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home holiday events wedding and DIY decor today I have a masquerade party
centerpiece and setup here we go salaphi right now has this very cute
mass for masquerade parties I think they’re more like you know Mardi Gras
type of mass but still they’re very cute and they have inspired me to make a
masquerade party centerpiece I don’t particularly like the colors but I’m
gonna make it work anyway all right guys let’s get started the
first thing I’m going to do is add a little sparkle to my phone head by
spraying it with some glitter blasts but before I do that I have to spray it with
tacky spray because this little blasts tend to bounce of the object so spraying
it with tacky spray is going to help me keep it intact while I wait for my tacky
glue and my glitter blast to dry I’m going to work on my mask I’m going to
choose the black one to have a little more contrast with the white foam head
and I’m just going to take this off and add it to the black mask this is pretty
as it is but since I’m going to add a white bowl I’m going to add these white
feathers and make it bigger so it’s going to look something like this and for now I’m just gonna place two
rhinestones on the actual mask I’m going to place my rhinestone on each end of
the eyes I was thinking about placing it all over at the mask but I’m going to
wait to see how it looks like on the foam head first so I’m just gonna place
this right now alright guys so I decided to change these plastic jewels although
is pretty cute I decided that I want the look to be a little more sophisticated
and I literally just went out there and bought this rhinestone button is pretty
pretty cute and I’m going to place it on here instead and he totally upgrades to
look okay this was 40% off from Hobby Lobby and I’m just going to take this
off and I’m going to cut this little part right here off so it can be flat and I also bought a strip of rhinestone
trim that I’m going to be placing on my foam head but I’m going to cut just two
little pieces here and I’m going to replace the jewels that I have on here
and here it is very nice total upgrade and here’s my foam head all nice and
sparkly it looks very nice actually I’ll give you a close-up of it a little
later but I’m going to make this and it’s going to consist of to taper
candleholders and I’d like to start with my 5:27 glue you know just went to add a
little glue the opposite side of each other and then I’m going to add some hot
glue to the other areas in a perfect scenario you will only use the 527 glue
I only use hot glue when I do this because I need it to bond quickly so the
best way when you have your event is for you to only use 527 glue he drags in
five minutes but five minutes is very a very long time you’re taping or you can
use e6000 as well they’re very good permanent glues if you only use hot glue
to glue this together you will fall apart in the middle of your event so you
don’t want to do that so alright so now I’m going to glue the head right on top
of it now I’m going to glue the mask on the
foam head and I’m going to start by adding a little glue to the middle of
the head so I’m able to place it straight on here and then I’m going to
glue the side on the side of the head now I’m going to use a bola to cover up
a little bit of the top of the head and I’m also going to use it to wrap it
around the stand before I wrap around the boy around the stand
I’m going to place the Rhinestone trim around the neck so he can look like a
necklace now I’m going to wrap around the bow around this fan and I’m going to
wrap her around in a way where he looks like if it was part of an outfit or part
of a gown I applied a little to the bottom of the neck I’m going to actually
connect a second BOA to make it a little fuller in a little longer because you
know I love my glam that’s how I like making things long and there she is I added an extra
rhinestone right here to the side and then I gave her the smallest beauty mark
right there in the corner I was actually afraid to do that and he actually looks
pretty pretty cute you can probably see it right now but once you see the final
setup you’ll be able to see it in the close-up now I’m going to play some of
my acrylic tools on the feathers a little bit up here and some done here to
make it pop a little bit I really hate that it’s not regular rhinestones but
that would be way too expensive so yeah this will work alright guys this
is it this is my masquerade centerpiece and I
absolutely love it it is totally glam the rhinestone button and shrimp
upgraded the look and he made it look more polished I do wish I was able to
paint the foam head but when I did try with a spray paint he kind of ate up the
foam a little bit so I stopped and then I tried acrylic paint and he doesn’t
fully cover all the little holes that the phone has so I decided to use the
glitter and it’s definitely better than nothing at all
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you thought on my centerpiece and let me know if you’re thinking about having a
masquerade party soon alright guys until next time bye

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