DIY New Year’s Eve Party Decorations & Tablescape

hey guys welcome back to my channel I
hope you had a very Merry Christmas I had a wonderful time with my family but
today I’m very excited because I’m putting together a New Year’s Eve dinner
party for my friends and I tonight so before we get into New Year let me show
you how to put together a great party on a budget of course go I’m going to show
you how I transform my dining room from this into this New Year celebration I was going to say living room again this
is like take 15 I swear welcome to my dining room guys I love it here it’s
nice and cozy and I just love to decorate my dining room every holiday I
really do and the stars of this show are strings suite $2.99 each
oh my gosh look I have all of this love still a lot and I use them for
everything I went crazy are you just going for the napkin holder
I use them for the cupcake toppers I use them for my chandelier I used to for
Garland here on my window I use them for my bedroom and over there where my 2017
– I mean I went stream crazy but it’s so festive so so festive and only $2.99
also secret right here I thought about putting a runner here but I decided by a
new sequence will look that it will let Sparkle and go very pretty so I
approximates I’m wrinkles and look I have a lot left so I can pretty much use
this in another occasion as well alright so now I’m going to go one by one with
my settings and everything that I did for my dinner already when I decided to
have this dinner party claps for my number one choice they are sophisticated
fun they are timeless the two clocks on the left and timer in the middle I’ve
had for some time it took bucks on the right about for this location at 8:00
with my table setting consists of the gold
charger from Michaels each price at $2.99 a clear glass plate
I bought on sale at Crate and Barrel for also $2.99 each and a printer code out
of a clock I made this phone napkin-ring botanical
ribbon in the middle of the napkin and then I tie gold silver and white strings
in the middle of the ribbon and then I grab my sister and curl the string
beautiful when I find the champagne bucket in the clearance section at home
good I thought it will be perfect for this occasion I sprayed metallic gold to
the bottom of the bucket can well I did the same for my large
plastic champagne trees in my 2017 time I decorated my dining room chandelier by
curling white silver and gold strings and then hanging them in three different
layers to make this very cute cupcake topper I use toothpicks and small pieces
of strings which I then curl with my scissors I dressed up my dining room window by
making a string garland first you have to measure your window or the area are
you going to use plus expert lamp with high up or to make a loop to hang the
garland then you tie the strings to the ribbon and curl with scissors now here’s a little trick if you ever
run out of helium forget to get helium or don’t want your balloons to scatter
away just add a little heavy-duty tape to the top of your balloon I hope you enjoyed this video I’m going
to leave all the core information in the description box if you want to see more
videos like this please like and comment and if you haven’t subscribe this click
the subscribe button right under this video that’s it guys this is it for 2016
it’s been an amazing starting month for me and I’m looking forward to making
more great videos for you until next year later

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