a life-size
Barbie box that you can use for your next birthday party or for your
children’s next birthday party a lot of people use it as their photo booth or
some people use it as custom for Halloween so however you want to use it
I thought it will be very interesting to make and very simple to make I think so
let’s test the waters so let’s get started with the video alright guys so
my inspiration behind this box is the kylie jenner Barbie box that she used
for a photo shoot so if you have Instagram you’ve probably seen these or
if you google Barbie box you will see it on Google as well I thought it will be
very easy it’s pretty you know it’s pretty much a box and then they’re
writing at the bottom so I’m going to go for it plus I’m making it for an adult
but if you are going to make it for your child you can use colorful wrapping
paper for the background and on these sides okay which I thought about but I
like this idea I also wanted to show you some pictures of the original boxes
there’s a couple and I wanted to show you some boxes that other people have
made this one already comes down this is a costume okay and it’s obviously a box
that’s another way you can make this custom with a box I didn’t find a box
that big and I didn’t want to knock on anyone’s door for boxes and so yeah so I
decided to use foam board okay see I like this idea so I had quite a few of
these pictures I just like that one I don’t know why and here are some DIYs
this homework right here that you see is from Hobby Lobby is not a Dollar Tree
foam board the material is a little bit more sturdy and more solid and just very
nice you know I love this structure is harder and I’m going to be using both
I’m going to be using two of these from Hobby Lobby and this one is three point
four by two point eight okay the one from Dollar Tree our 2.5 by 1.8
alright so this one is bigger and these are the ones that are going to go on the
front of the box and I’m gonna work on these first because I want to paint
these because I just when I saw some of the DIYs that I saw online when you use
wrapping paper for the front it kind of like wrinkles or bubbles up so I’m going
to paint it my entire idea was for me to paint the
entire thing but it’s way too cold out there guys too cold so I’m just going to
go ahead and paint the front and the the rest of it is going to be we wrapping
paper because it’s going to be flat so alright so let’s get started the
dimensions of my box are going to be 6.5 in height and 3.4 in width okay
and I’m going to be making the upper borders so this borders here are going
to be six inches in and then I’m going to give you the dimensions for where the
writing is in a little bit so I decided that the line in an angle
is going to be 3.5 feet but also keep in mind that you gotta have room in between
letters in between the B and the E you gotta have four and a half inches in
between them okay on each side all right so I also have to continue making the
line or bringing the line down all right so I got to bring the line down on here
so that’s what I’m going to do next so these two foam boards together are five
feet four inches tall I am 5 feet 8 so it’s too short for me so my goal is to
make this box six point five so I could have some room to move around and
because I’m losing four and a half inches because of the boarders okay so I
have about six point one feet in there that will be perfect for me inside of
the box okay but that also means that I’m going to have to patch it up and
make an extension in order for me to make it taller which I’m going to hate
because it’s going to go in the middle and it’s going to be kind of noticeable
I did buy some glitter to see if I can you know mess that later but we’ll cross
that bridge when we get there anyway I’m going to get another foam board and make
a couple of extensions that are going to be one foot and one inch long and here
they are totally spare you from watching me make these too boring alright so now
what I’m going to do is cut all three boards with my exacto knife perfect now I’m going to paint them in
gloss berry pink and intense glitter in pink while I wait for the paint to dry
I’m going to start with the back panel and side panels of the box and I’m going
to be using 12 foam boards from Dollar Tree and I’m going to get started with
the back panel so the back panel is going to consist of six foam boards and
each foam board is two and a half feet so it’s going to be a little bit too
long to make this six and a half so I’m going to have to cut it right on there
okay so I’ll be right back and it should look something like this and I’ve
separated them so you guys can see how these side panels will look like it’s
basically the same thing and you have to cut some of it off as well if you are
going to make it 6.5 feet okay for the back panel I am eventually going to glue
them together and speaking of glue I am going to be securing them with hot glue
and transparent packing tape all right so they should look something
like this the side panels will be glued to this side eventually but before I do
that I am going to wrap them in pink wrapping paper alright guys so today is the next day nd
panel the front panel is all ready to go I wanted to show you how it will look at
6 5 and also F at 4 so I’m going to show you right now and there it is a 6 5 the
lines on these sides are going to look a little better once I glue them down and
here it is a 5 4 which will be perfect for a kit size box next I’m going to make a couple of
support pieces that are going to go behind my extensions so it won’t bent
when I stand the whole panel up okay so there it is and by the way I did touch
up on the paint and the glitter which you can barely see and just to let you
know the glitter is a pain in the behind the glitter gets stuck all the time
and now you may have to go back to Home Depot to get a new can I don’t think
it’s worth it I think it doesn’t really matter it doesn’t really make much of
the difference it is pretty up close but you can barely see it on camera I was
using it because I thought it will help with the lines but touching it up with
the paint was enough actually so yeah so it’s totally optional now I’m going to
arrange the word Barbie right at the bottom of the panel I really wish I
would have got this self-adhesive one but didn’t have it at the time so what
I’m going to do is go ahead and go them down with hot glue now we have to do is assemble everything
together so this is the idea so what I’m going to do to accomplish that I am
going to be using transparent packing tape okay
and I’m going to go behind it and I am going to tape all of this through the
back and then I’m going to use hot glue to secure it from the inside alright
guys this is it this is my life-size Barbie box for the prop that’s what I’m
calling it it is absolutely amazing I’m not gonna lie I am only ninety percent
satisfied with the result because as you can see the B and the I are rugged yes
when he was laying down it seems straight but now that it’s upright that
is a mess I mean it’s not that bad but it’s not to my satisfaction and now I
can even take them off because I hot glued them on which takes me to my
suggestion to you my gut was telling me it’ll get so fat he said phone sheets
and I did it because I was rushing and I pretty much got what was in front of me
and that’s a no-no you should always go with your gut and I should have went to
three four or five stores but didn’t because I was rushing so with that said
now I’m gonna go and put on my mass in a nice dress or maybe two we’ll see I’m
going to do a couple of Barbie poses so you can see the final product alright
guys make sure to give me a thumbs up if you liked this video and if you haven’t
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what you thought of my life Barbee box photo prop and make sure to
share share share sharing is caring if you know of a friend or a family member
they will love this idea and would like to have this for the birthday party make
sure to share with them at the end of this video alright guys until next time

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  1. Omg I love u. I saw u took a picture during the Christmas holidays with my sister and Brother n law. Sharlinda & Q Parker. Oh boy I wish I could meet you in person one day. Iโ€™ve used some of ur ideas for different table setting and center pieces. Please donโ€™t stop what u do. Iโ€™m truly writing because I was in a really bad accident in 2017. I was on bedrest and I feel like u and a host of other YouTube personalities help save my mind while I was going through this depressing time in my life. And i just wanted to tell u thank you!!!

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  9. I think you did a good job. I like it. I need to get this for my grandbabies next month. All three birthday is next month on the 15 and 16. They will be 2,2 twins, 5 all sisters. Thanks for sharing. Be bless.

  10. Hi Tayra ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘,
    This is so creative and unique in this life size prop , You are a doll, TYFS ,keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars โญ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’•.
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  12. Wow, I've made these years ago for my nieces birthday parties from cardboard boxes. I love your spin on the photo booth and how easy it is to wrap the booth in wrapping paper. Awesome work and design.

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    from where got the barbie font?
    how to get a white colour print out?
    u suggested getting the foam sheet so u mean print out and stick onto form sheet? then cut it. sorry for so many questions. thanks in advance :). lots of love

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