DIY Marble & Rose Gold Wedding Decorations | Dollar Tree Wedding Centerpiece

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have a modern and elegant marble and rose gold centerpieces and setup
here we go one of the hottest francium weddings
right now is marble and rose both and I absolutely love it
there’s going to be lots of spray painting because there isn’t a lot of
affordable things that are rose gold out there so I’m going to be using some
products from Dollar Tree and I’m going to be painting them all rose gold
I’m also going to be using marble contact paper for an affordable marble
look alright let’s get started I’m going to be painting all of my item with
Estonia metallic finish in rose gold I’m going to be painting for gold Chargers
from Dollar Tree and it’s totally safe to do that because chargers are only
made for the court so you’re not going to be eating off of them so it’s totally
okay to do that I’m also going to be painting four pillar candles a four by
six picture frame and yes I’m going to be painting some roses and I would have
preferred that they were white but you know this is what I have so this is
totally going to work alright miss what side I start painting I’m going to start working on my marvel
decor this whole setup is going to consist of four candle arrangements or
four Campbell displays in three small floral arrangements which is going to be
very refreshing because I’m always making all arrangements but you know you
don’t want to overdo it when you have hard work because it’s just going to be
too much and I’m not sure if I want to use all three bases yet because my
display table is pretty small so it might be two so two to three of this
basis are going to be used I’m also going to be adding contact paper to the
backing of my picture frame and I really picked these two bases to be my Margo
bases and everything else will remain clear all of my vases are going to serve
as candle holders and these two are going to be displayed upside down and
the candles are going to be right on top of it all right so I’m going to start
with the smaller base and I’m just going to measure by rolling this around going
around is that the right way to say it yeah so I’m rolling it around that’s I’m
measuring it I’m going to cut there as straight as
possible I am not covering this part because I’m going to paint it rose gold so I’m going to use my ruler so I can make
a straight line this is my width and now I need to know the length so I’m going
to place my face back on here and I’m going to roll it around again grab my
ruler the most important thing is that it’s straight that is perfect so now you have to do is
just pull back you paper this is a very easy project here it is and you just
you’re just going to just place it right on top perfect oh look at that nice now I’m
going to do the same with this one and this is what they should look what now
I’m going to paint the bottom of both of my vases rose gold but before I do that
I have to cover them so I won’t get any paint on them so I’m going to use
painters tape and I’m going to use the backing of the contact paper now I’m
just going to add contact paper to the inside of the picture frame stand now I’m going to add my table number to
the contact paper by using a stencil and a metallic bronze sharpie my handwriting
is horrible and I’ve been practicing to see if I can write table and then the
number one so wish me luck let’s see how that turns out I’m going on to make my small floral
arrangements I’m going to start by gluing this or foam right on top of the
base I’m going to start my arrangement with this beautiful ivory hydrangeas
from Michaels they were 50% off of 1499 so there were
750 each bouquet I’m going to place the flower on every side of the floor apart I’m going to add some to the top now I’m
going to add a couple of peach peonies from Dollar Tree to the exposed areas in
the arrangement and here are my painter process they look amazing these are
roses from Dollar Tree and I painted them rose gold now I’m going to add them
randomly around the arrangement and here’s the final arrangement okay guys this is it this is my marble
and Rosco wedding set up and I love it it is simple elegant and very modern I’m
only going to make just one more floor arrangement because if I’m making more
than that it’s going to be overwhelming for my display table and let’s talk
about this painter of roses I love them I came up with this last minute and he
totally worked because he totally made the arrangement and the candle same look
store-bought I mean I did buy at a store but I mean it looks like I bought about
the store just like this I love my table number and I love the way everything
flows all right guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it
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inspiration until next time bye

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    Like to see what others do

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