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Hi, this is Jill with Apostrophe S and today
I wanted to show you how to put together our little Bonjour Kit that you receive when you
host one of our parties. You get this little thank you note and this is for the party planner.
This is just a little kit and this is all that’s in it, these little doilies, some linen
thread, and little teeny clothes pins, the felt balls, and a needle. And the kit, when
it’s finished, looks like this. It looks like these are, here we go. It’s just this little
garland and all you need to do is thread this linen thread through the needle and take it
through each of these little felt balls and just space them a little ways apart. Then
on the other thread, you just fold the doilies in half and put them on to the thread with
the little tiny clothes pins. That’s all there is to it. It’s a really, really cute little
decoration and it’s fun to put photos on it, hang it up for somebody’s birthday, hang it
for just a decoration or for some special day. But this is our way of thanking you for
hosting one of our parties. So we appreciate it. Have fun with your little free gift. Apostrophe S…Make it yours.

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