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you hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding in DIY the core today I’m gonna show you how to
make a crepe bar that you can use for any celebration here we go
I just realized for someone that doesn’t really drink I mean I drink but I don’t
really drink drink you know I drink in all patience I like making bars and bar
cars and stuff like that but today I wanted to make a bark whoa what is this
a crepe bar that you can use for different occasions kind of like a
dessert bar or an appetizer bar or more like a buffet bar that can have multiple
uses so let’s just get right to it let’s get started alright guys so to
make this bar you are going to need nine of this great this I got from Walmart
and they are seventeen and a quarter in length times 14 and a quarter in width
and ten five eight in height okay you can definitely use any crate you have or
that you find but this is a good height to make it I gotta figure out how tall
that’s gonna be I’ll give you the height of the entire thing in a little bit
anyway the first six I got from Walmart were on sale so I paid about three bucks
they are not on sale right now so they’re about 596 for each so you will
be paying about fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen dollars for three
okay so maybe you can wait until they go on sale but I think it’s a good
investment because you can use it for different occasions and another battle
here is that um if you can find them in white that will be your best bet only
found them in this color and in black so I’m gonna be painting them in white so
I’m gonna go ahead and do that right now you’re also going to need a solid piece
of wood this one I got from Walmart for free
true story I was on my way there to or I went with the intentions to get the
white shelving wood that I usually get and then I saw this piece of wood it was
actually bigger and I saw just laying there and I thought it was really nice
and it was light but solid at the same time so I went up to the guy that was
doing the cutting and I was just like I really like this piece of wood but I
don’t see you know a barcode on it I don’t know how much it is I’m sure it
wasn’t a lot because I saw similar for like five bucks and eleven bucks so I
asked them and he was just like well actually that was just just extra from
someone that just had theirs cut and they just left it his scraps so if you
want it you know you can have it so he was nice enough to cut it and the size
that I need it and I was really really happy so I kind of like left really
quickly before he changed his mind and I forgot to get the name of it but any
piece of wood will do guys okay solid it’s not as heavy as the Shelby
wood and I love it okay and besides for this is 50 and a
half by 15 and a half okay so I made it about half an inch to an inch wider on
all sides to put over the crate just a little bit okay because I wanted to hang
out just a little bit and yeah so right now I am struggling to figure out
whether I want to paint it or not so I’m kind of gonna wait until after
everything else is done to see how it looks but I might just have to paint it
so in case I do here he goes nope I decided to leave it as is
okay guys so now we’re going to move on to the arrangement of the crate which
involves balloons because of course I’m crazy about balloons and this one makes
this bar so versatile for any occasion because all you have to do is change the
colors of your balloons or change the colors of your crates and you can
customize it to whatever need or whatever occasion you’re gonna have here
I have baby blue and I have light pink because I’m going to be making a
gender-reveal theme and I am very excited about it it’s so pretty
look at it nice you can arrange the balloons however you would like but if
you like the way I arrange mine this is what I did first you should know that I
purchased three packets of each color and they are 12 inch balloons from
Walmart so what I’m trying to accomplish here is a left side the right side and a
middle and they consist of a large balloon okay they’re all 12 inches but
I’ve blown up this one okay bigger than the rest so you’re gonna have a larger
one and three smaller ones of each color just make sure that for the larger one
you do not over inflate in a way where it extends out it has to be totally
round and for the smaller ones make sure that you do not under inflate so it
loses its shape okay so they all have to be nice and round since I don’t have any
more room in my house I am going to be gluing this with hot glue because
afterwards when I’m done using it I can easily just not easily but I can use
some force to pull them apart okay but if you want something more permanent you
should use e6000 and the crates are already made to lock in place so the hot
glue is only helping me secure it a little bit more now I’m going to place the rest of the
balloons and add hot glue as needed now I’m gonna go ahead and place a piece
of wood right on top as you can see I only secure the top
with hot glue which will secure for the day but if you want something more
permanent I will screw it down I will play some screws at the end of the four
corners all right guys this is it this is my crepe bar and it is absolutely
unique and very practical you can basically use this bar for any occasion
and you can place food liquor deserts whatever you want on it you’re going to
absolutely love this I love it I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did
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if people use the for dessert so if you use it for appetizers food anything like
that or just for liquor alright so make sure to share share share sharing is
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bar we should share with them at the end of this video alright guys until next

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